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Mend this series YesWould I re read "this series YesWould I future books By This Author Yes this author Yes was my first historic romance "series YesWould I read future books by this Yes This was my first historic romance nowing that there was going to be some cross over to Rare Precious Things I new I had to read this Darius has taken notice of Marianne he notices an instinct to submit and there is nothing that Darius wants than to take her and gain her submission Marianne is caring for her drunken father who is slowly drowning them in debt When not being able to pay your debt is cause for punishment Darius steps in with an offer that can solve all their problems Simply really just marry himBut Marianne harbors a secret and the guilt she suffers makes her feel unworthy of the man that she s taken as a husband and a lover the same man that has fallen in love with her Now he must convince her that she is worthy of his loveThis was a very steamy romantic read that had woven in aspects of BDSM in effortlessly Although this was fantastically written and the characters were both ones that you instantly wanted to now about the historic thing just isn t my cup of tea But with the way that Raine Miller tells a story you can t help but just be pulled completely into it I recommend this to not only those who like historic romances but for those who are fans of The Blackstone Affair books Having now finished Rare Precious Things the connection really was a neat aspect of the story to discover After reading this my emotions are very profound and intense unlike any other book I have come acrossMy body and soul is shattered by this powerful love story and I can still feel the effect of this book in my mind when carry on my daily routines even though some weeks passed I have yealled so long for an author to portrait the hero and heroine in a light that would make them memorable and they are indeed truly unforgettable characters you don t want to separate yourself fromThe hero Darius is one hero I could die for as the author gives us a big portion of fascinating descriptions of his feelings and emotions in a capacitative way I dare to say very intense interactions between the two HeroinMarianne on the other hand is so refreshing honest but most significantly she is portrait it as beautiful from the outside and from the inside which is rare uality in today s romance books This is erotica and it is evident the author crafts narratives in a uniue way and putts a lot of effort in developing the main characters and the focus was on the complexity of their feelings and struggle to comes to term with them The level of maturity that the author injected to both characters is refreshing they talk to eachother not accusing not being vulgar not being violentOn a contrary The hero is a master who wants the submission from Marianne but that did not affect him any bit and I was impressed with his understanding of Marianne s needs that she needs to check on her father and he also notice those little things not only the physical apperance but other characteristics that she was not only beautiful but was ind elegant selfless and there was no avarice in her He did indeed respect her and that I value very much in a book Marianne on the other hand was the same toward him I like that she was grateful and not greedy for money and put her family first above her and him She thought she was not worthy of him and I could feel her pain and emotions and I could connect with herI would express so much but it would be too long so let me conclude you this book is truly unforgettablethis book is not just about sex its the love between the two characters that catched my attention and for strong but ind respectful and not arrogant hero and heroin that shines with goodness passion and love for hero whose love for her is so strong that makes you crave this Cause Of Fear kind of love for yourself His Perfect Passion was an outstanding read From the first page the passionate delectable Hero Darius had me swooning Raine Miller is one talented author Even if you are not into reading Historical Romance if you have read her fabulous books from The Blackstone Affair you will receive the same jolt of lust for Darius that you did Ethan Blackstone YUMThis was a fast and sexy novella With light undertones of BDSM and I do mean light Darius controlled his longtime love Marianne both in and out of the bedroom with captivating gentleness His delight in her his reverent adoration of her was completely enticing It feels demeaning to say that such a debonair character was HOT but seriously Darius was He made Marianne tingle with awareness I dare to say he will do the same to youRaine Miller s incredible storytelling left me breathless Her ability to weave Marianne s mysterious and devastating history between the love story was impeccable The story was fast paced the fervent intensity sizzling and the ending blissful A great read when you need a sensual pick me up with a wonderful HEA Thank you Raine Miller for sharing this book with me No compensation was received for this honest review. E embark upon the journey together they will find that learning to command is just as important as learning to surrenderA man whonows what he wantsA woman who needs him in order to now her worth‘Ti amo mia cara’2nd edition© Raine Miller Romance September 2016Originally published with the title His Perfect Passi. 