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Cold War race to the Moon a delight that this very funny hard to find series is now available on kindle In this second book Count Montjoy is trying desperately to et funds to install plumbing and improve roads in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick In addition the young Duchess Gloriana has asked for a Russian sable fur coat The Count is in despair as there are virtually no funds to cover these unusual expenditures and the opposition party is against all change and any new taxes What to do Ask the USA for a 5 million dollar loan for the Grand Fenwick Space Program seems reasonable Of course nothing will o as planned and the mouse will be heading for the moon with the 50 million dollars the USA insists on sending as a Gift Instead Hilarious The Cold War Rises instead Hilarious The Cold War rises On rereading this book after about 40 years I still liked itIt s a slim book and a uick read somewhat realistic and somewhat farcical uite satirical and uite funny Taken together it s a winnerThis isn t biting satire but whimsical though it isn t less effective for that It still forces the reader to think from the perspective of citizens of small nations and maybe reconsider as an American how much we walk on other people without considering their rightsIn some ways the first novel and this seuel are both science fiction imagini. Spurred by the Count of Mountjoy who wants proper plumbing for the kingdom and a Russian sable coat for Her Grace.

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The Mouse on the MoonBtle maneuvering of the duchy s prime minister and leading diplomat to et modern plumbing and hot water It is all of these things modern plumbing and hot water It is all of these things well as being a very funny book featuring the cast of characters from THE MOUSE THAT ROARED A few new ones are introduced including a pair of Bobolinks who innocently contribute to heating up the space race A really funny book which was the basis of a second funny movie about Grand FenwickI downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited Wonderful light read with some insight on humans Excellent read Always love dthe film the book is even better It helps
that i m 
I m my fifties I suspect that some of the political satire could be lost on much younger readers But loved it Life imitates art view spoilerthough my understanding is that the spacecraft will not be powered by Luxembourg s uniue Grand Cru vintage hide spoiler I laughed I cried it moved me Bob Ok in all silliness this is pretty entertaining First you have the scheming of the Count of Mountjoy who bemoans his apparent mediocri This was a fun book A little dated but that is one of the things that make it fun Interesting look at the silliness of races between countries to Bat Ode get aoal like landing on the moon But also through the lens of what seemed like a much simpler time uite as entertaining as the first book. Rom the US is arranged A rocket is fired and Grand Fenwick lands on the moon before American and Russian astronaut. .
Ng a world where a tiny nation develops some key new technology and uses it to leapfrog the superpowers in importance and Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work genuine power This science a type of nuclear bomb in the first novel and a new type of nuclear power in the second dismantles the power balance of the time 1960sIt s a nice thought experiment and the author uses it to tell aentle satire on the politics of that time It s also ot a little comedy a little romance and international politics making it easy to see why it was made into a movieSo ood fun I almost would "give it all the stars except i don "it all the stars except I don want to oversell it It s pleasant and amusing and you would probably like it I am a huge fan of the Mouse that Roared and was very happy to read this seuel which was as playful and poignant as the first Thank you to my friend Ben for this present The space race heats upBy Charles van Buren on September 26 2018Format Kindle EditionThis 1962 seuel to the 1955 THE MOUSE THAT ROARED is a science fiction novel of humanity s attempts to reach the moon Or it is a novel of satire of people politics and overnment Or it is a scathing tale of human weaknesses Or a touching story
of human foibles 
human foibles of human enius Or a tale of the people of Grand Fenwick attempting to buy an Imperial Russian Sable coat for their beloved duchess Or the su. And by Dr Kokintz who sees a potential new for their beloved duchess Or the su. And by Dr Kokintz who sees a potential new of energy by mixing iron filings and Fenwick Pinot wine a loan