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At least it s over This series had the makings of something cool but never uite reached it s potential There was justsomething missing So in this book Robin continues his uest for revenge against the Bradleys and hopes to FINALLY bring down Fear Park He s of course unsuccessful which doesn t make sense as there s no other mention of it anywhere lse in canon but I digress Meghan is getting on his nerves as she s so over being immortal and stuck in a teenager s body She attacks him and peels off chunks of his youthful flesh So Robin decides to get rid of herand Deidre who he discovers is all over some other guya guy he thinks may have followed him from the past The nding was super predictable and definitely was a rush job of just finish it already that it held little impact on the trilogy as a whole Deidre s father was in a coma the ntirety of this book and teenage Deidre just decides she s gonna run the park He put their D DAY Through German Eyes 2 entire savings into it so they have to keep it open or they have zero money You know despite the crazy deaths that keep happening This was a disappointing re read for sure but I can finally say I read all the Fear Street books After finishing Book 2 I made theffort to find the finale book I made freuent trips to the bookstore and Baroque Personae even ordered it if I remember it right The thing I didn t like about the book is that we didn t get to figure out how Robin becamevil As the title states the book is about an amusement park which is Fear park Fear park was cursed long long ago by the Fear family Later in life the Bradly family bought fear park They knew about the curse but did not think much of it Robin played tricks on Meghan and he acted like he was trying to help the park stay open but he was really trying to close it downThe book would have been better if they told sides of the story I recommend this book because it was a uick read I am not going to tell you about the whole book because I want you to want to figure out if Robin helped or hurt Meghan Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookI think I started my review of the last book in this series by saying Robin Fear is still trying to stop Fear Park from opening And Dierdre s dad is still an idiot for not closing down the park ven though people keep dying This book was literally just of that All these accidents keep happening and that idiot still wont shut down the park It s insane We get a reason as to why Dierdre s dad wont close the park down but stillAnd speaking of the accidents Robin keeps doing these little things little kills here and there to shut down the park and dude It s not working He keeps doing his stupid little pranks and Robin is being kind of a dick but it s kinda funny but that s not the point Just do the thing Do the killing It s not until this book that he realizes that in order to really shut down the park he s gonna have to kill the Bradleys No duh Robin Why didn t he just do that in the first place All this was just so dragged out I was definitely getting impatientSpeaking of the Bradleys I kind of wish that instead of the Bradley s it would ve been the Goodes I feel like it would ve been interesting since they have a long standing feud with the FearsIn the last two books I actually liked Robin and felt for him but the time I spend with him the less I like him I "also still don t like dierdre but now "still don t like Dierdre but now s frightened of Robin and suspects him yet she still hangs out with him then wonders why she s doing it if she s doubting him Yes why Get out of there you idiot Stop being so dumb And Meghan I just felt bad for the girlThis ntire series was mediocre at best The characters were dumb the Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? entire story was so dragged out I got impatient and this book in particular had less kills than the other two I admit here was one kill that was pretty cool and creative and then an attempted kill with cotton candy that was as insane as it sounds but it was also kinda cool Lol And the plot twist at thend there I did not see coming though It was crazy BUTview spoilerHere s the thing though while I loved the girl power thing at the nd with Meghan and Dierdre working together to take down Robin I was still kinda rooting for Robin Lol But he s dead now so what are you gonna do Lol hide spoiler Fear park and Cataluna were my top 2 favorite series from RL Stine I just loved them soooooooo good This book was a uick read that left you with some uestions you would like answeredFor xample we didn t get to figure out how Robin became vil As the title states the book is about an amusement park which is Fear park Fear park was cursed long ago by the Fear family The Bradley family later bought fear park They knew about the curse but did not think much of it Robin played tricks on Meghan and he acted like he was trying to help the park stay open but he was really trying to close but he was really trying to close downThe book would have been better if they told sides of the story I recommend this book to horror fans and people who think that their families are bad I am not going to tell you about the whole book because I want you to want to read it instead of me telling you what the whole story is about Hope you njoy reading this Love the shirt under the dress Dee How very 90s of youMoral of the Story Death by cotton candy is a comp. Robin Fear has waited decades for this moment His vil plan is in place Dierdre .