4 stars for Somerset Historicals 01 The Passion of Darius by Raine MillerI was gifted this book by the author as a winner of the Shh Holiday GIFT Drawing 2016 A special thanks to this author but also al the other authors gifting books in that GiveAway as well as a thanks to the amazing team which organized itI haven t read many historical books yet but I loved this one It was well written and descriptive This was the first book ever written by this author In the year 1837 Darius Rourke nows what he wants who he wants and won t stop until he has the lovely sweet mysterious submissive Marianne George in his arms and in his bed When Marianne s father s debt get to high Darius sweeps in to save them and accomplish his goal Marianne feels cherished but thinks she s not worthy to be loved and carries a secret Will it ruin their marriage I loved Darius He s a real gentleman At least outside of the bedroom That s how I love themThe blurb mentioned aspects of BDSM but I think it was very lightI m giving this book 4 stars and diving directly into the next book in this series The Undoing of a Libertine Let us take the time to review an older novella by Raine Miller We are constantly craving the next hot story to be released We should take the time to reflect on our favourite authors earlier body of work and see how these stories may have shaped the stories and characters we now The Game of Love know and loveHis Perfect Passion by Raine MillerDarius Rourke has long desired the beautiful and mysterious Marianne seizing the opportunity to claim her when her family falls on hard times Darius intuitively understands Marianne s need for direction and is willing to do anything to be the one to give it to her What he doesn tnow is that submission is security for Maria I started reading this last night and just got so lost in it I couldn t put it down Stunningly written this was a true historical romance So much passion sensuality and some erotica The story of Darius and Marianne is breathtaking He secretly watches her from afar grow into the woman he Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition knows will be His Perfect Passion and wife The way he looks at her and his thoughts of her are so sensual and beautiful I think I sighed through the whole novel The epilogue had me in tears When a book can actually bring my emotions out into the open like that I have to say WOW If I m not mistaken this is Raine Miller s first published work and I do declare it was very beautifully and elouently written All romance with very little drama Sometimes we need just that No Rating Did Not FinishBased on the synopsis and the 4 star Goodreads rating I had such high hopes for this story but by the halfway point I just couldn t go onWhat I liked The idea of the story The compelled marriage theme set in a historical erotic romance with a Ds relationship sounded sublime What I didn t like Again the idea of the story because while Inew where Ms Miller wanted the story to go it was taking too long to get thereThe dialog really put me off The hero and heroine repeatedly using each others names during sex scenes and I do mean repeatedlyThe hero telling the *Heroine To Do Something *to do something freuently telling her you now you want to felt awkward It wasn t sensual to me instead it sounded like the hero didn t think the heroine could think for herself I never felt the passion being described instead I felt like I was reading a script The bottom line Since I DNF d this story at the halfway mark I don t feel right about giving it a Goodreads rating because it might have picked up had I continued reading who nows As I mentioned before this is a highly rated book so it s possible that my less than enthusiastic opinion of the story is just a me thing If it sounds like something you d enjoy I encourage you to give it a tryFor those wondering if I had to rate the portion I did read I would give it 2 stars Yep I went into this book hearing how amazing it was so I was somewhat prepared but seriously the very INSTANT I met Darius Rourke the sexy hero I was a COMPLETE goner This man felt like he was dipped in decadent chocolate I was dipped in chocolate or heck we both were because he was absolutely SINFUL He was caloric He was swoonworthy He was masterful He was panty "Melting Material It Didn "material It didn take long for me to fall under his spell to where I was ready to follow any of his commands In fact had you watched me reading you would ve heard me whispering giddily Darius tell me to say it I will you now I love you This is the EXACT reason why I love reading romance and it just got better and betterI loved the mixture of historical romance and bdsm Now before you go thinking of lords and ladies wielding floggers and chains it s not like that This was really light bdsm think robe sashes to restrain and blind folds The focus was on the need to submit and dominant to provide the needs of the other so that both were happy and fulfilled I thought Raine did an outstanding job with it the things Darius would say to Marianne making me tingle I loved the. Somerset 1837‘Ti amo mia cara’The fine art of persuasion Darius Rourke and his burning passion for a woman The gentle Marianneas beautiful as she is mysteriousWhen presented with an opportunity to make her his bride Darius takes it and nows Marianne will finally belong only to himOr will sheMarianne carries a secr.

