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The Moon Platoon Space Runners #1Weeks on the moon at the Lunar Taj the first off earth resort It is owned by trillionaire Elijah West who made "his fortune inventing cars that can fly in space Each year Mr West brings 100 "fortune inventing cars that can fly in space Each year Mr West brings 100 the best and the brightest to the moon for two weeks then sends them back to Earth with enough money to change their lives forever Benny is grateful to have received the scholarship He and his brothers live in a caravan in the Drylands where there is never enough water barely enough food and always dirt and sand On his first day on the moon always dirt and sand On his first day on the moon and his new friends which include some very NOT stereotypical girls discover something out of the ordinary As they continue to explore they discover the secret Elijah West doesn t want anyone to now A thrilling space adventure including plenty of car chases and live action video game sims Fans of the Bounders series will enjoy this one as well Highly recommended for grades 4 up Exciting sci fi space adventure with lots of action This is an average book I didn t like it as much as Space Case by Stuart Gibbs but it will definitely appeal to the same crowd Sci fi is the weak spot in my library so I m definitely consideringBenny Drue Hot Dog and Jasmine are four of the exceptional Paradox Bound kids who have been selected to attend a training school at the famous Taj resort on the moon Earth is on an environmental death spiral and entrepreneur Elijah West is thinking ahead with his resort and fleet of space runners aka souped up cars Once theids have met their idol Elijah and toured the resort they are placed into competitive groups to test their intellectual prowess and team building skills There s Benny the poor id from a trailer park Drue the intellectually inferior Senator s son Hot Dog the video game ueen and Jasmine the engineering prodigy The first competition is a race between Drue and Hot Dog Hot Dog wins but gets stranded in an asteroid shower The other three sneak out to rescue her and end up bringing back a piece of asteroid Something is off about the asteroid and the ids are determined to find out whatA little sleuthing and science gets them to the bottom of the mystery Elijah is forced to reveal everything and before you STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare know it a bunch of souped up cars driven byids is on a mission to save Earth It s like a scene out of Star Wars I liked the characters although they are a bit stereotypical especially Drue drooling over the hot girls Hot Dog is a girl and that name almost ruined the book for me Such an easy fix too The idea of a resort on the moon that attracts celebrities is cool The space cars are a little much for me but with Elon Musk launching a Tesla into space I guess anything is possible Benny is going to the Moon One of many twelve year olds chosen by the eccentric and rich genius Elijah WrightHe makes friends enjoys wonders One of many twelve year olds chosen by the eccentric and rich genius Elijah WrightHe makes friends enjoys wonders search and learns with some other ids that something s been hidden from themUnraveling that involves things from the buiding s AI being based on a real woman unknown elements one girl making strategic decisions a holographic spider Benny s nowledge of what to do in a sand storm and 45 star. E of the Moon But he gets than he expected when he and the other Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays kids discover the Moon has secrets no one elsenows about Benny is a long way from home and soon there might not be an Earth to go back ,

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Uncover have major ramifications for everyone on Earth and the "Moon I Liked The Imaginative Setting And The Spectrum Of "I liked the imaginative setting and the spectrum of Kraatz built in surprising depth to several characters Most readers will be able to guess some of the big secret but maybe not all and there s still some tantalizing hints of secrets untold yet to Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All keep readers interested in the next book I wasn t always happy with the ways theids went about uncovering secrets but I m sure younger readers will find it excitingNotes on content About four minor swear words I m not sure if that s because this is the British version and that word isn t considered as bad there but to American readers this edition will have some minor swearing No sexual content There are a few perilous situations but just scratches on page and there are likely deaths after one situation but you aren t sure Fun book for children in upper elementary school Some action throughout Kids making friends learning about their strengths saving the world Good Space Fun and Way Way Better Than ExpectedI didn t think that the souped up Chevelle in space that was on the cover was a good *sign Then we met the really decent poor What a Lass Wants kid the spoiled Senator sid the shy techy girl and the hot *Then we met the really decent poor Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived kid the spoiled Senator sid the shy techy girl and the hot racing girl all on the way to space camp on the Moon and I figured this was going to be a campy or cartoony cavalcade