The Mercenary's Dawn (PDF)

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Y change their ways a little because of her In addition sometimes in "the start his coldness frustrated and made me cry I get that he "start his coldness frustrated and made me cry I get that he a first love that ied but for me it would have been better to have true strong feelings for the first time for the heroineAll of the above refer to my personal taste so i recommend to read this book and make your own conclusion So good I was hooked from the first page Alethia is a uniue and interesting character and Thanesh is hot hot hot He s an alpha male without being a huge jerk although they o start off as enemies before they become lovers which is my absolute favorite trope ever I really enjoyed the world building and I m looking forward to "the next book already and the romance scenes "next book already And the romance scenes I won t spoil too much but let me just say one word Venom Alethia and Thanesh are two characters I m not likely to forget From the first sentence you are captivated and almost involuntarily pulled along on an adventure that leaves you wanting The plot is extremely interesting to me and I m excited to see of it in future books Amazing bookThis is the 1st book that I have read of this author and I have bookThis is the 1st book that I have read of this author and I have say I am impressed The level of etail the character Handbook of Agricultural Entomology development is wonderful Would highly recommend reading this book and this author in the future. Part of a larger arc and is best enjoyed as part of the series however it is also a complete story that can be read as a standaloneTRIGGER WARNING There is a brief assault attempt at one point of the book which is not gratuitous in any way and the heroine lives in a world where human females are considered a sexual commodity Pleaseo not read this book if this is a trigger for you. The Mercenary's Dawn

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Alethia is pretending to be something she isn t but
her purpose is 
purpose is buy as many slaves as she can take
isn t but her purpose is to buy as many slaves as she can take to a safe place and free them Thanesh is a leader in the Protectorate an organization that watches over and protects planets under their jurisdiction When someone pretends to be Protectorate the organization comes Dare for More down hard even sells them into slavery Thanesh and Alethia meet and the struggle is onThis is not a uick read Instead this is aeep and satisfying story from a new author and I look forward to from her Fantastic New Author and SeriesThis book had it all Detailed world building complex characters interesting aliens villains romance humor THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) danger conflict and mystery were all present in this novel It was well written and was NOT a two hour read which I personally love in a book I like to escape into a book world for multiple hours I m looking forward to the next book in this series AwesomeLoved this book Has a wonderful story line great characters adventure love battles humor and Looking forward to the next one in this series A fascinating new worldAlethia is a woman on a mission and she ll use any means she can to achieve her goal I admire her for heretermination and Boku no Hero Academia dj - Osananajimi ga Sugoku Yakkai na Kosei ni Kakatteru desire to help those targeted by slavers Thanesh helps her out of a predicament He s not A Mercenary looking for a future An escaped slave fleeing from the past Their love will reshape worldsWhen Alethia is kidnapped while trying to free slaves it seems hereepest nightmares are coming true Her 'rescue' by Thanesh leader of the Protectorate a group of hardened mercenaries is short lived when the past catches up to the mysterious alien leader revealing things about both. ,

F the same mindset as she is but she oes have compelling arguments Do join them on their not a piece of cake journey to a HEA It s a wild RIDE WITH ENEMIES THAN YOU CAN with enemies than you can a stick atEdge of your seat reading with a satisfying ending I ll be waiting for from Ms Peace Good readHave to say I was impressed with this book Your not always sure when you find a new author LP Peace id a good job with iscriptions of these characters and laying out the plot You can see where there are openings for new stories coming from the other characters in this book But at the same it isnt a to be continued *EITHER PEACE WRAPS IT UP *Peace wraps it end up Best way to start a series can t wait to read the next one A super book Wonderful adventure and sci fi romance rolled into one Such cool characters Can t wait to read about this world I really on t want to rate this book because i Masterplots II don t want to be unfair andiscourage a new author It had interesting and well African American History Black History Month Book 1 developed story The not review is because of my personal preference on the character of the hero and the heroine She was a little shy but strong and i really liked her but unlike her he was very strong willed and a little manipulative and bossy Don t get me wrong i like strong alpha heroes but when they have a soft spot for the heroine and the. Of them which will change their future foreverThanesh and Alethia must now fight side by side or face the horrifying conseuencesThe Mercenary's Dawn is a full length steamy SFR featuring a tenacious heroine and a possessive but loving alpha It also features a strong sci fi universe a thrilling adventure and a slow burn enemies to lovers story ending in a guaranteed HEA This book is.