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I was hoping for some cute holiday novellas but I thought they were just ok Somehow they stuffed 6 contemporary holiday novellas but I thought they were just ok Somehow they stuffed 6 contemporary stories in this book Thus only 3 stars Lori Foster 4 stars I really liked this one The hero is 14 years older then the heroine she s 22 This was not really a turn off Good story considering how short it had to be Erin McCarthy 2 stars Possibly the worst EM I ve ever read Claire was annoying Justin clueless NOT endearingly so They jump into sex are proclaiming love marriage within #8 Hours Not Into It #hours Not into it Shalvis a good 3 stars not a bad plot An office mystery Who is leaking sordid stories of the Mayor s employees to the press The leads are interesting I liked itKathy Love 3 stars highschool sweethearts break up in college when the boy ecides he loves money than the girl They re connect 6 years later jump back into a sexual relationship You know what happens next Katherine Garbera 4 stars Christmas actually is central to this story in particular Hero heroine work for the same company he s the boss a workaholic She Alien Conquest decides to blackmail him into showing him what Christmas is all about Sheoes it in the traditional way but of course they also have sex before the night is over I really liked this story though Instead of proclaiming eternal love let s get married right now baloney the story leaps in time to show their relationship growing Anyway IMO the best story in the bookKylie Adams 2 stars I reviewed a story she wrote in the last book I read Santa Baby That was the Christmas gigilo story I Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide didn t like it Ion t really like this one It has a Christmas title but other then that this could be Valentine s Day Easter 4rth of July ect Girl working at a coffee shop is a part time actress She has the hots for a TV actor who comes in to buy coffee from her He gives her a tip about an audition for his show He finds out inadvertantly she s attracted to him translation she wants to have sex with him He asks her out to run lines heh They have sex the only UNPROTECTED sex in this whole book Seriously every other story in this anthology has condom use one guy even going looking for condoms in the motel they re staying at I Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery don t feel anything for these 2 people You knowamn well they won t be together in 6 months Not into it Mixed bag None really outstanding and a couple of weak ones but nothing really sucked 2018 Monthly Challenge December Advent Calendar6 short stories written by 6 Conjure In African American Society different authors Some I liked a lot others not so much My favorite has been Ms Humbug by Jill Shalvis I liked the plot with the mysteryThe one I liked the least was I ll be home for Christmas by Kathy Love view spoilerif my boyfriendumps me because he prefers to have a successful career to have a relationship with me it is clear that if with me it is clear that if see him again I will not jump into bed with him immediately hide spoiler I got what I thought was a four popper because I wanted some uick hopefully cute mindless romances What I got was a six popper all of the short stories taking place on the night before Christmas Oookaybie thenStory 1 by Lori FosterAfter reading three pages I found it to be a story about a bimbo in cop s apartment building who convi. 'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house things are efinitely stirringbecause if you're going to wait up for Santa yo. The Night Before ChristmasD the stories were so short even for novellas about 60 pages each that the authors idn t have time for much character evelopment Six short stories in this anthology about Christmas Eve romancesThe StoriesLori #Foster S White Knight Christmas #s White Knight Christmas a tale of Detective Parker Ross a reluctant hero with a Scrooge mentality who comes up against his very own Christmas wish when Lily forces herself on himI suspect Foster needed a few pages to end this story It was too abrupt and jerked the story to an end Still it was sweetErin McCarthy s Snowed Under finds Claire Robbins the victim of a snowplow splash and run When she takes refuge in her brother s apartment she finds her greatest fantasy hanging out Justin Fairbanks on the other hand is worried about not unwrapping this particular presentI liked Claire s attitude Strong assertiveeven if she was rather sneaky about what she wanted as she evaded every hint Justin mounded up in front of her Too funny and a nice switch Could have used a few pages as wellJill Shalvis Ms Humbug was too funny as well as the once too fat Cami Bennett can t believe that Matt Tarino would actually want her It s the mating ance in reverse as Matt pursues Cami past every The alphas abused mate denialKathy Love s I ll Be Home for Christmas finds Rob Marsten stuck at the airport when a blizzard grounds all flights By the time he gets to the car rental counter he s just missed the last available car which has just been taken by Erica The Erica he threw away all those years ago so he could concentrate on his careerKatherine Garbera s Seducing Scrooge was a cute one about two accountants One is a sassy woman secure in her enjoyment of the holidays with a