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S pit They start up the deserted path when all of a sudden Deirdre turns and makes a run for it Robin struggles to follow and keep up suddenly feeling the 80 years that he really is But he does catch her and pushes her against a wall Deirdre laughs it off and pretends that they were racing Then she lightheartedly suggests that they get some cotton candy Very bad idea Deirdre Very bad They get the cotton candy but Robin just stands there all moody Until the purple smoke re merges and Deirdre should see this as a time to run but she doesn t Robin smacks Deirdre s cotton candy into her face and then he sits down to chant and make it suffocate her The cotton candy literally starts growing on her face and choking her It s so amazing RL Stine may be light on plot lines and generous with plot holes but you can t deny that the man knows how to write wicked and awesome death scenes Robin tells Deirdre he ll get help but he really just slinks to a corner to cackle at the killer cotton candy Conscience and Memory eating her face If this were a movie I can only imagine how that would look Anyway who should appear to the rescue but our fearless Gary He throws water on Deirdre s face and it instantly melts the cotton candy Robin is incensed He decides he needs to do away with Meghan Gary and Deirdre in one fell swoopIn between all of this Meghan is getting and fed up with being 16 in the 1990s It s just too much for her to handle She is lonely and never had any sort of a life She is stuck with a liar and a creep but she thinks of him as a sweet and caring individual Well she never was that great at picking guys One night Robin storms in and she has a knock down drag out fight with him Literally They peelach other s immortal faces off and reveal the ugliness underneath I still want to know why their faces are rotting when they would only be 80 years old Is this a not so cleverly veiled jab at aging and old people Mr Stine My grandmother is beyond 80 and her face is not rotting Then again I ve never tried to peel it off HaSo Robin sees one of his spell books lying out and he finally finds the spell to break Meghan s and Gary s immortality while killing Deirdre in the process All he has to do is summon dead people who knew both of them back in 1935 He can t think of anyone besides the kids that he killed in the Hatchet Massacre back in book 1 He ll just resurrect them all from the dead he thinks Piece of cake And all this time we thought resurrection was difficult Robin asks Meghan Deirdre and Gary to meet him at the Hatchet Show the next night Deirdre is an idiot because she actually listens to him and doesn t show any signs of fear this time They get there to find the hatchet show a little different this time The actors are gone Now instead rotting corpses are ready to chop up the audience More specifically they are ready to chop up Meghan Deirdre and Gary They start screaming until the CORPSES HEAD AND TURN FOR ROBIN WHAAAA THEY START head and turn for Robin Whaaaa They start and chopping him up killing him good It s satisfying after how much of a douche he s been in these past three books To finally see him meet the fate that he caused them is sweet sweet victory As it turns out it was Meghan all along who was warning Deirdre They used
Gary As A Disguise 
as a disguise fool Robin He really was an Pansy Vol. 6 ex of Deirdre s who just came back to hang out with her Once a cheater When Meghan saw Robin choking Mr Bradley she finally realized he had been lying and that he was highly dangerous Which doesn txplain how she could have started warning Deirdre in the previous book but whatever Who needs continuity when you ve got RL Stine That should be his tagline Anyway Meghan found the spell book conjured the spell to bring back the dead before Robin could and then left the book in plain sight for him to find She knew he would go through with it but it was too late She had resurrected them first So she is free to go to her grave with her friends and Deirdre and Gary are finally free of Robin Deirdre Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods explainsverything to him and he s all Yeah that makes sense Not But whether it does or not the book is over Elizabeth I ending with the peacefulness of bodies finally getting some rest in their graves and the soft music of the calliope from the carousel I have a sudden chill in my room Could it be a chill all the way from Fear Park Fun conclusion to the trilogy I reallynjoyed the mystery in this one It kept it interesting since you pretty much know almost verything that s going on This trilogy really could have been on book I would have probably rated it 4 stars if it was but the first two felt incomplete I mean technically they are incomplete so It seems silly to break up a story into multiple books "when it s not necessary All my guesses were wrong I was making things so " it s not necessary All my guesses were wrong I was making things so twisty turny than they actually were It was kinda nice not to have figured out all the plot twists a few chapters in We all know to whome the last scream belongs too And I personally xpected something dramatic Idk maybe the changes of pov makes it less thrilling I d say it s a fitting nding to the series I did like the misdirection and I was glad that view spoilerMeghan wasn t as dumb as she appeared I would have liked to have seen the interactions between Dierdre and Meghan though hide spoile. One person Who's been watching finding out Robin's secrets and waiting for reveng. ,


