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E underwhelming only a minority of the nudes are frontal and no men are shown in a state of arousal Yet the varying tastes and talents of the various photographers do not make this a signal work of art either Worth having at the new reduced price Hardbound Eugene Sandow one of the older models in this book A heavy stockpile of photographic male nudity chronologically arranged in the attempt to trace the progression of naked men on camera across the ages from capturing them under false pretexts of modest Edwardian delicacies to appease the prudish the homophobe and the closeted and into today s brazen Explicitness PS The Volume Is Inclusive Of Many Photographers From PS The volume is inclusive of many photographers from notable era but does not encompass the entirety of their work as I initially thought just their knockouts and what stands out and these are really good and worth a dilettante s attention Text in three languages English French German and absolutely beautiful photography from the 19th century onwards It is interesting to see the change in male nude photography over the earsOne of the photos The Swimmer 1983 by Dianora Niccolini can also be found on the front cover of my edition It is an excellent example of some of the gorgeous and exuisite photos shown in this book I gave this book 5 stars for obvious reason. Celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable democratic priceSince we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980 the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible open minded publishingBibliotheca Universalisbrings together nearly 100 of our all time favorite titles in a neat new format so Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you can curateour own affordable library of art anthropology and aphrodisiaBookworm s in a neat new format so Lippenbekenntnisse you can curateour own affordable library of art anthropology and aphrodisiaBookworm s never bore always excite Text in English French and Germa.

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S a hardcover with a decent spine that does not break apart but many of sacrifices are unforgivable Herbert spine that does not break apart but many of these sacrifices are unforgivable Herbert George Platt Lynes a couple of gorgeous images by Greg Gorman just to name a few examples It is a decent introductory book into the male nude and especially worth for the historical pictures it includes But the format is undeserving for the subject matter This book deserves to be printed in a larger size and have all of the pictures in the original edition reproduced The tiny re issue is unsatisfactory impossible to peruse photos due to their small size and the thickness of its back ie narrow apperture when opening it Fascinating to see the chronological progression of the nude male image and its shifts in ideal beauty and body type Okay and naked men A beautiful description of the nude male form in photographs from the 19th century to this day Artistic interesting sexy beautiful Different forms sizes types hues Wonderful I was pleasantly surprised by this book I didn t expect to learn very much when I opened it et I learned uite a lot I found the history fascinating and the photos interesting and honestly tasteful than I expected A decent overview of photographed male nudes from the middle to almost the end of the 20th Century By today s standards a littl. Postures and role playing of this often under explored genre Esteemed masters such asHerbert List George Platt LynesorRobert Mapplethorpe are all there alongsideBaron Wilhelm von Gloeden famed for his homoerotic images ofnude ouths in classical postures in Sicily Further highlights include illustrations fromPhysiue Pictorial the leading organ of the mid 50s gay scene and a pioneer in gay publishing About the Series Bibliotheca Universalis Compact cultural companions. Bought this last ear in London s
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s The secondhand section and boy what a find it is I think I might just start a Taschen collection bc they have the highest uality books about the most niche of subjects a book about sneakers a book highest uality books about the most niche of subjects a book about sneakers a book tattoos a book of American ads from the 40s and then the 50s and then the 60s all printed on the highest uality paper I want them allI ve always preferred art that bends towards the perverted side and there is some of that here but mostly it s just a collection of photographs documenting the slow path to rediscovering the beauty of the male nude body I greatly appreciated the short historical introductions to each period covered within the book the 19th century the 1920s and so on I would have happily read about I have to remark on a certain aspect of this publication I had the opportunity to see both a 1998 edition and the newest 2015 one which is the one I own The 2015 edition has a lot of photos removed I don t know if it was done to save on ink or why but I m talking of hundreds of images just cut out of the book Some I won t miss and a few cuts I can completely understand But there were a lot beautiful uality images the original edition that ou can no longer find in the 2015 book What s better in the 2015 edition is that it. The boys are back in town A short history of male nude photography While the female nude has long played a conspicuous role in western iconography the male nude has not always enjoyed such attention or acceptance Thisode to the male physiuecelebrates the evolving at one time illicit art form from anonymous 19th century erotica through to contemporary work fromDavid HockneyandDuane MichaelsThroughthe classic the playful and the provocative it explores the compositions. Male Nude Taschen 25