of cliches Well please excuuuuse me for being such a snot Turns out that this book in my now very humbled opinion was a clever well written entertaining and engaging hoo This was uite good really It was like a build up for the rest of the books which I M Totally Fine m totally fine It also means that they are plenty of uestions that need to be answered and I ve already thought of a couple of endings P L O T W O R L D B U I L D I N GPlot 25 stars our of 5World building 3 stars out of 5Good nuff Not exactly the best Because of the very cliched whole idea I thought of this story as the author s interpretation of a plot that has already been used a billion times Like this was how he would have told the story and not how it s the only way it could have happened I guess that s because of the numerous plot holes butI m not a big fan of that I want the story to be confident of what it is you Mexican Hooker know what I mean I would have done things a bit differently if I was Benny but ah well The world building isn t that great and since this is set in the future I would have loved a bit information The descriptions aren t bad but they could have been well descriptive The plot would have been funner if Inew the Moon better C H A R A C T E R S3 out of 5Pretty decent They have their own signature and vibe especially Benny and Drue They had some sort of backstory All the other had uite distinct personalities but none of them popped out of the crowd Even Benny he was just the normal brave hero Drue was a bit better Hot Dog was nice but could have been written better O V E R A L L3 out of 5Felt rushed but rest assured I will be reading the next book 4 12 stars I liked this WAY than I expected toBenny Love is one of this year s 100 scholarship winners to spend two. T on the Moon Benny thinks he finally has a chance to give his family a better life Benny can’t wait to fly his very own Space Runner practice reverse bungee jumping and explore craters on the dark sid. .
In 2085 Benny lives in the Drylands His father didn t come back from a scouting mission so he lives in a caravan with his grandmother and two younger brothers When he is picked for the elite academy at the swank Lunar Taj he nows that the way to better the circumstances for his family is to go Once there he meets the other students including the obnoxious Drue the daredevil Hot Dog and the techie Jasmine When Hot Dog goes out in a Space Runner and crashes Benny and Drue go out looking for her Theyfind her but uncover a mystery as well Could it be that Elijah West has brought the 100 children to the moon for other reasonsBenny is a great character who is trying hard to fit into a new environment Life in the Drylands is hard so he appreciates all of the amenities of the Lunar Taj in a way that Drue does not Drue is a spoiled brat but not beyond redemption Hot Dog throws caution to the wind but can back up her actions with excellent skills and she s described as a pretty blond I loved that Jasmine was the tech guru instead of some stereotypical geeky boyThe Lunar "Taj is a solidly described setting Will technology progress that far by 2085 Children who read this "is a solidly described setting Will technology progress that far by 2085 Children who read this today could conceivably live long enough to find out I m not entirely sold that a Chevelle could be retrofitted and made space worthy but it s a fun concept This bore a small resemblance to Reilly s 2007 Crash Course but has a lot going for itKraatz s The Cloak Society also offered tweens saving the world as much as this concept gives me pause middle school students love the idea Pair this first book in the Space Runners series with Fry s Jupiter Pirates McDougall s Mars Evacuees and Kloepfer s Galaxy s Most Wanted for readers who like Star Wars Star Trek and traditional space adventure rather than dystopian worlds Benny is super excited he was chosen to be a scholarship winner for a two week visit to Elijah West s Lunar Taj on the Moon He s hoping that this experience and the money he s promised after the trip will get his family a permanent home so they can get out of the Drylands After landing on the Moon though some strange things happen Benny could leave things in Elijah s hands but his new friends are also curious and dissatisfied with Elijah s responses They start to do some investigating themselves and stumble upon a find that will rock their worlds and challenge them like never beforeThis starts off like your typical camp story only it is set on the Moon and the experiences all revolve around cool techspace cars It soon escalates after an accident with one of the Space Runners and a strange asteroid that seems to have brought it down Benny and his friends are uite the curious crew They all have their own gifts Benny is A GOOD LEADER WHO CARES ABOUT good leader who cares about Drue is the spoiled rich id who bought a scholarship but may secretly have some good ualities Jasmine is a science genius Hot Dog is a driving champ And Ramona is a tech genius The five of them manage to get in trouble together than once but it proves to be a good thing they are so curious The climax gets a bit serious as the secrets they. In the year 2085 Benny Love is pretty used to surviving on what he and his family can scavenge on Earth But when he wins a scholarship for a life changing trip to visit the Lunar Taj the first ever resor. .