The Last Scream Fear Park #3Letely legitimate way to dieGaping plot holes Well what the hell happens to Deirdre s father Oh well I m sure Fear Park is never mentioned again after this ven though it isn t closed down so wouldn t the kids be visiting it very weekend and mention it in later books Body Count Two and 12 Deirdre s father coma Some random blonde kid and Robin FearThe Usual Suspects Robin FearThe Actual Suspects See abovePlotWowza trousers As I have done previously in this trilogy I will break the plot down by ach crazy whacko The Baby Swap Miracle event that happens in chronological orderEven in his openings RL Stine does not disappoint The book opens with Jason Bradley Deirdre s father choking on BROWN WORMS He is actively pulling them from his mouth He is doing this because Robin Fear is sitting across town making it happen It soothes him apparently Robin not Mr BradleyNext comes Mr Bradley telling Deirdre why he has been so persistent in keeping the park open despite all the deaths Apparently they are broke than ten college students Jason s dad has investedvery penny of his savings and ven DEIRDRE S COLLEGE MONEY in order to keep Fear Park alive Deirdre acts insulted for one minute and then she brushes it aside and nters Happy Unicorn Land where she assures him that they will make Fear Park the best it can be I can almost hear the Degrassi theme song playing in the backgroundRobin believes that Deirdre is busy telling her dad they MUST shut the park down He nters the trailer only to find Deirdre beaming while she informs him of her change of heart Pissed as he uickly becomes Robin storms off to wreak havoc on the Ferris Wheel He sees happy couples getting on and off the ride and gets increasingly sickened by this behavior He decides to make the Ferris Wheel go as fast as it can go He really has just decided that he must kill Deirdre and her father no matter what When people start puking on the Ferris Wheel he yells at someone to go fetch Jason Bradley so he can kill him Mr Bradley tells him to push the lever to shut it off but Robin feigns ignorance and claims that it is stuck Instead in plain view of veryone he pushes Mr Bradley into the Ferris Wheel just like he did with Paul Mr Bradley s head hits one of the metal cages and he blacks out with blood spewing out of his head Robin is relieved until he sees Mr Bradley still awake So he goes over to strangle him and finish the job until Meghan his 1935 lover walks up and sees his hand around Mr B s neck I was reviving him Robin chokes out Meghan yes him suspiciously and then says that she believes him the half wit An ambulance is called for Mr B and Deirdre continuously visits him the hospital but he never wakes up from the coma and we never find out if he s all rightSo in the last book someone was sending weird notes to Deirdre and calling her at all hours To Warn Her To Stay warn her to stay from Robin We find out in this book that it is Gary Barth he of the immortal red hair and gangly frame I m joking I have no idea who this kid is and neither does Robin But he intends to find out He begins to spy on Deirdre and Gary together Now that Gary has told her the 411 she constantly glares at Robin with frost in her yes Robin s paranoia grows He believes that Gary has to be the one who told Deirdre the truth about him After all Meghan is too stupid and too trusting to say anything Robin just needs to find out if Gary is immortal or not So Robin follows Gary and Deirdre to the Twirl N Swirl I was Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation envisioning the swing ride that s in mostvery amusement park where he plans to kill Gary or at least attempt to kill him It s pretty Gender Justice epic my friends I can t tell you in as perfect detail what happens to Gary as well as RL Stine can but the gist of it is that the purple smoke materializes once again and both cables on Gary s swing snap in half He is sent flying up into the air and lands in the telephone wires where he gets shocked by a bright yellow light and starts sizzling Then he is thrown down to the ground and his head cracks open When Robin walks over to make sure that Gary is dead he finds that it s not Gary at all Gasp He just killed some random kid he didn tven plan to kill This is a new one ven for him Robin is worried his powers are fadingAnother day Robin is once again spying on Deirdre and he sees Gary outside a diner waiting on her There is construction going on behind him so Robin sees this as a heavensent opportunity to make sure that Gary finally dies He conjures up the purple smoke and positions the rocks in the construction trucks to fall on Gary s head Only they don t fall on Gary s head He runs to greet Deirdre right as Robin programs them to fall He is so frustrated that he failed to kill Gary again and figure out whether he is immortal or not that he decides to just fuck it and go ahead and kill Deirdre With her father that he decides to just fuck it and go ahead and kill Deirdre With her father a coma Deirdre is the one now in control of the park after allWhat follows is probably the best scene of any Fear Street book I ve read so far Robin storms into the trailer the next day and sees Deirdre working She is understandably uite leery of him now that she knows the truth but he grabs her arm and forces her out the door for a walk Deirdre is terrified He takes her to the scene of a crazy death in the last book the lion. Radley her father and Fear Par will be destroyedNothing can stop Robin nowExcept.