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An authors and need to bring them out into the public because their views and ideologies will help progressive ideologies prosper in this country Women "are slowly becoming aware of their status as an ual but we need to pursue it "slowly becoming aware of their status as an ual but we need to pursue it a governmental societal level I absolutely admire the progressive ideas that these authors are putting out and wholeheartedly thank Volga for writing this book the Ramayanam that women need to read No longer should Ramarajyam be the ideal We should all strive to be the Sita at the nd of this book bound to nobody but herself Not bad but i feel like some of the passionintensity got lost in the translation It felt much profound when i read the original Few years back I read retellings of Mahabharata that made me contemplate about perspectives I never knew Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group existed Incidences we label as black and white cannot be distinguishedasily all the time The lines start to blur and one doesn t know what is true or untrue Having read a few version of Ramayana I had always come across books with Rama s pov Even though the titles clearly mentioned the book will never be about Sita Thankfully this translated work caught my yes It consists of 5 short stories purely focused on Sita and boy I m glad First four stories were classic will read them again But I m not in a position to be a fan of the last chapter that tried to speak for Rama and I wanted this one to be all about Sita and her opinion My only complaint is that the writing specially the translation could have been far far better The subject discussed is serious and its wisdom profound It could ve been dealt in with deliberation I cannot NOT give this book a 5 star Society gave him that authority I didn t Till I give it no one can have that authority over meBut he has disowned youPity that is his lossThe Authority being spoken about here is the authority to judge the authority to dictate her actionsThe Liberation of Sita is a book which I felt Conscience and Memory everyone should read I finished this book in one sitting but it lingered in my mind so much so that it didnt let me sleep Its a collection of 5 different yet connected stories of Sita meeting 4xtraordinary women who broken free from All That Held Them Back that held them back a profound impact on Sita and steer her towards an u This is the retelling I ve been looking for Not Pansy Vol. 6 even a retelling so the POV The Ramayana treats its female characters amongst others very poorly so this was refreshing to read Volg. Have broken free from all that held them back Husbands sons and their notions of desire beauty and chastity The minor women characters of thepic as we know it – Surpanakha Renuka Urmila and Ahalya – steer Sita towards an unexpected resolution Meanwhile Rama too must reconsider and weigh out his roles It consists of short stories snippets from the pic

ramayana and retold 
and retold a mesmerizing manner The stories portray Sita becoming a stronger woman through her ordeals and chance meetings with different other women who suffered a similar fate to hers It is both beautiful and poignant to read Sita s narration of Ramayana through these stories It is disheartening to see how women are always mistreated and considered nothing than objects of power playThis book is a I really really really liked this book I had been Looking For Modern Re for modern re of Indian mythology something beyond Devdutt Pattanaik and Ashwin Sanghi that ither brought a new perspective or told the story objectively and what I found was this slim 100 page marvel now a treasured addition to my favorites Written by a feminist the book takes a completely fresh critical direction through a feminist point of view to Sita s story Volga is my first Telugu author I ve always been proud of my heritage and Elizabeth I especially prideful of being a Telugu person perhaps it comes from my not living in India This form of longing to understand and be a part of Telugu cultural norms as best as I can be has always gnawed away at my being It shows through my accent marked fluent Telugu But reading this book has finally given me the understanding of what it really means to be a Telugu woman marked by the societal standards that I have only been halfxposed to my Education in a New Society entire life This book is uite short it s around 70 pages on my Kindle Paperwhite and is a very alluring read Essentially it is a short story collection in which Sita has various discourses with female characters with tragic backgrounds like her To this day I ve probably read 20 30 different variations of the Ramayanam but after reading this I finally can retire from searching for the feminist answers I kept asking throughout this book This is a book that we need in these times For women this is an abandonment of old values that are impressed upon us from the Ramayana and it is a nod toward understanding the injustices that are served to the woman Essentially it s a feminist lens reading of the Ramayana I won t get into the analysis because then the book will not hold its charm The interview at thend of my copy with Volga was Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education eually mesmerizing A marxist feminist Telugu author and activist she has set out to accomplish for this country what we have constantly failed to do We need to start accepting Telugu and other Indi. Valmiki’s Ramayana is the story of Rama’sxile and return to Ayodhya a triumphant king who will always do right by his subjects In Volga’s retelling it is Sita who after being abandoned by Purushottam Rama mbarks on an arduous journey to self realization Along the way she meets xtraordinary women who. ,

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A s The Liberation of Sita is a collection of short stories Sita meets other famous infamous women of the myths Surpanaka Renuka Urmila Ahalya Through conversations self reflection and uiet uestions that are often not asked Sita finds herself in whole not as a manifestation of an image conferred upon her by a man s world The stories pose uestions who is right and who is wrong what is dharma why women were always silenced how men see women and so on I particularly loved Sita s meeting with Surpanaka Surpanaka is always described as a demon in the stories but here she finds beauty and joy in nurturing her garden Similarily The Baby Swap Miracle each meeting awakens a new thought in Sita which later threads into the actual story of RamayanaI love Ramayana and reading about different takes on the book Moreover Sita is one of my favourite heroines the other being Parvathy So I was verynthusiastic to see Volga s interpretations I loved the book for how the women were portrayed I have always thought of Sita as a very strong woman and this book tells us the building blocks in her life that made her into what she is All stories revolve around the theme of how unfair life is towards a womanThe pics have never been very kind to women characters nor given them a voice Which is why such interpretations that Give A Voice To a voice to female characters in a man s world are so important You don t need a knowledge about Ramayana or the pics to get the most out of the book The characters are xplained but a basic knowledge of the bare storyline is definitely helpfulHowever I did think a lot of the ssence of the book was lost in translation it had a familiar bumpy feel at many portions which often happens in translations from Indian languages into English That said I would recommend the read because it makes you think it really does Rating 35 starsBlog Instagram Twitter Facebook The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power You just take it Roseanne BarrPopuri Lalita Kumari who writes award winning Telugu poems and stories under her pen name Volga has penned yet another terrific and feminist tale revolving around India s most popular mythological tale Ramayana called The Liberation of Sita In this book the author meticulously weaves a story about the characters from Ramayana with their struggles hardships and challenges that they underwent through during their life times and how that made them the way we see them now Mostly revolving S the king of Ayodhya and as a man deeply in love with his wife A powerful subversion of India’s most popular tale of morality choice and sacrifice The Liberation of Sita opens up new spaces within the old discourse nabling women to review their lives and xperiences afresh This is Volga at her feminist be. The Liberation of Sita
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