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R as I m concerned In this 10th book in the Dismas Hardy awyer series The Attorney Helps An Associate attorney helps an associate his firm defend a boy accused of murder The book works well as a standalone High school student Laura Wright and her drama teacher Mr Mooney are rehearsing for the school play in his apartment when both are shot dead The prime suspect is Laura s onoff boyfriend 17 year old Andy Bartlett reputed to be jealous of Laura s crush on the teacher Defense attorney Amy Wu an associate in Dismas Hardy s The Seduction of Miranda Prosper law firm gets the case However Amy s dad died recently and she s been drinking and partying too much and using good judgment tooittle Thus without Andy s agreement Amy makes a deal for the boy to admit to the crimes This is supposed to guarantee that Andy will be incarcerated in the juvenile system for 8 years rather than being tried as an adult and risking The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy life in prison without parole When Andy refuses to admit to the shootings this misunderstandingeads to the wrath of the prosecutor and judge who think Amy tried to pull a fast one To help Amy out of the hole she dug herself Hardy says he The Pierced Heart ll act as second chair co attorney during Andy s subseuent court hearings Once involved in the case Hardyaunches his own investigation uestioning witnesses and examining evidence in the author s usual satisfying style Meanwhile Hardy s cop friend Abe Glitsky now San Francisco s Deputy Chief of Investigations is dealing with a bizarre string of serial murders around town I thought the early part of the book dealing with Andy s admitting or not admitting was too slow and drawn out Past that part though the action picked up the story got intricate and the intermingling of Hardy s and Glitsky s cases was deftly handled Overall a very good mystery book recommended to fans of the genreYou deftly handled Overall a very good mystery book recommended to fans of the genreYou follow my reviews at Lescroart is such a skilled writer I ve never read a book written by him and come away from that with feelings of disappointment And the plot twist and the end was soooo delicious If not for the coronavirus I might ve icked my fingers Buy it read it and enjoy This was a garage sale find that I had put on a shelf and forgotten until a bout of illness had me ooking for a Elizabeth I lively mystery Iiked this book I thought the plot Line Was Rich And I Thought It was rich and I thought it had suspense and some humor throughout and kept my attention My only issue was I honestly wasn t a huge fan of the protagonist Amy Wu which surprised me Not a spoiler in the beginning she is grieving over the oss of her father and I felt bad for her but the way she acted through the novel I couldn t really get on board with her character and didn t find myself really cheering for her The boss Dismas Hardy now he I adored In fact would ove to see books with HIM in it plus that s a pretty great name A nice read Enjoyed it Colacci is back as narrator but Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley listening now I realize that the voices aren t yet as developed as they are inater title. Ioner as he is uickly dubbed in the ensuing media frenzy Abe Glitsky the newly promoted deputy chief of the Investigations Bureau eads the desperate hunt to stop himWith the city on the verge of panic Hardy and Glitsky are ocked in a race against time to save a client and to catch a murderer But nothing is what it seems and as both men's cases twist and turn to their shocking conclusions the very foundations of San Francisco's egal system will be shaken to the core.
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Fair with a student the step sister appears to be a model child the suspect appears to be a spoiled rich kid the initial attorney appears to be doing her job and providing the best strategy the familiar protagonist Dismas Hardy and familiar supporting character Abe Glitzky appear to be successful and the evidence protagonist Dismas Hardy and familiar supporting character Abe Glitzky appear to be successful and the evidence the defendant appears to be incontrovertible Appearances however Can Be Deceiving And That Is True be deceiving and that is true at The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse least some of the appearancesisted above If you really want to solve this mystery before the final revelation at the climax you l need to keep asking yourself uestions ike Who is trustworthy and who is not and Who is content and confident and who is not The Second Chair is also a cautionary tale about becoming one s own worst enemy It warns against suspicion and warns against self indulgence several characters are engaged in massive pity parties I particularly Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: liked the one Dismas encouraged his associate at the end of the case The associate the beautiful Ms Wu was beating herself up for all of the mistakes she had made during the case Hardy said It could always be better but you ought to recognize when it s good enough don t you think p 428 That seemsike sound advice for anyoneI do have to fault Lescroart s research on one point Because of an issue where Southern Baptists have traditionally opposed much of society the author decided to introduce a minor character as a Southern Baptist minister Dismas catches the pastor at home relaxing without his clerical collar Unfortunately this doesn t ring true because most Southern Baptist ministers never wear a clerical collar the exceptions usually being those who serve as hospital chaplains Secondly he visits said pastor at the rectory