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Is one of those addictive thrillers that I can t seem to put down once I start reading Told from alternating viewpoints primarily Suzi s Elle s and Nora s The Other Wife ept me guessing until the end There was one ey plot point I figured out very early on but the novel had so many twists and turns I still couldn t see where it was heading None of The Main Characters Are Especially Sympathetic But For Me This main characters are especially sympathetic but for me this a point in the novel s favor
suzi s insecure 
s insecure crisis driven persona seems realistic and relatable I also liked coming across a main character for once who isn t thrilled at the prospect of becoming a mother The newly widowed Nora also held my interest There s a dark calculating side that makes her far from the dowdy middle aged victim her husband tried to mold her into And Elle who gave up everything for a man who deceived her has a certain fragile glamour yet also a dated naive passive uality that gives the character a certain unresolved tension The novel is well plotted with short alternating chapters that shift in time so that the story unravels uickly leaving a trail of tantalizing clues to follow I also loved the bleak slightly gothic setting and thought it was a great contrast to Suzi s fast paced liberated life in overcrowded London My only criticisms are that the chapters told from the detective Alison s point of view didn t seem to fit all that well into the narrative They are so brief and so far apart we don t get a sense of her and her presence seems almost unnecessary And yet another part of me would have liked to have seen of her character and of a police angle to the story I also think the ending had aspects that seemed a bit unlikely but not to the point where it interfered with my enjoyment of the book Overall this is a gripping page turner and I will definitely be reading McGowan s other novels Much thanks to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review Suzi is married to Nick He s extremely jealous Suzi had an affair and ends up being pregnant She also has no friends until Nora moves into the isolated countryside beside her Nora uickly becomes friends with Suzi But Nora already owns a out Suzi than she s letting on about It seems Suzi is not the only one with secretsThis story does not really start until you get about two thirds of the way in The pace is slow The story is told from multiple points of view The chapters are headed by who is narrating them None of the characters are likeable but I think that was the authors intention Suzi s husband is jeal6and a control freak When it becomes apparent how Suzi and Nora are linked #i wasnt surprised there are plenty twists to # wasnt surprised There are plenty twists to you off the trail The resolution is satisfying This is a thought provoking readI would like to thank Netgalley Publishing UK and the author Claire McGowan for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I received a free e copy of The Other Wife by Claire McGowan from NetGalley for my honest reviewThe book had a good plot and several twists to it I just really didn t connect with the charactersA domestic thriller about women who have secrets They want someone to talk to and trust but can they trust each other Suzi is pregnant and isolated living in a secluded area with her controlling husband Suzi is delighted to have someone move in nearby and soon becomes friends with the new resident Nora A domestic thriller full of secrets and lies Twisted characters Intriguing story An entertaining rea. ?ll do whatever it takes to hold on to him even if that means murder After all she’s done it beforeCaught up in their own secrets and lies these strangers will soon realise they have in common than they could ever have imagined When a shocking event brings them together their lives will never be the same again. All been done so many times before I felt no spark of excitement while reading Further nothing felt fleshed out or expanded uponchunks of plot were doled out like appetizers but we never really got to the main course Sorry for the food analogiesI m hungryI also have something I need to get off my chestI loathed Suzi s character She was a thoughtless vaguely ignorant airhead who couldn t responsibly care for a dog As a mom of four dogs myself I found her character to be incredibly abhorrent I just realized it took me over 2 weeks to Read This Book I this book I read three
books a week 
a week one just wasn t my jam Again with the food Overall a very average not at all uniue story 25 stars rounded up Thanks to the publisher for my advanced copy in exchange for my candid review The Other Wife is your bog standard domestic thriller with a pretty atmospheric and sinister vibe to it but ultimately the characters were difficult to tell apart and weren t developed well enough to be enjoyable What we did learn about the characters certainly didn t endear them to me and I found they had some intensely annoying habits I also found the story slow and the consistently changing points of view made it uite disjointed and as a conseuence you never are fully engaged with the plot When it s getting to the stage that you are considering writing a character list to eep track of everyone the reading sadly becomes a chore rather than a pleasure Many thanks to Publishing UK for an ARC I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way Unfortunately there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me now something in my review is a spoiler please let me now youSuzi is married and pregnant but not sure if it s her husband s baby or the baby of the man she had an affair with Now a new neighbor has moved in A widow who she befriends Then things