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Interesting history of South Carolina unsurprising and yet also surprising how deeply slavery And Jim Crow Have Jim Crow have the state s history and how relentlessly white supremacy drove so many things that happened there An interesting point of view that may be valid The authors make some assumptions that I would not have made but those are relatively minor issues While I njoyed reading it I wouldn t highly recommend or discourage reading it I am left feeling ambivalent after reading this book This book has an odd trajectory The beginning is a "bit boring but that may stem from my lack of interest in the "boring but that may stem from my lack of interest in the Meanwhile the middle section is nthralling as Bass and Nelson do a great job documenting the political chaos of the state and how SC was different during the Civil Rights Era than other Southern states Then there s a really strange chapter about the development of Myrtle Beach I suppose you can t leave out that area in a book on SC history but man is So they developed the land a boring thesis Although the parts about the Shag originating out of a specific bar was uite interestingThe book gets back its rhythm only to nd on some really odd chapters There s the. As South Carolina nters into the fourth century of its storied xistence the state's captivating colorful and controversial history continues to warrant fresh xplorations In this sweeping story of defining pisodes in the state's history accomplished Southern historians Jack Bass and W Scott Poole trace the key importance of race relations historical memory and cultural life in the progress of the Palmetto State from its colonial inception to its present incarnation The authors bring a strong A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, emphasis on the modernra to their briskly paced narrative which advances work begun by Bass in his germinal investigation Porgy Comes Home South Carolina after Three Hundred Years to further our understanding of the state as it now xists Bass and Poole focus on three central Is South Carolina for you After finishing this book I gained appreciation for what we have in this state of mine The things I love did not come asily but at great Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies expense The author takes a Liberal perspective on interpretation of these historical matters But then again all tellings are subjective to some degree My one complaint is when he makes a villain out the the Presbyterian preacher who support slavery as the author interprets That struck me as odd so I did my own digging Come to find out this preacher was passionate about living out the Bible in the best possible wayven if it meant in troubling times Sure he probably took the interpretation of slaves serving their master a bit too far but this preacher was not a hard and this preacher was not a hard and supporter of slavery He like many preachers was struggling with the issue and just wanted to know how best to lead his people and serve these folk in the unfortunate position of slavery A relatively asy introduction to the state s history for a newcomer Have names and stories to place with the landscape Opens the door to specialized treatments A very njoyable book that instilled an The Power Of A Choice extra bit of pride in this Southern raised girl. The Civil War and Reconstructionras And they find throughout the state's history a strong role for religion in shaping reaction to changing circumstancesIn the discussion of contemporary South Carolina that makes up the majority of this volume the authors delineate the state's remarkable transformation in the mid twentieth century during which a combination of powerful lements blended together through a dynamism fueled by the twin forces of continuity and change Bass and Poole map the ways through which hard won conomic and civil rights advancements a succession of progressive state leaders and federal court mandates operated in tandem to bring a largely peaceful nd to the Jim Crow ra in South Carolina in stark contrast to the violence wrought lsewhere in the Sou.

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The Palmetto State The Making of Modern South CarolinaOne on SC s development spoiler alert BMW was a Big Deal And Another On The Cultural Exports Of SC deal and another on the cultural xports of SC at you James Brown Finally the last chapter is really just a list of stuff that has happened in the state which the authors apparently couldn t organize betterI d give this a 375 if I had the capacity to be nitpicky Definitely the kind of book you can hop around without feeling guilty about This history of South Carolina is the first I ve read which contains a frank and progressive treatment of the volution of race relations in the state It Is Very Well Written And Devoid is very well written and devoid the nostalgia and Old South apologism I ve found in other histories of my native state The book is very well written not at all dry and contains an normous amount for such a relatively short work Highly recommended It also has a picture of my sister her family and my father on page 200 Took me some time to finish Too many other books coming into my radar A wonderful read of South Carolina s recent history He somewhat briefly touches on the history up to reconstruction which is necessary for understanding current race relations Most of the book seems focused on the issue of race but that. Hemes divisions of race and class adherence to historical memory and the interconnected strands of conomic social and political flux as they illustrate how these threads manifest themselves time and again across the rich tapestry of the South Carolina xperience The authors xplore the centrality of race relations both subtle and direct in the state's development from the first settlement of Charles Towne to the contemporary political and conomic landscape The tragic histories of slavery and segregation and the struggles to nd ach in its Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. era have defined much of the state's legacy The authors argue that conflicts over race continue to influence historical memory in the state mostspecially in still Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 evolving memories nostalgic for some and ignominious for others of.