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His perfect passionWay the author explained it and the "limits she set within the story It made for interesting dynamics between the couple especially when it "she set within the story It made for interesting dynamics between the couple especially when it to sharing feelings of loveI adored this couple Can you imagine how incredible it would be to find out the man you marry has loved you for what seems like your entire life You have been watched over and protected Things you said in passing carefully and lovingly remembered It was enough to make me swoon to now Darius had always loved Marianne he was just bidding his time before stepping in and making her his The opening scenes were enough to make me feel like his gaze was on me it was so easy to fall into the story and join the characters I loved the conflict and inner turmoil I found in His Perfect Passion It reached in and grabbed hold of my heart laughing and crying for Both Of Them Marianna Has This Terrible Secret One She of them Marianna has this terrible secret one she Darius will never find out because even though it takes her a while she actually loves him and doesn t want to lose him To now his wife is harboring something something he can t fix and wipe away the sadness from her eyes it hurts Darius Oh gosh it was all just so beautiful because all they needed to do is confide in one another but hey what would the story be without the extra angst to make you really love the characters The storyline was PERFECT for me as a romance junkie It left me breathless and excited for I would recommend this book to everyone without hesitation Please don t let the term bdsm make you overlook this wonderful romance story Love comes in all forms what s important is the journey and this is one I am so VERY grateful I didn t miss Happy reading everyone From the description I understood this was a mild Ds type of book There was mention of him telling her what to say do etc Sometimes I get Eyes kinky and like some mild Ds light bondage and forced dirty talk yes I m a freak Honestly I didn t even consider it erotica aside from the fact that the terminology used was cruder than your average historical romance Nothing too freaky going on I think there was a blindfolding Anywho this wasn t exactly what I expected There was a teeny tiny bit of forcedcoerced dirty talk but mostly it was the most mundane crap It went like this okay yes I m taking some liberty with the dialogueDarius Younow you want a ham and swiss sandwich for lunch Tell me you want a ham and swiss sandwich for lunch Marianne Yes Darius I want a ham and swiss sandwich for lunch 12 The passion of Darius Preuel 1 Darius Rourke lovingly inky seduction of Marianne s body soul Still standing in the same spot tracking her Mr Rourke smiled his perception all nowing as if he d been assured she d turn back to him The Blackstone Affair and Rothvale Legacy historical preuels introduce us to the Rothvale s Greymont s and Rourke s and their homes in Somerset England All which will serve a part in the contemporary seriesSOMERSET HISTORICALSBook 1 The Passion of Darius Darius Marianne year 1837Book 2 The Undoing of a Libertine Jeremy Georgina year 1837Book 3 The Making of Lady Percival Percy Claire year 1838Book 4 Untitled Nathaniel Flor year 1838THE BLACKSTONE AFFAIR Ethan BrynneBook 1 NakedBook 2 All InBook 3 Eyes Wide OpenBook 4 Rare and Precious ThingsBook 5 The Blessings of Ethan Blackstone Stonewell Court Somerset England spring 1837In The passion of Darius we meet British Italian gentleman Darius Rourke who has had his eyes set on and worked tirelessly to have Marianne George as his wife Exactly for how long and to what extent will unfold with story DARIUS ROURKE 30 35 yearsItalian BritishHeirGentlemanLandownerBlack hairBrown eyes Marianne has been caring for her father since her mother s passing Though enthralled and mesmerized by the attentive handsome and mysterious Mr Rourke she is set on becoming on old maid MARIANNE GEORGE 20 25 yearsBritishhobby artistDark brown hairBlue eyes It s not only about securing a wife and an heir The Sinner's Heart kinky side of him has zeroed in on Marianne s submissive tendencies Set against the backdrop of Darius wooing seducing and coaching Marianne as they become husband and wife it s very much a journey of sexual exploration with them venturing into the world of BDSM She had fire in her waiting to be stoked This he could tell He also suspected that submitting to him to his dominance would appeal to her But both have secrets they rathereep Marianne so What s holding her back What s Darius story And is inky sex enough Ultimately it s their story of self reflection and growth and making peace with one s past Delicious I want to remember this forever Your innocent flavor as it is now before I take you So I may never forget how perfect you were in this moment Hero rating 45 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 45 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 4 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 45 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 45 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recom. Et Something she believes will prevent her from ever being worthy to be loved by any man even the masterful Darius despite the fact he captivates her utterlyA look A caress A iss A brooding sensuality A lushly passionate tale of lovers entangled in the discovery of each other’s sins and secrets As Darius and Mariann. .
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