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The Secret Kept From The Italian

Kate Hewitt Í 9 Summary

35 stars because hero was constantly blowing hot and cold It was annoying after a while Sweet and angst filled romanceWasn t to happy with the hero at first but he redeemed himselfHeroine was sweet and strong The romance was a little slow at the beginning but icked up after a bitPleasent read The Secret Kept from the Italian is the story of Maisey and AntonioHmmmmNahIn this tale we have a h who is a cleaner and has a ONS with a very sad and drunk hero who s celebrating his late brother s death anniversary He ours his heart out To Her Only To her only to next morning Oh SHI BAD ANTONIO AND DECIDES TO IGNORE THE HEROINE bad Antonio and decides to ignore the heroine she returns later with a life changing newsOne year later H finds the h again and realizes she has a baby and ding ding it is his He soon cough forces cough coerces her to move to Milan with him so they can have this shared custody agreement but things become complicated than what is expectedPositives One hot sex scene check Cute baby Ella check Occasional bursts of spine in h checkNow for the glaring negativesOTT self itying and whiny coward hero checkEmotionally blackmailing the wuss heroine checkUnsatisfying grovel checkMehSWE25 For once this author didn t totally depress me Hh had dueling backstories though Hero feels responsible for his brother s death since bro died when they were racing their cars egged on by the hero Heroine s Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals parents died when she was 19 and she sut everything on hold until her brother graduated from collegeThey meet on the ten year anniversary of the H s brother s death He is getting drunk in a borrowed office she is cleaning to Robot Programming pay for her music course at Julliard They have a one night stand and the virgin heroine ends upregnant Hero retends not to know her when she confronts him six weeks laterHe retends not to know her Let that sink inHeroine gives up on him and has her daughter on her own She meets the hero while waitressing three months after her daughter s birth The action then shifts to Italy where the hero has asked her to stay for six months so they can figure out what to doI liked this well enough but the hero was a little too human for my tastes He cries in the heroine s arms twice He is cowardly about his feelings He isn t a bad guy just really messed up I did feel for him but the heroine has way Our Fake Relationship patience than I do Even when there is a crisis at the end of the story heroine had to be the emotional rock I m not sure how much of aartnership they ll have if the heroine has to do all of the heavy lifting during a crisis but hero makes a lot of money and is good in bed so heroine seems happy I also wish there would have been some kind of reconciliation with the hero s arents if not for the #hero s sake but for their daughter She has no grandparents to spoil her otherwise It #s sake but for their daughter She has no grandparents to spoil her otherwise It missing something but I can t tell you what I don t believe he would have ever looked for her so when they met again it was kind of fate I guess I hated that he was so hot and cold to her but he did have some serious mental issues and survivors guilt to boot He was racing his brother in cars when the brother crashed and died His arents won t talk to him and he blames himself The heroine meets him on the anniversary of his death they have unprotected sex and she of course gets The Crown pregnant She goes to tell him and heretends he doesn t remember her It was bad but it could have been much dramatic I think with a different writer One year later She sees him he sees baby and he knows He doesn t offer to marry her like HP guys usually do but wants 50 50 custody He also tells her that she should have tried The Italian's ruthless vow he will claim his one night babyLooking up from the table she's serving waitress Maisie Dobson is horrified to meet the intense gaze. Arder to tell him I just wanted to smack him upside the head at that oint Plus of course while she was carrying his baby he was out laying international layboy even though it was starting to bore him I just didn t feel their love It was just meh I wouldn t read it again 35 stars wanted Everything But The Girl passion but it was good This was awesomely sweet with just theerfect balance of romance and angst I couldn t Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes put this book down I hadn t intended to read it yesterday because I d already started another one but my curiosity made me glance at the first chapter and then I was hooked This was a slightly different second chance secret baby romance filled with beautiful angst and MC s who both deserve a HEA after the tragic experiences that have haunted them for such a long time A H mired in a cycle of self hate who blames himself for his younger brother s death lives with the daily reminder that hisarents have rejected him and he also thinks he s undeserving of anybody s love A warm nurturing loving heroine who lost both arents when she was just 19 years old and was forced to *become a surrogate arent to her younger brother When you ut these two together you get a * a surrogate arent to her younger brother When you Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie put these two together you get a wrenching love story Maisie is a 24 year old New Yorker whosearents died in a horrible car accident when she was just 19 She was left with no money and the responsibility of her 17 year old brother Max In many instances a young woman in this situation would ve become cynical bitter and depressed This heroine however refused to let her life be defined by tragedy so she worked hard to make a home for herself and Max Maisie works as a night cleaner and attends Julliard during the day At the start of the story she is optimistic about her future because her brother has graduated from college has a new job and no longer needs her to Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide for him This is MaisieMaisie is working the night shift when she meets aolite and sad handsome man in one of the offices Antonio is alone and is trying to drink himself into oblivion because it s the 10th anniversary of his younger brother s death She s drawn to him and that nurturing warm Love Letters part of her senses that he s a man who s filled with anguish Then he looked up Piercing blue eyesinned her to the spot Well hello he drawled his mouth twisting into a smile that wasn t uite a smile His voice was low and honeyed with the trace of an accent How are you this very fine evening Maisie would have felt alarmed or even afraid except in that moment she saw such anguish in his eyes in the harsh lines of his face that her heart twisted inside her and she took another step into the room I m all right she said uietly taking in the bottle of whisky lanted on his desk that taking in the bottle of whisky lanted on his desk that mostly empty I think the real uestion is how are you The man tilted his head back revealing even of his throat and chest the glass nearly slipping from his fingers How am I he repeated That is a good uestion A very good uestion This is AntonioIt was obvious that Antonio was at a low oint in his life and needed someone to confide in He was really sweet olite kind and communicative to Maisie He even did something that the conventional HPlandia alpha male H would never do he helped Maisie to finish vacuuming and cleaning out the office Antonio confides in Maisie about Paolo s death but doesn t give her all the details and she tells him all about her life and her little brother Max This was a scene that was uite endearing because it s not the kind of thing that I expect from a H who dwells in HPlandia Maisie is drawn to this man and wants to ease his emotional suffering She ends up doing. Of Antonio Rossi merciless billionaire and father of her child Rejected after one mind blowing night Maisie kept her unexpected regnancy a secret Antonio's ,

