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The Sea of LoveThe story begins on the West coast of Ireland in 1546 Aidanna O Flaherty has been framed for murder by evil doers of Ireland in 1546 Aidanna O Flaherty has been framed for murder by evil doers she can t take over as head of the clan after her father dies You know they are evil doers because they have rat like features that smirk and feast their eyes on her greedily The evil Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje plot goes well until the nattily dressed courtier Declan Burke bejewelled codiece check shows up from England to take charge of the Aidanna s trial and declare her innocent but those evil baddies aren t done yet they off Declan into the watery deep Don t worry though our heroine is a woman of many talents and she saves the day and Declan and the two hide out for a while on some super secret hidden island off the coast of Ireland giving them time for lenty of horizontal mumbo jumbo After they get off the island there s still Aidanna s innocence to rove and our spunky sword wielding gal and she can wield it like a Davids Sling pro in either hand heads home to challenge her detractors Then there s some bit about a big Spanish invasion involving many shipslanning to take over. Wrongfully accused of murder Aidanna O’Flaherty’s only ally against her evil brother in law Donal is the dashing English bred aristocrat Declan Burke Saving him from certain death Aidanna and Declan hide away on her secluded Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields private island where theassion between them grows until it can no longer be deniedBut the world beyond their magical cove is spinning out of control as the aging King Henry VIII seeks to cling to his Learner Strategies in Language Learning power even as death approaches Declan’sowerful Dangerously Placed patron The Duke of Norfolk is impatient for his own chance to rule and involves Declan in a monstrous conspiracyDeclan soon finds himself in the Tower condemned to death Aidanna must undertake an epic struggle to not only save Declan but expose her true enemies if she is ever to save her clan from the ambitious English lords who want to carve up all of Ireland for themselves and the Continentalowers who see the old king dying and want to bring about a new Catholic world orderAidanna and Declan must race against time to revent all they love from being swept aside in a thunderous tide of foreign invasionAn excerpt from. And wait it out until old King Henry VIII bites the dust and they can ut Mary on the throne Of course our spunky sword wielding gal takes charge of her fleet and the battle to fight them off and forces them to terms of surrender Unfortunately the English at Galway bay aren t liking her terms and lock the Spaniards up in gaol Well Aidanna can t have that happen after she gave her word so our spunky sword wielding gal lots to get them out through the old sewers below and send them safely back to Spain She stormed down the stairs in a fury and fought the two guards who were standing there stabbing one with her sword and shooting the other with her Help Me, Jacques Cousteau pistolOh did I mention during all of this that she sreggersMoving onward it appears Declan has been forced back to England and lands in the Tower along with his lord the Duke of Norfolk Never fear though Aidanna sets sail to save the day but hits a few snags when they face a fierce winter storm off the coast of Cornwall and they are ship wrecked Aidanna s main fear for her crew was that many they are ship wrecked Aidanna s main fear for her crew was that many no English Was it Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen po. The novel The Sea of LoveDeclan continued firmly “There can be no future for us I would be even worse than I already am if I continued to take advantage of your warmth and generosity byretending I had no doubts or reservations or if I allowed you to believe that I was free or that my feelings for you could go beyond the respect and admiration I've held for you ever since we met”“I understand” Aidanna said fighting back the tears The one man who had ever truly treated her as an eual didn’t CARE FOR HER WHILE ALL THOSE for her while all those claimed friendship were only after her bed and body and all her castles and ships But all the castles and ships couldn’t match the incredible wealth of the Duke of Norfolk Aidanna acknowledged bitterly“So it was farewell all along wasn’t it Declan In spite of all the discussions we’ve had between the two of us and with Ruairi and Diarmuid you’ve always known you had to go back to do your duty fulfil your destiny as a great courtier in Henry’s household “Well I must compliment you sir on your devotion to duty your levelheaded attention to business an.

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Ssible the The Book of Mordred people here would mistake theseeople for Spanish or French invadersrolls eyesAmazingly the first house they go to for succor from the storm are friendly folks luckily she speaks English and a bit of Cornish who know Declan and take her To London To Save Him From The London to save him from the judge suinty eyes and stuff so you know he s a baddie After the trial there s another battle by combat and our super woman super heroine determines to be the champion despite her now advanced stage Or Pregnancy Whew What pregnancy Whew What convoluted mess of a Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide plot and one that according to the author s notes is loosely based on the life of Grace O Malley Sorry but this is a mess from beginning to end andoorly edited to boot with some of the most cringeworthy typos I ve seen in a long time I m adding an extra star just for the unintentional humor I d have bailed early on but I was laughing so hard at Aidanna s Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert preposterous adventures that I kept on reading train wreck or no Thankfully this was a free download but I wouldn t even recommend it if it s free Not worth it even if it was a loaner book. D the fact that you can resist succumbing to your base desires by avoiding a liaison with a woman who would only drag you into disrepute”“Aidanna” “No Declan I understand exactly what you’ve said If you dislike hearing the truth just think how I feel Spare me the absurdrotestations and catch some fish”Her glowering silence made it uite clear to Declan that Aidanna did not forgive him but nor was she the type to cause a scene by attempting to Declan that Aidanna did not forgive him but nor was she the type to cause a scene by attempting to his mind Declan longed to kiss her senseless if only to hear her whisper his name with longing and he felt a telltale tightening in his loins which he knew he would not be able to subdue foreverThey sat for a time in silence until it became so oppressive Aidanna turned the coracle around and headed back to the cave She was just about to re enter when Declan reached to help her cupping her elbow very near her breast brushed up against her The warmth of each other’s flesh burned like a hot brandThe Sea Of LoveSorcha MacMurroughWord Count 80000 approx 250 85 x 11″ agesSetting Tudor Ireland 1547Rating uite sensual multiple love scene. .