[E–pub Download] (The Last Resort Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery #5)

For anyone who ships Nancy and Frank like I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO READ THIS BOOK I read this in grade school Back in the 90s But I still remember the scene of the Nancy X Frank kiss Forget Ned This is the real thing right here The chemistry of these two is just THERE ARE NO WORDS XDBe still my heart Best Nancy Drew book EVER Nancy totally makes out with one of the Hardy boys can t remember which one and then doesn t tell Ned I thought this was so scandalous when I was 12 DID ANYONE READ ANY OF THOSE scandalous when I was 12 DID ANYONE READ ANY OF THOSE DREWHARDY BOYS TEAM UP ONES I REMEMBER ONE IN LIKE UEBEC CITY OR MONTREAL AND ONE IN HAWAIILOL I SHIPPED NANCYFRANK THE ONE ON THE CRUISE SHIP AND THE ONE WHERE THEY WENT ON A SKI TRIP WERE THE BESTI READ A COUPLE BUT I FOUND THEM BORING THIS IS A KISSING BOOKLean into the ping Nancy Lean in FRANCY RIGHTSalso really enjoyed this mystery An average NDHB Super mystery The mystery was intriguing but the pacing was a bit slow and I was a bit bored by some parts in the first half of the book By the second half when a murder occurs things started to pick p a bit and I was overly interested in the book by then However some parts in this book made me feel like I was reading a soap opera in a book form and I was a bit annoyed I was also a bit was reading a soap opera in a book form and I was a bit annoyed I was also a bit by the sleuthing in this book it wasn t every exciting Nancy s sleuthing isn t as productive here either and Frank actually does a bit productive sleuthing than Nancy Frank is also referred to as her instead of him on one page There were also a lot of coincidences in this book some which I found hard to believe Overall an enjoyable book not really special AMERICA'S HOTTEST TEEN SLEUTHS TEAM UP WHEN MURDER STUNS A POSH WINTER PARADISENANCY DREW is called to be part of a dream team of super sleuths at a glamorous winter playground Major rock star Brad MacDougal is shooting a big budget video at fabulous Mount Mirage and owner Ken. The Last Resort Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery #5Are lying on their backs and Nancy is having a hard time thinking because of Franks kisses plural kiss es and my naughty brain goes if only this wasn t a children s book THEY KISS I mean other stuff happens and there is a mystery and George breaks her arm but none of that matters because FRANK

and nancy kiss 
NANCY KISS of course they get rescued and they both say that the kiss didn t mean anything because they both love their respective boyfriend and girlfriend blah blah blah and then Ned shows p and gets jealous but Nancy s all I love you Ned You What I feel for Frank is just a ping yes she says that a ping But it doesn t matter because they kissed and I know they do it again in a later book and now I see why I shipped them so much when I was younger BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME You know how there are some books That So Completely Horrify You That You Never Forget ThemThat so completely horrify you that you never forget themThat be me with this book I can t even begin to recall how old I was when I read it but Nancy made out with Frank and lemme tell youTHAT WAS NOT OKAYI can still remember how horrified I was when I finished it xD The scene where Nancy attemps to tell Ned and he says he doesn t need to know is one forever implanted in my poor brain Its so weird what sticks Oo I almost want to re read it to see if it really is as horrendous as I recallI was furious with Carolyn Keen For Weeks Keen for weeks AND FRANK This book was very enjoyable The mystery sort of made sense I guess But the real story is the love triangle drama This book was overflowing with romance storylines which overshadowed the mystery completely but I was here for it Once again this book was ridicul. Ose to country singer Roseanne James Then a music mogul is found murdered Suddenly the posh playground becomes a combat zone where rock stars and billionaires rub elbows with cold blooded killers And where someone has scheduled the teen trio to check out far sooner than planned.

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