With some hot sexual healing It s the most mind blowing experience for them both and Antonio is so overcome with emotion after they make love that he ends up in tears Now shudders racked his body and his arms tightened around her holding on to her as if she was his anchor And she did anchor him wrapping her arms around him her fingers stroking his hair whispering words of endearment and comfort as if he were a child was so weak so shaming *and yet so necessary He couldn t hold it together any He * yet so necessary He couldn t hold it together any He couldn t And he hated that even as he burrowed against her seeking the comfort only she could rovide This is the Λίγη Ζωή point where everything changed for the worse because the H s defense mechanism kicks in and heulls away from her He s afraid of the depth of emotional longing that Maisie brings out in him and he s also determined to shield his heart from further torment Antonio believes that nobody can truly love him because his arents who are still alive hate him and blame him for Paolo s death The H euates love with ain and loss so he s reluctant to forge any deep human relationships That s why he does the unforgivable when Maisie turns up 4 weeks later to talk to him he retends that he doesn t know her Taking a steadying breath he raised his eyebrows in olite enuiry I m sorry but do I know you Maisie s eyes widened and she stiffened as if absorbing a blow For a se Ivy has the definitive and beautiful reviewhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowMy two centsSlow burn romance where Kate Hewitt throws away some of the aggravating tropes in HPLand which is great but does lower the angst and dramaOne the heroine actually resists having sex a couple of times with the beta disguised as alpha hero despite her attraction to him YES THANK YOU KH Finally a heroine who has a modicum of self respect Two the hero does not slut shame belittle or rough up the heroine Love is Murder physically emotionally or mentallyThree the little brother the heroine works hard to raise is actually appreciative and reciprocates in helping his big sis as much as he canThoughtsThe H is a charmer and our hardworking little virgin has a ONS with conseuences For once the connection was believable rather than the author telling us how overwhelming the uivering loins were The hero has a major fail when heretends not to know her when she comes to alert him to the conseuences This big fat fail lingered in my mind as well as the heroine and she serves it back to him at an appropriate time He has a sad backstory which has The Ulfric's Mate prevented him from connecting with anyone since his family has ditched him and the rest of the book is theushpull on the Alans Letters part of the hero Theushpull results in the heroine verging on booty call material as he uses her as an anesthetic for his What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness pain but he gets over it Yes it was missing some of the major drama you get in an HP but it made it of a real story than the regular HP tropes stamping through the weedsOne issue that definitely needed to be developed before the epilogue was the H sarents but we do get out HEAPSI wonder if Kate Hewitt is a fan of Jacuiline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs series we do get out HEAPSI wonder if Kate Hewitt is a fan of Jacuiline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs series the heroine is called Maise Dobson Very similar It was a good read but not great Like my friend lily said it lacked Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit passion I have had this for a long time but forgot about it and a few days ago I was trying to remember the name of this very book and somehow came across a review and got to reading straight away Angsty andassionate secret baby and a H who acts like a nematode but he had his reasons he was such a very sad Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep person loved how he healed with the h and his little baby. Etermined to claim his daughter but their connection reminds Maisie that she still has torotect her heart – because billionaires don't wed waitresses do th.