start to happen Her dog goes missing her house locks her out of it temperature changes that make no sense On top of it she tries to find the man whom she thinks she loves but finds out a terrible truthSo I gave this book 3 stars because it did eep my attention enough to enjoy it but it was in no way a heart pounder The end came and went and I felt fine It wasn t thrilling or suspenseful but the plot was itself interesting but a bit predictable There really isn t much else to say as I didn t really connect with the characters It was just an ok read 45 starsFast Paced Psychological SuspenseSuzi once had an exhilarating life in London replete with a loving husband successful career and a social life with lots of friends But lately Nick has turned from loving to controlling he s transplanted them both to a cottage in the middle of nowhere and dictates her every move She finds herself pregnant friendless jobless and completely isolated at least until Nora moves in to the cottage across the road Suzi s hiding secrets she High Heat knows she shouldn t share with anyone especially not a woman she barelynows but she also needs help At first Nora seems capable practical and strong just the sort of woman who can be trusted She s got secrets of her own however secrets that have stayed hidden since her childhood And then there s Elle the ex concert pianist whose beauty has faded as thoroughly as her musical career She spends most of her time as a prisoner in her beautiful home doing her best to look attractive when her hard working husband finally walks through the front door every night This. D to tell Nora her terrible secret But there’s to Nora than meets the eye It’s impossible does she already now what Suzi didMeanwhile Elle spends her days in her perfect home fixated on eeping up appearances But when her husband betrays her it unravels a secret going all the way back to her childhood She?. ,

Rating 3050GenreDomestic ThrillerSuzi is a pregnant woman and with a secret Her husband Nick does not trust her and is jealous most of the time A new neighbor Nora moves into a nearby house Nora has secrets as well Who will trust who Who is who You need to read to nowI liked the synopsis and thought this will be a fast paced thriller It was totally the opposite This was too slow Very very slow The multiple point of views was sometimes too much to cope with even though all that was intentional for the story itself The Other Wife has a generic name and unfortunately the story felt as generic too It is Not A Bad Book But a bad book but not an excellent one either It is enjoyable as it lasts once it is finished I feel one will forget about it I am going with 3 stars out of 5 Available on Kindle Unlimited A domestic thriller with unlikeable but interesting characters that eeps you on your toes It was slow to start at least in my opinion there are plenty of reviews saying otherwise and the ending felt really chaotic in a forced way There were definitely m Ok now I m sad Claire McGowan doesn t have as deep a catalog of adult thrillers on as I had originally thought First What You Did and now The Other Wife which I liked even and I have a slight book hangoverThis was an excellent emotionally fraught domestic suspense in the vein of The Wife Between Us fans of that book will like this one I think It has a variety of women scorned and battered by controlling dubious men with lots of sordid soapy details and a satisfying unsettling ending I was guessing the whole time as to how the messy interpersonal details would play out and that s how I would describe this Things get MESSY in the most delightful wayIt s multi POV third person where the various POVs you get are all women entangled in deceitful marriages or flirting with disaster or investigating a mysterious death It jumps around in time but not too much or confusingly and plays on a mysterious death It jumps around in time but not too much or confusingly and plays on few favorite tropes the creepy smart house isolated in the woods in a snowstorm no less Gothic family histories people who aren t what they seem There are some unreliable narrators in this book on than one level At the same time as Gothically soapy as one or two turns are the emotional arcs still feel grounded the characters feel like real whole people and you easily get pulled into their emotional orbits and care about what happens to them Much like in What You Did I was tugged along on a very emotionally immediate readAs with What You Did come to think of it the men are the least well drawn but hey I m fine with that Turnabout is fair play They satisfy funexpected character tropes though if anything could count as a uibble with the book it would be that There was one specific male character I would have liked a tad less distance from though I think perhaps the air of mystery was to contribute to dramatic tensionAnyway I loved this pulled a VERY late night going from 0 to 65% highly unusual for me and I m looking forward to McGowan s next standalone domestic suspense Sadly with publication schedules I ll have to wait a year This story it wassomething else Told from the perspectives of three women Elle Nora and Suzi The Other Wife is a twisty domestic suspense relying heavily on plot points seen a million times Readers will uickly and easily intuit the relationship between the three and will likely feel underwhelmed by the story overall Yes there are a couple mildly surprising twists near the end but again it An Charts bestseller She’s a total stranger But she nows who you are Suzi did a bad thing She’s paying for it now pregnant scared and living in an isolated cottage with her jealous husband NickWhen Nora moves into the only house nearby Suzi is delighted to have a friend So much so that she’s almost tempte.