(The Last Ditch Ciaphas Cain #8) [Kindle] Ð Sandy Mitchell

Iaphus Every bit of The Last Ditch is a page turner as I found when I finished the book and realized it was 5 am I can t wait to read The Greater Good Keep them coming I would love to read about Cain coming out of retirement for the Black Crusade hint hint Cain heads to an ice world much to the joy of the Vahallans he is attached to Of course putting down a small Ork problem turns into something much horrifying Cain and Jurgen use all their luck and skill mostly luck just to survive their landing Another good action packed adventure can t wait for the next Check it out The Last Ditch by Sandy Mitchell is the eighth novel in Black Library s Ciaphas Cain series For those unfamiliar with the series it is about a ostensibly cowardly commissar political officer assigned to a mixed gender unit of the imperial guard mixed gender unit of the Imperial Guard in the Warhammer 40K universe it follows Commissar Cain as he recounts his biography and how he went from being a lowly junior officer to one of the greatest heroes of the Imperium The joke being that Ciaphas Cain considers himself to be nothing of

the sort due 
sort due the fact that most of his victories come from either blind luck or due to exercising his well honed instinct for self preservation I m a fan of the series enjoying it in its entirety Unfortunately the formula is something I m not sure will stand up indefinitely The Last Ditch feels like a retread repeating the same basic story arc of a number of previous books Ciaphas Cain goes to a planet that s imperiled finds an unexpected threat manages to deal with it deals with an obstructive bureaucracy I m sorry to say that I didn t really enjoy it It s or less a retelling of Caves of Ice even ending the same way which seriously undermines my enjoyment factor It s not that I expect epic character arcs Ciaphas Cain is a static character by nature since we now he remains a character arcs Ciaphas Cain is a static character by nature since we now he remains a coward for the entirety of his life It s just I expect the author to try to come up with a new story Unfortunately he didn t and the story is problematic to review If it continues to simply rehash old stories however I may have to ditch it Well that s probably unfair Ciaphas Cain is a series I will continue to purchase the remainder of especially since it has credibility to burn with me I loved the original seven books and only occasionally thought they were repeating the same formula I mean it took me until Fate of the Jedi to realize the Star Wars Expanded Universe had burned every last bit of goodwill it had with me The basic conceit of the story is still there and enjoyable Ciaphas Cain is a man who is utterly insincere with all the people around him who believe he s a ridiculously talented warrior In fact Ciaphas Cain is simply practical and takes ti. Umentibus to crush the ork attacks which have been plaguing the frozen planet But when his ship crashes into the wastelands outside the capital it disturbs a far greater enemy one which has lain dormant under the permafrost since long before the Imper. Light entertainment but the author begins to fall into a pattern You have to compare to Dan Abnett who writes in the fall into a pattern You have to compare to Dan Abnett who writes in the shared world with or less the same set up But where Abnett have a rich crowd of characters to choose from to support and sometimes overshadow the main character Mitchell limits himaelf to one with side icks This in combination with the same plot structure Abnett uses the whole with of what can happen to a regiment in war made me wonder if I hadn t read this bok before Comissarie Cain arrives at world fights enemy and produces one liners discovers that the enemy is not what it seems and everything ends in a big bang Yupp been there before just changed the true enemy didn t even bother to change the scenery No this series made a shark jump a book or two back I really uite liked this and much so than the last book as I have mentioned before The pace is lively and never drags The action is clear and well narrated The particular brand of humor employed by both Cain and never drags The action is clear and well narrated The particular brand of humor employed by both Cain and s footnotes is a refreshing contrast to otherwise spartan military verbiage One of the action packed entries in the series Commissar Cain s unit is engaged in defending and ice world against Orks only to inadvertently awaken dormant Tyranids It s a straight forward story with all the familiar bits in the Cain saga Anyone unfamiliar to the adventures of Ciaphas Cain need only now that he is a self serving incredibly paranoid skilled liar who is happy to put as many bodies between him and the enemy as possible in order to save his own skinThe only reason we sympathise with him as a character is because although underneath he may be completely craven on the outside he has inadvertently created this persona as being a Hero of The ImperiumCain having observed the tendency of many members of the Commissariat to fall victim to accidental friendly fire prefers to lead by example and encouragement instead of fear and has gained a reputation for charismatic leadership self effacing heroism and concern for the common trooper This has spiraled rather out of Cain s control and he now is freuently assigned to dangerous and suicidal missions Dealing with legions of alien xenos or armies of depraved heretics should be no problem for the Hero of The Imperium The Last Ditch is another great example of Cain and his misadventures Seeking as ever to be as far from the fighting as possible he finds himself once again suarely in the cross hairs of his enemies I adore the Cain novels and this one didn t disappoint There is tons of action and a good dose of humor Unlike so many 40k books the Cain novels don t seem to take themselves too seriously Can a book take itself seriously Anyway I love the self depreciating wit of Commissar Cain returns to an icy planet to crush a new wave of ork attacks but inadvertently disturbs a far greater threat which has lain frozen and dormant for centuries in a new hardcover editionImperial commissar Ciaphas Cain returns to Nusuam Fund. Me to figure out how he s going to get out of any situation he gets into In the setting of Warhammer 40K where everyone is a religious fanatic for the God Emperor of Mankind this makes him a military genius It s also hilarious to see how he eeps getting into trouble no matter how hard he tries to stay out of it I m also a fan of Ciaphas Cain s editor Amberley Vale who is also an Inuisitor of the Imperium Amberley is Ciaphas Cain s infreuent love interest and the editor of his books Amberly annotates the entirety of the novel and they re usually hilarious filling in details about the Warhammer 40K Universe Or Satirizing 40K universe or satirizing culture at eual turns It s hard to say which of the two is snarkier and those are ualities I like in my protagonists All of this remains true in The Last Ditch though the humor isn t uite as sharp as it usually is Really though I think my favorite character is probably Kasteen She s one of the rare action girls in the Warhammer 40K universe since we rarely get to see the Sisters of Battle Kasteen is a no nonsense soldier who backs up Ciaphas Cain no matter what his decision and a romance never develops That s practically unprecedented in the fiction I read I m shocked She too gets to do some impressive things in the story Unfortunately that s about it The new character of Commissar Florres makes a bunch of mistakes but doesn t really serve as anything like a rival to Commissar Cain Mostly she just seems to annoy him a couple of times before the plot is unceremoniously resolved The antagonists themselves are completely mindless so there s no real villain Since we don t care about any of the new characters now Commissar Cain will live to write his memoirs and the "planet is undeveloped I can t say the book has much in "is undeveloped I can t say the book has much
in way of 
way of In short I didn t like it but it s not badly written Take it for what it s worth510 This was an interesting take on the 40K universe but after reading 7 novels of Ciaphas apart from two of them they are pretty similar Nothing was learn and nothing was given as extra We learn nothing The only thing we learn is that Tyranids have been in the now galaxy far longer than humans thought Amberley was only seen for one page sulla a couple of pages Well Ciaphas is yet again in a world being invaded not one BUT two enemies The next novel will feature tyranids tau Let us see if it s better This is not bad by all means I only think that s the same Another enjoyable escapade featuring Ciaphas Cain They re becoming a little bit formulaic but Sandy Mitchell s slightly lighter take on the grimdark 40k universe always makes for an entertaining evening s read These series of books definitely found their stride with book No 7 and this one is pretty good too. Ium came to this world and could now threaten the whole sector Faced with ongoing greenskin raids and eeping an over enthusiastic novice commissar under control Cain must rally his men and confront whatever emerges from beneath the rapidly melting ic. The Last Ditch Ciaphas Cain #8