Pdf/E–book (The Marvels of the Heart Al Ghazali's Science of the Spirit)

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Timothy J Winter Abdal Hakim Murad a major intellectual figure in the contemporary Islam of the English speaking world once said of Abu Hamid Al Ghazali that a Muslim could read his Ihya ulum al din The Revival of the Religious Sciences alongside the ur an and ain a complete picture of what it means to

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as a Ghazali s lasting impact has been from his perfect marriage of the exoteric and esoteric sciences in Islam His life exemplified the attainment of knowledge of all on the spiritual path and translator Walter James Skellie cites this and constant effort at learning as having a permanent impact on his health which may have contributed to Ghazali s early death at the age of 53 Early on Ghazali committed himself to the intellectual attainment of knowledge which would direct him towards his desired deeper experiential knowledge of God Yet he had a famous crisis of faith which forced him out of his position as a teacher of theology into seclusion for the sake of purification of his heart and the experience of the divine It is towards this second type of knowledge that he turns in focusing on the heart Ghazali uotes the Prophet Muhammad saw as saying that God is in the hearts of his believing creatures 40 The heart contains the divine energy yet also partakes of the human in that free will plays a part in the reflection that is manifest in the heart This image of the heart as mirror contains a couple of key ideas First the direction of the heart determines its reflection The Islamic concept of ignorance comes into play here in that we cannot know the proper direction to point the heart without knowing and following the sacred law This can be attained through striving in the attainment of what we might call intellectual knowledge which Ghazali sub divides into axiomatic and acuired knowledge This focuses the aim of the heart So to busy one s self in the path of learning is a surer and easier means of attaining the aim 56 Yet once the aim or proper directio. Marvels of the Heart is thought to be the key volume of the 40 book Ihya' 'Ulum Al Din Revival of the Religious Sciences the most read work ,
The Marvels of the Heart Al Ghazali's Science of the Spirit

Al Ghazali Ë 8 Read & download

The missing text made corrections where necessary updated footnotes and kept as much of the translators introduction up to where he begins to summarize the text We felt that the summary didn t add any value and had to be cut It is best sometimes to let Imam Ghazali speak for himself and we felt the Imam deserved better We believe that we serviced the text well and did our utmost to keep the translation as is except where necessary to update the language and make the changes that we feel kept Further I designed the layout for the text and added a Persian Miniature Of The Story That of the story that Ghazali had mentioned I was alerted to this listening to erudite Michael Barry one of the foremost experts in Persian Miniature art I tried to et a particular miniature but we couldn t find it in One of the best books I ve ever read Essential reading for anyone serious about the science of heart purification This book is so marvelous it is hard to describe As a Muslim it speaks to me deeply and is so rich and robust it will take several readings before I can fully digest the concepts and lessons Bab 21 Keajaiban Hati Pendekatan sistemik yg cukup menarik Buku yg harus diselami oleh umat Islam Mutiara yg tetap bersinar Sepanjang Zaman For Surely zaman For surely is not the eyes that are blind but blinded are the hearts which are in the breasts The book is full of ems and ives you a lot to reflect on It s definitely fit for the read again listI ave it a 4 instead of a 5 not because of the bookcontent itself but rather my inability to rasp some things It s definitely a advanced book not because of the bookcontent itself but rather my inability to rasp some things It s definitely a advanced book to Dear Beloved Son Following along with the audio notes and commentary by Sh Yahya Rhodus from the free Seekers Guidance course on the book helps too Sometimes this translation leans too heavily on this assumption of philosophy which is untrue to al Ghazali himself but if you are aware of that when reading it s still a Blue Guide good read So far soood Intro is a bit longer than I like Meat of the book is very illuminatin. He theme of the heart as a mirror illustrate key tenets of Islam on the reuirements of religion living in society and the inner life of the so. N of the heart is attained we enter on the reater struggle against that part of the nafs soul that can and does cloud the mirror of the heart The heart can be pointed towards the divine but still not reflect manifest the divine in the human soul due to those things which separate us from God Remembrance of God dhikr is the method of polishing the heart and enabling a clear reflection This remembrance starts with following the path of the law and continues into the experiential knowledge and practice of the Sufis which enables a heart that shines so bright as to ultimately block out vision of anything than God bright as to ultimately block out vision of anything other than God keep the heart polished reuires vigilance in remembrance and practice Ghazali spends the last portion of the book discussing the various methods that Satan uses to cloud our hearts The devoted servant knows to avoid the obvious areas as delineated by the law It s the subtle distractions that can arise that are the most dangerous Here it becomes a uestion of emphasis even in matters of the spiritual For what reason are we doing a supposed spiritual action Is it purely God motivated This at base is about purity in intention and authenticity which is such a central idea in Islamic thought The constant return to Tawa or God consciousness is the antidote to those subtle Satanic influences that cause separation There is so much that could be said on this book and so much that has jumped out at me on a second read I found myself underlining major portions much that has jumped out at me on a second read I found myself underlining major portions each page The beauty of reading Ghazali is this complete picture of Islam that I mentioned at the beginning and his authenticity in the practice of the path through knowledge and intention in religion For hearts are like vessels as long as they are filled with water air cannot enter them So the knowledge of the majesty of God the Exalted cannot enter into hearts that are occupied with anything apart from Him 24 Truth be told I worked on this book we read the whole text and compared it to the Arabic text We restored. N the Muslim world after the ur’an and considered by many to be the Summa Theologica of Islam These traditional teaching stories which use