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S fighting for The problem is he s so clean that the public can t relate to him Thomas believes what s needed to make Ben seem human is to invent a small scandal in Ben s pastThe results "Are Funny As A Good Idea Snowballs Out Of Control "funny as a good idea snowballs out of control this witty page turnerIt s difficult to believe that this is the author s first book It s totally out of the genre I normally read but I will definitely be looking for future books The chapters don t run on the characters are interesting the story flows well there s plenty of humor and yet it is suspenseful in that you never know what S Going To Happen Next going to happen next book was fast and asy to read Read for Books and Chat I am donating this book to someone who likes politics and the antics that go along with a political scandal It started out great so it s me not the book I don t watch the news I don t discuss politics and I am not interested who runs for President As seen on Book a Week with Jen A hilarious read Perfect to read as a break from real politics. Mexican chauffeur who thinks he's James Bond a highly sexed middle aged woman who's convinced she'll never land one of the really good guys and a political cub reporter for TeenVibe magazine who's sure he's on the trail of the biggest story since WatergateFor those too well acuainted with politics as usual The Scandal Plan is the perfect antidote It's a witty political farce in the tradition of Jon Stewart and Dave Barry that will have readers and ven candidates laughing all the way to the pol.

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You are a sueaky clean candidate Rhodes *Scholar respected senator and you are 20 points behind the incumbent who bears a striking resemblance to George * respected senator and you are 20 points behind the incumbent who bears a striking resemblance to George BUSH YOUR CAMPAIGN MANAGER COMES UP Your campaign manager comes up a strategy to make you popular a sex scandal that never happened From finding the co respondent through dealing with the me toos who appear the spy chauffeur the other candidate s Rove type dirty tricks this first novel by Bill Folman is a hilarious send up of Washington at its worst In this weak political satire sueaky clean candidate who is behind is advised by his staff to make up a scandal A leak about a made up affair causes him to rise in the polls and the taste of sin gives him new political confidence as well Such a great idea that could ve been hilarious It just wasn t xecuted to the potential of the concept The first half was kinda slow but it uickly picked up the pace by the second part What a story Creating a sex scandal in order to make the candidate for the US presiden. A presidential candidate behind in the polls concocts an outrageous scandal to improve his chances in this hilarious political satire in the spirit of Primary ColorsSenator Ben Phillips is the perfect man for the presidency If only he weren't such a straight arrow He's getting battered in the polls and with only a few months until Election Day his staff is growing desperate Enter Thomas Campman political guru On a sudden inspiration the ccentric Campman is convinced he can revitalize the candid. ,

Cy seem relatable Very funny I loved how the author created a lot of short chapters It made the storyline move uickly and allowed for certain parts of the story stand out I wouldn t be Surprised If This Turns Into A Movie if this turns into a movie has the makings It s not a classic by any means but highly ntertaining Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America especially for a first novel Great job Senator Ben Phillips is the perfect candidate but so boring he can t getnough coverage to keep his campaign going So his staff decides to invent a sex scandal to make him interesting to the media and the public Can this plan be successful and what does that say about our country Check out my review at Thomas Campman the campaign manager for the democratic presidential candidate gets hit in the head with an idea while sitting on the toilet believing he s received a message from God Ben Phillips has been preparing for the role of president his ntire life He s got an impressive resume a great deal of public service under his belt and truly believes in what he. Ate's image by creating a fake sex scandal for him Nothing too over the top just a little scandal to make Phillips seem human Maybe ven coolThough it takes some convincing Phillips gives Campman the green light The plan is set in motion and right on schedule a phony former mistress steps forward to accuse the senator of infidelity But scandals ven the premeditated kind rarely go as planned Before long Campman's scheme snowballs into a three ring circus complete with a linguistically challenged. ,
The Scandal Plan Or How to Win the Presidency by Cheating on Your Wife

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