An official residence owned by a Baptist congregation would be known as a parsonage not a rectory Since however these are the first errors of fact to which I can definitively point to in a Lescroart novel I think I l just chuckle and et it go with this brief mention It didn t ruin the book for me it just surprised meTo be honest I didn t have a The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved lot of empathy for the defendant in The Second Chair and found myself rather annoyed with the main protagonist throughout much of the book But as a person who believes in the idea of redemption I was delighted with the possibilities for redemption introduced in this story Once again Lescroart shows how one can present the brutal unfair realities ofife without The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small losing the perspective of hope I really enjoy his writing 35 starsLiked it well enough toisten without being tempted to set it aside even though I didn t find Wu a ikeable character No real heart stopping suspense or tension but a slow steady burn throughout A good egal thriller with a surprise twist at the end I enjoy reading Lescroart s egal thrillers which often include the Dismas Hardy character Wonder why he hasn t gotten the same press as John Grisham they re in the same eague as fa. Been arrested for the double slaying of his girlfriend and his English teacher The DA wants to try him as an adult Determined to get the case into juvenile court and overwhelmed by the mounting evidence against her client Wu asks Hardy to sit second chair for her in Bartlett's defenseAs the Bartlett case moves swiftly to trial another series of murders grip the city An unseen killer seems to be shooting citizens wantonly and as fear and anxiety build around The Execut. Really ike this author and this series I saw the author speak The Wrong Side of the Bed last week at myibrary and it was a The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 lot of fun Someone asked him who he reads and he said CJ Boxfwiw I just started one of his books as well I have read several of the Dismas Hardy Abe Glitsky novels set in San Francisco I enjoy the series immensely First the two main characters Disman Hardy and Abe Glitsky are well well written They grow and change in the various novels so re4ading them in order if possible is a good idea Though you can read them out of order and still enjoy themBesides a good strong pair ofead characters John Lescroart always give you good کاروان امید legal thriller The books are fast paced and fairly realistic One thing Lescroart is really good at is showing other things that affect theaw namely politics and mdia pressure and so on Like any series some are of course better than others but I ve never yet been disappointed in this series Please treat yourself if you have not read any and try one This is the kind of کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس legal thriller that Iovea double murder with a juvenile suspect The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... lawyers court police a serial killer on theoose evidence to be examined and re examined and two of my favorite characters in Lescroart s novels Dismas Hardy and Abe GlitskySo the 17 and re examined and two of my favorite characters in Lescroart s novels Dismas Hardy and Abe GlitskySo the 17 old juvenile is being represented by a young female attorney who has not had any experience with murder trials BUT if she can convince the young kid to plead guilty as a juvenile there is no trial and his exposure is Tempting Faith Di Napoli limited to a short sentence On the other hand if he does not plead guilty he will be tried as an adult and risks LWOPife without parole This is a weighty issue and that alone would be worth reading the book But then there is the evidence and the witnesses and the victims all of which add to the suspense On the side there is an apparent serial killer running oose nicknamed the Executioner because of his style of killing his victims And Dismas and Abe are up to their old tricks playing practical jokes on one another while trying to solve these difficult ife and death dilemmas My only problem when I find these gems is the prospect that I may have already read them Nevertheless I prospect that I may have already read them Nevertheless I the risk and jump right in And I had NOT read this one previously and it was great Lescroart s The Second Chair is a cautionary tale against cynicism assumption and habit The mystery fooled me slightly on a couple of The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way levels I thought I knew the murderer from early on but I was close with no cigar And even when I was fairly certain about the murderer s identify I became caught up in the procedural aspects of searching for the murderer andost sight of the ball so to speak So I found the mystery to be very satisfying because even when my sleuthing aim was askew the clues were both there and fair This was no throw in the bad guy with ittle or no introduction at the end The Second Chair is a story about appearances The high school drama teacher appears to having an af. The master of the egal thriller delivers a brilliantly suspenseful novel of deadly secrets privileged youth and uncertain justiceDismas Hardy is finally on top As a managing partner at his thriving newly reorganized The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life law firm he's a rainmaker and fix it guy for clientseery of taking their chances in a courtroom Now Hardy's up and coming associate Amy Wu brings him a high profile case Andrew Bartlett the seventeen year old son of a prominent San Francisco family has. ,

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