The Pearlmakers (NEW)

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Iption sounded fun I love historical fiction with a magical realism twist adventure romance etc The premises were intriguing love historical fiction with a magical realism twist adventure romance etc The premises were intriguing to carry me thru the first book and in to the second but it was ust exhausting toohmmmm all over the place I can see why some people would love it but can also see that I am very evidently not the intended reader I couldn t get any traction and found myself skimming ust to get thru the story It could be really fun but it ust wasn t for me The dialogue needs help The road tripburied treasure storyline reads like old HARDY BOYS CROSSED WITH SCOOBY DOO IT S FUN Boys crossed with Scooby Doo it s fun not written to the same audience and the bad guys Ugh I dunno I promise I really tried to finish but ust couldn t Maybe it could be a Netflix series Maybe in the hands of a different editor the story could shine Like finding buried treasure lost ships off the coast of Florida how about in the California mountains Deception love stories legends and some magical realism An assortment of special animals I fell into this book on the first page and loved each and every adventure I hadn t had the opportunity to read Duke Tate in the past and so appreciate the signed copy he sent I ll be reading of his work I didn t know if i would like the book but it was one of those that i could not put down and i read the whole book til i finished it. Eanwhile Teddy falls in love with a beautiful riveting stranger that oddly resembles a Spanish woman from his dreams and his older boys go off in search of a long forgotten family treasure buried in the California mountainsNothing is what it seems as time slips away and everyone’s dreams are on the lineThis Special Edition Hardcover features a Foreward by the author an Appendix packed full extras plus an illustrated ma. The PearlmakersPotential in the story of the dreams and the lost treasure ship but sending the kids on a treasure hunt to the west was utterly ridiculous I won this from a giveaway here on Goodreads The premise of this book was interesting but the execution I won this from a giveaway here on Goodreads The premise of this book was interesting but the execution a lot to be desired I found this to be very boring there was a lot of backgroundsetting that was info dumped in the first chapter Some of it was recapped in the second chapter The info dump was boring and when the story was in the present in the second chapter it was A Little Tolerable But little tolerable but by much The introduction of the characters in the beginning was boring and their interactions were bland By the halfway point boring and their interactions were bland By the halfway point chapter one I was skimming the page and then I didn t stop as I kept reading further Won this book on Goodreads I found this book to be filled with adventure Sometimes I even felt I was right there with the characters Author had a great sense of creativity and keeps the reader wondering what s next I really enjoyed THE PEARLMAKERS TRILOGY which I believe is of a 45 rating The story concerns Teddy Dollarhyde s family and friends Teddy is about to lose his home due to a hefty tax bill Many things occur which seem very much magical This is a great read which I believe most people will LOVE Kudos to Duke Tate I won this title in a Goodreads giveaway This book descr. Ved historic estate Isabella before he can dredge up the treasureHowever his luck changes when an antiue pistol covered in barnacles surfaces in a new location and he and his four man crew The Pearlmakers shift their search hoping to make the score of a lifetime But with a brutal hurricane assaulting his little town Teddy’s renewed fortunes may drown in a mountain of debt deeper than the lost ship’s deepwater secretM.


I wanted to like this Book I Really Did But I really did but ust didn t There were Fantasy elements but not enough to make it a Fantasy novel There were Mystery elements but it s not really a Mystery Stuff happens but it doesn t feel like an Adventure novel There s a lot of talking but I never really connected with the characters Only one Half Ton seemed charming The whole thing reads like it was written by a pre college student that shows promise but needs to refine his craft This is an entertaining read I very much liked the elements of magical realism especially the critters I found the characters likeable and enjoyed the author s often poetic descriptive writing My only complaint is that there is a lot going on here It can be difficult to keep track of the various storylines and some don t get their due I d love to see some of the secondary plots fleshed out in their own books so this one could focus on the ghost ship and its peopleDisclaimer I received this book from the author in a Goodreads giveaway All opinions are my own Good plot but I didn t care for the author s writing style I was given this book in exchange for a I have to be honest I didn t finish it It for a review I have to be I didn t finish it It too painful Writing engaging dialogue is an art This author hasn t developed that skill yet The author couldn t decide which story he wanted to tell There was. Greedy developers want Teddy Dollarhide’s land His only hope for salvation lies under the seaNightmares have him gasping for air Freuently dreaming of being a sailor on a sinking Spanish galleon La Gracia in the seventeenth century he’s searched for the wreck and its priceless cargo off the Northeast Floridian coast for the last six years Facing financial ruin from a massive tax bill Teddy fears he’ll lose his belo.