warm family history while the other is of a jock with a Scrooge mentality he s about to be blackmailed out ofKylie Adams Good Girl s Guide to a Very Bad Christmas finds Peri working as a barista between auditions while she counters her mother s complaining phone calls Lucky for Peri Chase McCloud the hot supporting star in Physical Evidence has an interest in helping her career alongOh what a treat this one was with its email insertions and chunks of script lending verisimilitudeThe Cover and TitleThe background is aeep purple with a grid of lighter purple Word Alchemy dots filled with either individual author s names or handbags for a color scheme of purples green pink white and redThe title is accurate enough as all the important action takes place on Christmas Eve The Night Before Christmas White Knight Christmas 2 5 This one was kinda ridiculous and tough to believe Parker is a tough cynical cop who hates Christmas gets off his shift and just wants to be left alone Lily is his chippero gooder neighbor who follows him home and gives him the 3rd The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures degree about not having asked her out when he s already told her he hasn t slept in 24 hours Then she proceeds to basically seduce himespite his protests yes he wants her but he has reasons for not wanting to start anything with her which she ignoresnot that he minds afterwards But I An Endless Lie didn t care for it There s assertive and then there s annoying She sefinitely the latter It ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) didn t feel like she was showing him how all good except the last story sucked. Ll Be Home for Christmas by Kathy LoveSeducing Scrooge by Katherine GarberaThe Good Girl's Guide to a Very Bad Christmas by Kylie Adams. Nces him too a little HOLIDAY UNWINDING I DIDN T READ unwinding I idn t read than Those Three Pages Because Both three pages because both them were annoying and the writing was pitifulStory 2 by Erin McCarthyAfter reading four pages I found it to be about a woman who gets splooshed by a big snowplow and since she s near her brother s place and has a key and he s gone on holiday she goes there to #clean up and runs into his best friend who was her forever crush Since we know the rest of the #up and runs into his best friend who was her forever crush Since we know the rest of the will be them getting it on with a HEA at the end I stopped after four pages Writing not pitiful but not enough to keep me readingStory 3 by Jill ShalvisOCDanal town planner falls for the guy she hates at work It involved a masked ball her boyfriend getting action in the ladies a fun ski trip and a whodunnit angle and the writing was uirky and fun so I stuck in there and read it It was cute Well one Jill considering she fit ALL of that in something like thirty pages and made it witty t bootStory 4 by Kathy LoveRich jerk s flight is cancelled one car left to get to Maine of course four people carpooling together to get home for the holidays And of course two are token gays and the last was his true love that he badmouthed condescended upon and then After the Tears dumped The flashback story had flashback issues because flashback there were too many flashback flashbacks I skimmed Car ride shared motel room ooh baybay and HEA The endStory 5 by Katherine GarberaSomething something something uptight boss something something chick with champagne and a goal yada yada sex HEA HrmphStory 6 by Kylie AdamsCoffee shop worker wants to be an actress Everyday a CSI like show s actor comes in for coffee cuz he likes her She always handles his order cuz she likes him He finds out she wants to act puts in a word at the studio she gets auditioned for a walk on that becomes a larger part because the authoroesn t believe in reality and he takes her home to rehearse lines and sex scenes she lands the guy the part the career lotsa weird e mails and bulletins in the story HEA Not my favorite But better than 1 2 and 5 I thinkJill Shalvis bought it a star and a half which is pretty good considering it s 16th of the book White Night Christmas by Lori Foster DNFDamn girl take a fucking hint I ve never seen a woman chase a man so passive aggressively She s annoying as hell How many times Daddy Blames Me does somebody need to say no before she realizes they actually mean itSnowed Under by Erin McCarthy 1 starLily s magical vagina makes a man believe in the spirit of Christmas RidiculousMs Humbug by Jill Shalvis 3 starsCute little whodunit with a prudish workaholic and a fun loving but responsible coworker I liked it could have made an interesting and juicy full length novelI ll Be Home for Christmas by Kathy Love 2 starsReunited lovers story I liked the secondary characters than the main characters and felt the heroidn t grovel enough MehSeducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera 3 storiesThis girl is horrible at blackmailing somebody And the guy s immediate about face was unbelievable Odd but still enjoyable It Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) didn t feel very cohesiveThe Good Girl s Guide to a Very Bad Christmas by Kylie Adams Not interested Too lusty for my taste An. U might as well have some very sexy companyWhite Night Christmas by Lori FosterSnowed Under by Erin McCarthyMs Humbug by Jill ShalvisI'.

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