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Ook a starship into the sun and it was extinguished The town and one assumes the world was put into eternal darkness That part of the story is not visited in great depth the novel jumps back and forth between the father and the son as well as the woman in their lives who they love and their interactions with each other and those in the town What does jump out in the story are the deep

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of love and and identity and overcoming metaphorical and literal darkness to find joy and light The graphic design by Tracy Lynne Oliver *is beautiful in muted tones but they are not an aside In parts * beautiful in muted tones but they are not an aside In parts subtly changes from light to dark to mirror themes in the book in ways that enhance the story as graphic novels should This story may be geared for an adult crowd simply because the action is minimal but the topics are accessible for an older teen audience as well Thank you to NetGally and the publishers for the advanced copy of this book To see reviews check out MI Book ReviewsI got an ARC of this bookI am going to admit something that I am ashamed of this is my very first Roxane Ray piece I have heard so many wonderful things and I eep saying that I am going to grab something by her every time I go to the library or her work pops up in my feed on Goodreads Still haven t done itThe art is gorgeous It took me a few pages to get used to it but after that I really couldn t image any changes that could be made to make it better The light and dark the faces the everything is just amazing I love how well the story and art pair together Neither overpowers the otherThe story So I new I should expect something great but this was just amazing It wasn t necessarily about a physical light source but about the greed and dehumanizing of the working class It was about how the light went out for people that were used for profit It was about so much than just what was shown It was wonderful It is something that hit really hard It made me think about how much of my world was destroyed by the greed of the holiday season when I worked retail The company did not care that I had a life as long as there were bodies in the store to ring up sales I was no longer a person It is not as intense as mining for 16 hours but the idea is still there The greed of some can destroy the lives of manyThere is also the "ELEMENT OF THE POOR BEING PUNISHED FOR THE GREED "of the poor being punished for the greed the rich The demand for a blood sacrifice was so infuriating It fit so well and it made no damn sense at the same time It was the best detail This is very much the issue with climate change and health care wrapped up so nicelyThis story could be read just as it is but there is so much under the surface that is not hidden at all I am not one to go into themes and the real meaning behind books This was just that obvious but not heavy handed I loved this story I really shouldn t have waited this long to read Roxane Gay. Of identity guilt and survival they find that no matter the darkness there remain sources of hope that can pierce the veil. ,

This story is uniue in a lot of ways At the beginning it shows a miner Hiram Highwater breaking down from the greed of the company working the miners and he drives his plane into the sun causing the sun to go out for everyone The town was forced to use lanterns to bring light the town to bring back some normalcy "of night and day and basically to be able to see with the going out this also caused "night and day and basically to be able to see with the light going out this also caused town to be cold This brought out a lot of resentment towards Very beautiful artwork but I don t think the story is something that caught my interest Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC 35 I think there s a collection of love stories at the core of this one Love of parents for children of people for purpose of human for light I liked the way Hiram and Mara s before s were interwoven with Joshua and Claire s After how they both had a distinctive colour scheme and feeling to them also in line with the event that separates their before and after that is the disappearance of the sun I did feel like I missed some depth to the characters particularly to Claire Besides her loyalty and sense of justice I feel like we now very little about her and I wanted to now In addition I found the focus on women bearing children and how prevalent and automatic that felt as a logical course of action a bit much especially since it felt like that notion really just existed without the women in uestion having much of a different purpose besides supporting the men they love I think that in combination with a world that felt at times pleasantly ungraspable and at times confusingly distant left me feeling a little unsatisfied with the story in the end And of course I have to point out the artwork which is absolutely gorgeous I love the style the fluidity of it the colours the sense it gave you of the space this story exists within which is both similar and very different from our world It really enhanced how connected I felt to the story A very pretty contained work of art I received a free ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Really pretty I d read the short story and vaguely remembered the plot but I really enjoyed this gorgeous fleshed out version A heart warming graphic novel about identity and love Key words fantasy graphic novel romance adult survival identity greedThis graphic novel is an adaptation of Roxanne Gay s New York Times best selling short story We are the sacrifice of darkness The art is absolutely gorgeous It s not that colourful as the story is set in a world of darkness but I found the colours to be a bit vintage in a way and I loved it I would buy this one just for the graphism by Rebecca Kirby and James Fenner On the other hand the story was a bit difficult to follow at least at the beginning I was a bit confused as to what was happening and why However it got better after the first thirty pages and I enjoyed. A tragic event forever bathes the world in darkness Follow a woman and a man's powerful journey through this new landscape. ,

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The BeforeAfter a lot It was interesting to see the parallelism in the lives of the parents and of their children It talked about lives of the parents and of their children It talked about subject of identity greed as well as survival and adaptation I think it would be intriguing to analyse this book because a lot of things are said behind the lines The romance in this graphic novel was subtle and touching the ind you wish to experience I would have loved to now as to why some events occurred but overall I really liked this book I am going to try to find the short story in order to compare both I recommend this graphic novel to adult who enjoyed romance and a bit of fantasy45Thank you Netgalley for this eArc in exchange of my honest opinion Disclaimer I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI have never read any of Roxanne Gay s work so this graphic novel adaptation of one of her stories felt like an easier way in than her non fiction which I now tackles a lot of tough topicsThe story was interesting and followed two I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is a gorgeous graphic novel with a couple of sweet romances but a weak plot In a world where Hiram Hightower a miner has flown into the sun and put it out this graphic novel follows the before following the events leading up to this disaster and the after following the fallout for the world and his family and attempts to bring the light back The gorgeous artwork by Rebecca Kirby is the best part of this graphic novel I especially love her character art every person is absolutely beautiful The romances between Hiram and his wife Mara and Joshua their son and his friend Claire are both very sweet and I found them to be grounded and truly emotional However the plot leaves something to be desired The beginning spends too "LONG ESTABLISHING THE SETTING AND TAKES A WHILE TO "establishing the setting and takes a while to to the main characters who are the focus of the rest of the book The text boxes with the exposition are written in a very matter of fact way which can sometimes distract from what is otherwise an emotional story The timeline can sometimes feel very rushed jumping years ahead at a time And some of the speculative fiction aspects are not explained very well leading to what feels like a lack of depth to the world Also and maybe this is a personal issue but the terms corona council and flareon both took me out of the story the first because of the COVID 19 pandemic and the second because of Pok mon Overall it s a beautiful book but a bit of a lackluster read I have enjoyed reading works by Roxane Gay before However I was unfamiliar with her short story We are the Sacrifice of Darkness so I didn t have any notion of the plot before reading this The story began in a confusing manner for me a miner who As they discover love family and the true light in a world seemingly robbed of any As they challenge the world's notions. The Sacrifice of Darkness