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Speaking to the TV cameras how devastated he is after his wife s sudden death At least she can get her own clean slate but as soon as she finds Eva is a liar and she s running away from dark past She finds herself tangled in lies and threatened by dangerous people I loved riveting pacing and I loved both of the characters Their stories ached my heart Especially I rooted for Eva The epilogue part of the book deserves its own five stars It shook me to the core I m rounding p 45 stars to 5 after reading that powerful conclusion and poignant epilogue of the book I m only thanking myself to decide to buy this book after getting both rejected from Edelweiss and NetGalley It s worth every penny NOW AVAILABLEIt s rarely that I give a thriller 5 stars but this one was exceptionally good I thought the dual plot lines flowed well and I didn t have any trouble shifting from one woman s story to the other There is a lot of back and forth but it s easy to followSo as women sometimes I think we ve come so far but yet there are still so many women out there being abused by their husbands or controlled by dealers and pimps This is the story of two very different women who both desperately need to escape their lives and they have done a great deal of research and planning to find a way to escapeOne point of view is that of Claire married to a prominent political family think the Kennedy s which are always the first to come to mind She thought she married a funny loving and caring man but as their marriage went on he became physically abusive Rory has surrounded himself with so much staff that seem to watch Claire s every move including his personal manager Danielle that Claire at first can t think of a way to escape from him She had failed a prior attempt and suffered badly at her husband s hand with the bruises etc to prove it This time with the help of her close friend whose husband has great connections she thinks she has it planned perfectly She will go to a planned event but then drastically change her course and plane destination and hopefully disappear On the day of the planned event however her husband suddenly decides that she must fly to Puerto Rico to an event there that he wants her to attend She still thinks she has a chance to get away if she can only figure out a way She meets another woman Eva with a ticket to California at the airport bar and everything changesEva was raised in the foster care system but she was one of the ones who made it out She had a great scholarship and was working hard in college at Berkely and then met the wrong guy He got her in a situation with drugs and when they were both caught the police only pressed charges on Eva and she lost her scholarship Desperate and with no money she meets a man who promises a safe career in drug dealing if only she follows all of the rules For a while she works at making and selling drugs but then things turn dark and frightening and she wants to get away and start a new lifeThese two characters meet at the bar in the airport and decide to change tickets passports ID s purses basically their entire identity Claire goes to Oakland and Eva to Puerto RicoThere is a lot to follow in this twisty roller coaster of a thriller When at any time I thought I knew what would happen I was wrong What aced this one for me was the description of the characters and I found them both believable and vulnerable and I was rooting for them both This book is very fast paced and will practically force you to continueNo plot details I want everyone to experience the thrills in this book I highly recommend itI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through EdelweissIt is set to publish on June 23 2020 The Last Flight introduces The Gi War Against Japan us to two women both running from deadly adversaries hoping to disappear forever to sta How far would YOU go to escape a bad situation What would you be willing to sacrifice to save your own life When all is lost how great of a chance would you take to protect yourselfHmm Toughestions I know I m glad I don t have to answer themBut yourselfHmm Tough Things Mother Used to Make uestions I know I m glad I don t have to answer themBut Clark does And she addresses these moral dilemmas resoundingly in her mostly thrilling new novel The Last FlightClaire Cook is meticulously planning her escape Married to a powerfully ambitious physically and emotionally abusive man she has been plotting for months to flee the suffocating dangerous nightmare of her life Thennexpectedly Claire s careful plan is derailed by her husband and she finds herself cornered her back against a wallUntil a chance encounter at an airport introduces Claire to Eva James who is just as desperate as Claire to escape her own dark personal situation A spur of the moment decision results in the two women trading airplane tickets the moment decision results in the two women trading airplane tickets they part ways each taking the other s name and flight hoping to begin new chapters in their livesAfter reading a few not so great thrillers this year my overall interest in and excitement for the genre have recently waned Many are just poorly written They are often riddled with plot holes and illogical decisions reuiring the reader to suspend all belief for the story to even work The Last Flight however is refreshingly different More of a literary and character driven thriller it is clever beautifully written tightly plotted and mostly engrossing The narrative intelligently twists and turns in various directions and the second half of the novel is almost Ghost of a Hanged Man unputdownableBut did you catch my almost And my two mostlysThe novel su. Ovesing his staff to track Claire's every move making sure she's living p to his impossible standards But what he doesn't know is that Claire has worked for months on a plan to vanishA chance meeting in an airport bar brings her together with a woman whose circumstances seem eually dire Together they make a last minute decision to switch tickets ― Claire taking Eva's flight to Oakland and Eva traveling to Puerto Rico as Claire They believe the swap will give each of them the. 3 I