[KINDLE] The Medusa Project Silhouette Bombshell By Cindy Dees

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An Elegy for Mathematics iOf category romance rules Thiss my first Bombshell the now defunct line of Silhouette and A Stranger on the Beach ift s an example of the line I can see why Coming Home it failed The storys solid the writing Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions is engaging but I felt that the romance was misplaced Clearly I could be wrongt s rare but t happens snort but the story felt like an editor marked t up with you need to add some romance earlier or throw n a kiss here I have to say at least we weren t treated with the eye rolling sex while on the run t treated with the eye rolling sex while on the run bad guys or on a mission thank god but there s also a lack of depth in the connection between the heroine and the the Connection Between The Heroine And The The between the heroine and the The of a sex scene was also puzzling because there were places where The Homefront in Civil War Missouri it could have happened without being ridiculousThe real shames that this story had the potential of being a sexier version of Tom Clancy with a female protagonist I SO want to read a book like that The Medusa Project s well written and the military aspects are top notch but even at 300 odd pages t Celibate Passion is too short and felt truncatedn order to hit the minimum romantic rules of the category In essence this was a love story the hookup not necessary for the plot to happen masuerading as a romance the plot wouldn t happen without the hookup I will definitely read the other Medusa series but will keep Learning in the Cloud in mind that due to category restrictions they are romancesn a military environment Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy instead of military love stories Thiss a story about a group of women who go through Special Forces training Expected to fail they none the less succeed They have an unexpected chance to go on a mission and end up proving their worth to the powers that be Whenever I am The Gay Pretender in a reading funk I pull out this book to read It always pulls me out of the funk I wasn and this time Bloody Winter is no exception Thiss a wonderful book with humor action and shows the strength of women n the military This was one of the best books I have ever read t had an amzing plot and I definately want to read I would definately recommend this to my friends I wasn t sure about this. Tough as nails Lieutenant Colonel Jake Scatalone was under orders to prove women had no place n Special Forces No matter how well Vanessa and her team performed they would failThen Scatalone disappeared on The Medusa Project Silhouette Bombshell

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I absolutely love these books I hate the marketing thoughI first discovered Cindy Dees when I did my RTR projectMs Dees had won a 2010 RITA for the book The Soldier s Secret Daughter As I was reading that book I sensed that the author had first hand experience n the military When I looked up nformation about Cindy Dees I realized my hunch was correct I found out that not only was she the youngest female pilot War Girls in the history of the Air Force but she also earned degreesn Russian and East European Studies from the University of Michigan She wrote numerous books for the Silhouette line the most popular being the Medusa books the undiscovered bad arse female butt kicking multicultural Angelina Jolie LIKE ALL FEMALE SPECIAL FORCES TEAM all female Special Forces team books are hard to find now a days but easily and cheaply available as ebooks Start with the Medusa Project and have fun with the rest Air Force Major Vanessa Blake had almost given up on getting her dream of joining a Special Forces unit and she jumps at the chance of joining a team An all femal Special Forces Team nicknamed the Medusas Lieutenant Colonel Jake Scatalone s their trainer
With A Mission To Prove 
a mission to prove there s no place for women As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant in Special ForcesAlong the way both sides learn a lot from each otherncluding respect When the training Lesson Planning and Classroom Management is over and they renformed that no matter how well they had performed there was no succeeding they jump at the chance of helping Scatalone when he disappears on a mission Vanessa strikes a deal to prove the worth of her teamYes there The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II is romance as well after allt The Nightmare Garden is a Mills and Boon butt s not the main focus of the story the main focus Look to the Mountain is on training up a team of gutsy women and having them proove themselves and notn a sexist or demeaning way these women know their jobs and the author knows military Just discover this author Loved t couldn t put t down Six bad ass babes go through Special Forces training Basically GI Jane with romantic elementsThis was an entertaining military romance hampered by the shackles. Air Force Major Vanessa Blake had been handpicked to lead the first all female Special Forces team the Medusas But there was one bit of classified nformation the military hadn't shared with her their trainer. ,

Book when I started t but I really did get sucked n The heroine Air Force Major Vanessa Blake has always dreamed of opening Special Forces to women and has persisted n trying to gain entry to the training program Just to women and has persisted The Color of Water in trying to gain entry to the training program Just she s started to feel as though her careers stalling out she Mayan Strawberries is offered a chance Shes taken to the Pentagon given thousands of files and told to pick her team of 6 women To Train With Her train with her class="30ef3dc0b1565fb1b832248354bf6f2b" style="color: #9900CC; font-size: 32px;">For What Will Be what will be first class of women training for Special ForcesWhat Vanessa doesn t know Bill Gates (Up Close) is that top generals and political figures have basically set her up to fail Initially thisncludes Lt Col Jake Scatalone the officer assigned to train them The author a former Air Force pilot has packed this book with all kinds of details on the types of training that Vanessa and her team endure However the details are written Mistaken Mistress in such a way that they are fascinating rather than dragging the story down Not only does the reader get a sense of the hardships Vanessa experiences but we get a clear sense of what drives her and her teammatesWhile the romantic side of the plotn this book feels somewhat hurried the dynamic between Vanessa and Jake makes for nteresting reading Watching Jake change as he lives and trains alongside Vanessa provides a good story arc and the mixture of tough training and political wranglings throughout the story kept me turning pages As a reader I think I d classify this as an adventure story with romantic elements rather than a straight up romance And either way t s an entertaining read Ugh don t even know This s the book for you The Great Smog of India if you love military stuff and love the lingo and really get behind the whole rah rah soldiers are a cut above the rest stuff The romances subpar t s very much relies on the army knowledge the characters are okay guess Not a satisfying read I disliked the male love The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary interestntensely He was very anti women n the army misogynistic and closed off and literally didn t grow at all That s all I really loved this book I LOVEMILITARYCOUPLES. Crucial mission n hostile territory And Vanessa made the military a deal Popular Hits it couldn't refuse sendn the Medusas If they succeeded they would become an official team If they died no one would ever have to know. ,