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The Longest ClimbE team was relatively small and short on budget compared to some other professional teams in the mountain Later on that will give "us a sense of what they are trying "a sense of what they are trying achieveFaulkner s account on "how hard to climb the Everest is a precise and a stark one I had the prejudice "hard to climb the Everest is a precise and a stark one I had the prejudice given the correct euipment it is relatively easy to reach the summit Nothing further from truth It is uite shocking to see how death is very present on Everest still nowadays And as he and his team struggles to organize and overcome hurdles you realize the truly dimension of the endeavorAll in all a very good book to read which gets and interesting as the pages go by Wonderful engaging and heart warming Well paced recount of an expedition and at the end showed man s best and worst sides when on Mount Everest how this team went out of their way to help ill and stranded climbers when other teams ignored them Excellent read Five stars not because of wonderful writing but because of the heartfelt enthusiasm the great initial idea not shying awa One of the most inspiring travel books I have read so far It describes a trip by bike from the owest point on the earth to the base of everest After which they climb T vehicle in order to thaw the engine in Iran to deciding whether or not to share the ittle oxygen they had and risk their own ives in order to try to save another climber and beating their Austrian nemesis Gerry Winkler to the Tory of an expedition that took a group of 5 people to try to go from the owest point on the Earth surface the Dead Sea in Jordan to the highest Mount Everest in Tibet The challenge being that they had to cycle all the way from Jordan to Tibet The first chapters are about the background of the originator of this expedition Dominic Faulkner and all the planning and preparation of itThen than a half of the book is dedicated to tell the anecdotes and stories that happened during the bicycle trip In fairness Faulkner doesn t really get into details in this set of chapters He just "LIMIT HIMSELF TO RELATE THE MYRIAD OF PROBLEMS THEY "himself to relate the myriad of problems they to deal with along the way Leaving ittle room to describe things such as places andscapes cities people or for those who might be interested the navigationOf course he mentions several key points on the route but I got the impression that depicting actual problems outweighed the cycling experience as a whole And that eft the cycling stretch as a mere small step in the big pictureOnce the team gets to Tibet they are joined by some other friends who were going to play a support role within the climbing stretch Although most of them were experienced the whol. Route Dominic cycled through Jordan Syria Turkey Iran Pakistan and India on his way to Tibet and the Bottom Of The World's of the world's mountainFrom trying to find a wireless connection in Damascus and setting fire to the team's suppor. ,
Easy to read interesting adventure Cracking tale of a journey from the world s The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness lowest point the Dead Sea to its highest the summit of Mount Everest at 29028ft Travelling by bike through Jordan Syria Iran Pakistan India Nepal and Chinese occupied Tibet the British team then conuered the mountain in what has been called theast great overland uest Part travelogue part Boys and Girls Own adventure team eader Dominic Faulkner Ex 22 SAS Describes Proceedings Briskly But With No Little 22 SAS describes proceedings briskly but with no ittle Most entertaining especially the descriptions of those ittle courtesies mainly from those with nothing which make humanity seem to be worth saving after all Another book by a restless young Brit I enjoyed the first section on cycling from the Dead Sea to Everest best since it covered territory Interesting to see other team members wrote books will have to check them up Definitely a well written adventure story although ess remarkable than the classics Traveling from the Serenity Role Playing Game lowest to the highest point on earth is the premise of this book It is a humbly told story in the middle I found it aittle slow but it picked up again as they reach the Himalayas to reach an engaging climax "This Book Tells The "book tells the Longest Climb is the utterly compelling account of Dominic "and his team's expedition from the Dead Sea to the peak of Everest His team EverestMax were the first "his team's expedition from the Dead Sea to the peak of Everest His team EverestMax were the first to make this extraordinary journey Following an old Victorian.