love the premise Two women on the run who switch flights at the last minute to ellude the dangerous people who are hunting them I also enjoyed the author s writing style and the se of the two POVs I completely sympathized with Claire She was a good person in a bad situation and she was clever and courageous in her planning and execution of a better life But please don t give me a book with the Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts GMAT, GRE, SAT Students) (Volume 1) underlying theme of women empowerment and include a character like Eva She was a progical student at Berkeley who threw her future away for a guy but played the victim throughout the entire book Her occupation makes her a low life who has caused damage and violence to a large number of people but she never ownsp to it and the author glosses over it She blames men her school her family basically everyone else for her own thoughtless decisions Two people in the book attempt to help her get on the right path and turn her life around She shuns them both to keep doing foolish and dangerous things I couldn t see her character as the strong brave woman the author intended her to be Had her character been written differently this would have been a five star book HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY THIS WAS THE BEST THRILLER I HAVE READ THIS YEAR BAR NONE CLAIRE She married into a political dynasty and she is expected to perform her role as the future Senator s wife PERFECTLYEVA Despite being raised in the Foster Care system she is doing well in College ntil SHE meets the wrong guyTWO vulnerable women TWO impossible situationsUntil they meet in an airport bar and make a decision to switch ticketsClaire takes Eva s ticket to OaklandEva takes Claire s ticket to Puerto RicoEach hopes the change in destination will give them a chance for a head start at a new lifeBut when the plane to Puerto Rico goes down and there are no survivors Claire realizes she will be declared dead and nobody will be looking for herBut disappearing is NOT that simpleThe pace was FAST the tension was TAUT and the reasons these two strong savvy women needed to escape were believable and RELEVANT This book does not seem to be on anybody s radar yet but it should be A big THANK YOU to NetGalley and Edelweiss Sourcebooks Landmark Publishing and Julie Clark for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review Bravo a perfectly constructed thriller that kept me fully immersed in the fictive dream This was due largely to the superior writing craft of the author There are two plotlines intertwined and evolve in alternating chapters both strong female characters well realized and easy to root for One is mostly backstory but is dynamic enough to hold my attention The backstory is told in past tense and the forward motion story is told in present tense I was never lost or confused by the voices of these two very different womenThe premise I admit is a little bit sensational and coincidental but again the wonderful prose guided me through The premise is similar to Strangers on A Train has been sed before by a number of authors El Leonard Stewart Woods are to that readily come to mind The author Blanco nocturno uses it only to set the stage and then delves into the backstory of the characters If this is a first book by the author then I can t wait for the next oneIf you like your thrillers economic and fast moving with strong female characters I highly recommend this oneDavid Putnam Author of The Bruno Johnson series This isniue poignant twisty breathtaking page turner This story is than a mystery or thriller it s emotional thought provoking moving heartbreaking women s fiction So this is so different from the other thrillers I ve read this year Two desperate women deserve clean slates by leaving their old lives that suffocating slowly killing themClaire from exterior she seems like having a dreamy life married with charming wealthy politician living in a luxurious Manhattan townhouse But in reality she is trapped in a nightmare and her each move is monitoring her each word comes out of her mouth is rehearsed and her own life is planned and choreographed by his abusive ambitious senate candidate husband and his resourceful staff Thankfully she forms a friendship with Petra and candidate husband and his resourceful staff Thankfully she forms a friendship with Petra and husband Nico help her to work on a detailed escape plan She carefully siphons 40K and Nico s secret connections provide her new identity now she s counting the time to catch her plane to Detroit to conduct her last step of her plan But nfortunately the day she flies to Detroit her husband changes his mind and he flies to Detroit and sends her to Puerto Rico Claire s all meticulously prepared documents and money were already sent to her Detroit hotel which will be probably received by her malicious husbandShe has to hide in Puerto Rico with no money and no proper plan But somebody follows her moves from the beginning Another desperate woman who needs to get away from her life EvaThey meet at the airport Eva tells her she left her job to take care of her husband who recently lost the battle against big C And now she s miserable and she needs a fresh start just like Claire did She offers her switch their tickets and Claire accepts without thinking further because time is clicking and her Ahole husband already found her fake ID sent to the hotel room Eva gets the ticket to and her Ahole husband already found her fake ID sent to the hotel room Eva gets the ticket to Rico as Claire gets the ticket to Oakland their plan seems like work for well for them till plane to Puerto Rico crashes down Claire directly goes to Eva s place turning on the news to watch her husband. THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERTHE INSTANT USA TODAY BESTSELLERTwo women Two Flights One last chance to disappearClaire Cook has a perfect life Married to the scion of a political dynasty with a Manhattan townhouse and a staff of ten her surroundings are elegant her days flawlessly choreographed and her future auspicious But behind closed doors nothing is ite as it seems That perfect husband has a temper that burns