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The Lost Girls of DevonI ve been reading and admiring Barbara O Neal s novels since she wrote them under the name Barbara Samuel I read her latest The Lost Girls of Devon under the guise of a mystery Yes t Family drama and mystery hit the right spot When Zo came to know her friend had disappeared she acked her bags and came to her family home in Devon to search for her while avoiding the mother who had abandoned her years agoMy first book in Devon to search for her while avoiding the mother who had abandoned her years agoMy first book this author I was transported to a new land with the rolling vibrant discussions Told in multiple POV I got to know the characters and their situations It was uite a surprise and delightful read Four generations of women come together when a woman linked to them goes missing Lillian the ailing matriarch of the family knows this may be the last chance for her to see forgiveness in her family For Zoe it is a return to the lace she calls home to her grandmother to the unhealed feelings of abandonment to the This Deleuzian Century past she left behind Isabel Zoe s daughter is hopeful this is her chance to heal and find the courage to face what she s been too ashamed to tell her mom Finally there s Poppy she s returned home and madeeace with her mother but she desperately wants to know her daughter and granddaughter too As the four grapple with the idea that their friend could be gone forever old hurts secrets and betrayals float to the surface The Lost Girls of Devon is a beautiful work of contemporary fiction I so loved reading the story from the women s erspectives Barbara O Neal gave them distinct voices

And Experiences At Times Their 
experiences at times their stories overlapped allowing the reader to understand it from every side Lillian is a force of a woman her chapters were difficult to read her illness is very apparent and I truly felt like I was watchin. From the Washington Post and Charts bestselling author of When We Believed in Mermaids comes a story of four generations of women grappling with family betrayals and long buried secrets It’s been years since Zoe Fairchild has been to the small Devon village of her birth but the wounds she suffered there still ache When she learns that her old friend. ,

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G her memory slip away Poppy s chapters are just as descriptive as you would expect of a local witch filled with Water in Social Imagination: From Technological Optimism to Contemporary Environmentalism pretty words and emotions While she was ultimately my least favorite character I highlighted from herages than any other Zoe s story is one of forgiveness self discovery and love Her Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 perspective holds a significant amount of internal angst as she works through returning to thelace that holds all her best and worst memories I enjoyed the romance O Neal gave her I felt like she needed something good Isabel s erspective is just heartbreaking she s so young and has been tormented in a way no one should experience Coming to the village for an extended stay feels like a fresh start for her and I loved watching her work through her experience and her emotions She s such an independent young character and I found I liked her uite a bitI really enjoyed this multi generational novel it had just the right amount of mixed lots to keep me intrigued and the four narratives gave it depth Romance mystery angst suspense and just a bit of humor made The Lost Girls of Devon a fantastic read for me ARC rovided Mothers and daughters Betrayal and love Secrets and truth Four generations of women brought back together buy a missing woman When Zoe s grandmother generations of women brought back together buy a missing woman When Zoe s grandmother out to let her know that her BFF Diana has gone missing Zoe knows it is time to return to England It s not always easy to go back home though So she will need to face her ast a mother she has not yet been able to forgive and a ast love she has not yet been able to able to forgive and a ast love she has not yet been able to Meanwhile Zoe s teenage daughter Isabell is dealing with her own demons something she has not yet been able to confide in her mother The story is told from the erspectives of all four women Lillian Poppy Zoe and Is. And grandmother’s caretaker has gone missing Zoe and her fifteen year old daughter return to England to helpZoe dreads seeing her estranged mother who left when Zoe was seven to travel the world As the four generations of women reunite the emotional ain of the ast is awakened And to complicate matters further Zoe must also confront the ex boyfrie. Abell I listen to the audiobook and I think because there were four different narrators with four uniue voices and accents it really added a lot to the story I think having the different voices really helped me keep the story straight and helped me connect with the characters easier I enjoyed all four women s stories but I think I liked Zoe and Isabell The Best Poppy was hard to understand but I did like her growth throughout the book My only tiny Kniggle with the book was the mystery but I did like her growth throughout the book My only tiny Kniggle with the book was the mystery don t even know if it needed to be there other than to bring all these women together Well now that I think about it it did tie some other stories together as well it did a good job of moving the story forward This was a lovely family story with a erfect endingThis book in emojis Big thank you to Lake Union for my gifted copy of this book All opinions Are My Own A Story About Family Betrayals And Long my own A story about family betrayals and long secrets that is
Beautifully Written By None Other 
written by none other Barbara O Neal who wrote the best seller When We Believed in MermaidsIn THE LOST GIRLS OF DEVON O Neal writes about four generations of the Fairchild clan who are reunited back again in not so happy circumstances Their reunion reopens old wounds and the ladies are faced to deal with a new issue as their childhood friend has gone missing The story is centered on Zoe Fairchild who has been living in the States and who now has to travel back to England to her childhood home in Devon I enjoyed reading about the different POVs that really showcased each of the women s Discovering Our Past California Edition: Medieval And Early Modern Times perspectives and makes for aage turner too The setting of the story is amazing as the English countryside and its beauty is highlighted The mix of family drama with some mystery element made this a oignant read for me that I enjoyed a lot. Nd she betrayed many years beforeAnxieties spike when tragedy befalls another woman in the village As the mystery turns sinister new grief melds with old betrayal Now the four Fairchild women will be tested in ways they couldn’t imagine as they contend with dangers within and without desperate to heal themselves and their relationships with each oth. ,