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Singer provide a satisfying finish Rating 3 stars This was incredibly fucking boring I don t think I ve ever read a boring ghost story in my liiiiiife "I UNDERSTAND THAT THESE TALES WERE "understand that these tales were to be in a literary tone hence the title but that doesn t mean they have to be dragged out bare and boring I am not a huge fan of short stories and this book is a prime example It is a collection of 28 stories by varied authors and of varied length Some are one pagers and some run to about 30 pages Long Some Are Excellent Some are excellent some are very dull My favorites are medium length for the most part There is the story of the ghost who tells her story of haunting her murderer the ghost who needed to. S Byatt Robertson Davies M F K Fisher John Gardner Nadine Gordimer Graham Greene Patrick McGrath R K Narayan Tim O'Brien V S Pritchett Anne Sexton Isaac Bashevis Singer and Fay WeldonThe Lost Strayed Stolen MFK FisherThe Portobello Road Muriel SparkThe Ghost Who Vanished by Degrees Robertson DaviesThe Others Joyce Carol OatesA Story of Don Juan VS PritchettUp North Mavis GallantThe Warden John GardnerThe Death of Edward Lear Donald BarthelmeThe Circular Valley Paul BowlesThe Third Voice William FergusonMarmilion Patrick McGrathSpirit Seizures Melis. Be tested for his doctor of philosophy degree in every subject because he forgot what he was studying for the ghost that occupied a typewriter and the ghost who brought the whole family for the haunting This was an OK collection and I would say "I liked of the stories than I disliked But ghost story brings to mind scary and there wasn "liked of the stories than I disliked But ghost story brings to mind scary and there wasn a goosepimple raised on any of these There were some genuinely striking stories in this collection and others that fell flat But isn t that always the way of collections Worth the pick up at your local library Some of these were a little too literary meaning dull but some other great stuff Ends with an Isaac Bashevis Singer story that is simply amazing. Sa PritchardRevenant as Typewriter Penelope LivelyGhostly Populations Jack MatthewsThe Ghost Soldiers Tim O'BrienFamily Lance OlsenLetter from a Dogfioghter's Aunt Deceased Padgett PowellThe Ghost Anne SextonAngel All Innocence Fay WeldonJack's Girl Cynthia KadohataThe Next Room AS ByattGrass Barry YourgrauEisenheim the Illusionist Steven MillhauserGhost and Flesh Water and Dirt William GoyenLetter from His Father Nadine GordimerOld Man of the Temple RK NarayanA Little Place Off the Edgware Road Graham GreeneA Crown

Feathers Isaac Bashevis Singe.
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The Literary Ghost Great Contemporary Ghost Stories

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Good collection of a of
stories In some the ghost "Implied Than Anything I "than anything I have to follow up look for stories or books by some of the authors My Halloween read Gosh some of these stories were amazing butI ust couldn t finishNot in the mood for ghosts I guess Mid 20th century short stories a wide selection of styles and a variety of story themes held my interest through the 2 ho hum selections Nice choice for a creepy story each night Halloween countdown Especially enjoyed Anne Sexton s story The Ghost and Tim O Brien s The Ghost Soldiers Hat tip to Penelope Lively s Revenant as Typewriter and to McGrath s Marmilion The closing stories by Graham Greene and. It takes a certain amount of daring for a literary writer to employ a device as powerful and obvious as a ghost and a great deal of talent and self assurance to pull it off The fact that these stories are so different from one another and that no two ghosts in them are alike is a testament to the power of the individual imagination to appropriate established myths without assuming the associated clichés So writes Larry Dark in the introduction to this anthology of expertly crafted ghost stories by such luminaries as Donald Barthelme Paul Bowles ,