as bright as his promising political career and he's not ab. Ffers from a bit of a pacing and tension problem The opening is intriguing and the lead p to Claire and Eva s identity switch is taut and suspenseful But then the main story comes to a grinding halt for a very very long time All sense of rgency all tension is lost The plot stalls and the reader is left treading water waiting patiently for the narrative to Simpsons Comics uicken its pace once againThe overarching story is told through the points of view of both Claire and Eva with Claire s narrative occurring in the present day and Eva s narrative occurring in the past The trouble is that Clark fails to write an evenly paced exciting enough present day story for Claire to adeuately balance the lengthy detailed not as interesting backstory of Eva For too long the narrative is bogged down with Eva s history while Claire s story is paused desperately in need of forward movement Then finally somewhere around the 23 mark the play button is pressed and it s full speed ahead to the mostly riveting conclusion I feel I should note that after the initial piece of the novel s puzzle fell into place I easily predicted the remaining outcome and interconnections of the story Had my amateur sleuthing beennsuccessful I do believe I would not have inserted the third mostly into this reviewClark s characterization of her leading ladies though is phenomenal Claire and Eva live and breathe on the page They are strong savvy and flawed They have scars and wounds yet to be healed They are both in dire situations that have spiraled out of their control and you feel empathy for their plights Although it is mildly off putting that Eva refuses to accept any responsibility for her actions and often blames others for the circumstances in which she finds herself Just sayin With Claire and Eva Clark has written two extremely brave women who in the end do exactly what they at first believe to be impossible They se their brains their skills and their resources to create their own way out of horrible situations setting all fear aside to do what is necessary to save themselves The Last Flight also brightly spotlights the obstacles and personal conseuences women face when sharing their stories of abuse even now amid the MeToo era It is sad that so much work still needs to be doneTo me Claire and Eva are the epitome of courage I would like to think I would be similarly fearless backed against a wall I would like to think I would dare to save myself I hope I would at least No I know I would Wouldn t I The Last Flight is a compelling thought provoking novel that raises important estions and sends an empowering message It is a solidly written and formidable addition to what is Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page undoubtedly an overflowing sea of thrillersChoose it Read it Experience what it means to be a heronto oneself It s been a tough year for thrillers But after seeing so many fabulous reviews for this book I knew I had to pick this one p I was becoming desperate for the elusive five star thriller And drum roll I got it Claire is trapped in an abusive relationship And it won t And drum roll I got it Claire is trapped in an abusive relationship And it won t easy for her to just skip away Her husband is well known powerful and influential in the political circlesPoor Eva s life has never been an easy journey but somehow she managed to easy journey But somehow she managed to her way into prestigious Berkeley only to find herself tripping and falling once again Oh and by the way she and falling once again Oh and by the way she running for her life now too Who exactly is she running from and why These two nfortunate desperate women are about to collide in a way that will see their lives and futures change foreverI was completely enmeshed in this book from start to finish Unputdownable Julie Clark writes a fantastic suspense filled tale with a full complement of clever twists and even a few monster jaw dropping moments As I was reading I kept thinking there are a few loose ends here that are going to be left dangling There s no way possible to explain them Sooo once again I was preparing myself to end this book on a frustrating note Duped again BUT Julie Clark filled in every blank and wrapped every frayed end into a beautiful shiny bow I can t wait to see what Ms Clark comes p next More from this very talented author pleaseA buddy read with Susanne that we both really enjoyedThank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark Okay this was really goodTwo women in crisis meet at the airport and decide to switch tickets and escape their terrible circumstances Claire has choreographed her escape from abusive douchey Senate seeking husband Rory with microscopic precision But her plans disintegrate at the last minute forcing her to punt on the fly and well what if what she s getting is worse than what she hasI loved that I felt smug about knowing what was happening but then got slapped into placeThank you to Julie Clark Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review ADDICTIVE If we don t tell our own stories we ll never take control of the narrative The Last Flight is a psychological thriller about two women whose chance encounter provides them the opportunity to escape from their demons in the form of a dark and dangerous Freaky Friday Claire and Eva are at a crossroads in their lives Claire is trying to escape from her abusive husband while Eva is trying to escape from a dangerous career A chance encounter at the airport enables them to switch flights and adopt one another s identities Although they are able to trade identities danger lurks behind the corner for both women resultin. Head start they need to begin again somewhere far away But when the flight to Puerto Rico goes down Claire realizes it's no longer a head start but a new life Cut off out of options with the news of her death about to explode in the media Claire will assume Eva's identity and along with it the secrets Eva fought so hard to keep hidden The Last Flight is the story of two women―both alone both scared―and one agonizing decision that will change the trajectory of both of their liv. .