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Urce and the cause of the problem Could it have anything #To Do With The Beautiful #do with the beautiful Nao had found And what did it have to do with the Silver Fox and the Fire WolfA ovely original fairy tale and ecological fable is paired with breathtakingly beautiful artwork in The Seekers the debut picture book from Indian artists Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair Created according to Panicker and Nair s brief afterword over the course of two years the illustrations here utilize thirty handmade dioramas and over six hundred ayers of cut paper The intricate cut paper boxes the authorartists created were then backlit and photographed for the book I enjoyed the story here and appreciated its message of ecological balance but the real stand out is the artwork I m a bag fan of David Wisniewski S Gorgeous Cut Paper Illustration And gorgeous cut paper illustration style and Nair have taken that to the next evel Recommended to anyone who appreciates gorgeous picture book art and to anyone seeking ecological fables for children The highlight here is exuisitely intricate cut paper silhouette art One of my favourite books I read in 2019The book is beautifully illustrated and plays with the intricacy of designs and vibrant colours I The Last of the Tribe loved the way the book is illustrated and the story narrates the impact of climate change in a way that kids can easily understand and relate Kudos to Hari and Deepti s efforts in making each illustration by blending paper cut dioramas and a kaleidoscope ofights An amazing piece of art with a beautiful story I thought it was okay I wasn t really drawn into the story and while the illustrations are beautiful and colorful they are also very one note After a few pages of the illustrations you re ike okay I get it this is your style. Oke The other villagers grow weary of their mission until they are confronted with their childhood egends come to vivid ife and have to risk everything to save their homeDepicted through intricate cut paper art this memorable tale will remind readers of the importance of home while still striving to discover the world around you. ,

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Alming the Fire Wolf and putting the Silver Fox back together again with jewels ike the one Nao found Readers will uickly recognize the strong environmental message in this stunningly illustrated book The story is of course a cautionary tale fit for today s world but it is the illustrations that will catch the eye of readers They consist of world but it is the illustrations that will catch the eye of readers They consist of cut colored paper that has been backlit photographed and then edited digitally The Authors Note explains the book s focus and also that the images reuired thirty dioramas and used 600 ayers of cut paper to be completed Perhaps some reader will #pick this book up and decide to make #this book up and decide to make changes in how the current generations are treating the environment A plain message of environmental responsibility is never a bad thing and Hari and Deepti s intricate ight box dioramas here used to illustrate the story are intriguing and handsomeUnfortunately the generic egend they invent as the vehicle of their worthy message seems The Seduction of Miranda Prosper lightweight I found myself thinking of James Cameron s Avatar another earnest cautionary tale of extractivedestructive excess both suffer for want of a substantial narrative substrate Mio and Naoived in a tree top village in the valley of Krum gathering the crown shell snails deposited by the river that bathed the roots of their arboreal home every night before receding during the day Although different as they could be Mio was a storyteller and believed in the ancestral tales about the Silver Fox and Fire Wolf who kept the world in balance while Nao was practical and The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy longed for adventure in the everyday world they were good friends When the river which provided their sustenance began to dry up the paired a group of villagers on a uest to find its so. Ver Fox and Fire Wolf tales everyone else believed were only The Pierced Heart legends everyone that is but MioWhen theife giving river that flows through their village is mysteriously threatened Mio and Nao set out beyond their valley to find out what has gone wrong The farther they get from home they find ifeless trees and skies filled with sm.
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One of the best illustrated kids books I have ever seen As readers usually do submerge myself into a book I am reading I ive amongst the seen As usually do I submerge myself into a book I am reading I ive amongst the wear their clothes and almost taste their food in my mouth It is a superpower And such books become my favorites The Seekers has been one such book and as I read flipping each page felt ike each of their handcrafted papercut illustration boxes it up around me and the characters came alive I have always been extremely awed and fond of the papercut box illustrations they create and though I can t own one having this Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley literal memory of it on my bookshelf makes up for it And coming at a time in a century when the story is so ecologically relevant it is wonderful read to relate to I totallyoved it Read an FG and reaaaaaalllllly want to see the final of this one as I suspect the galley couldn t do justice to their paper cut artwork Interesting story but the illustrations are what will make this one shine they re uite striking UNBELIEVABLY exuisite art and it has a wonderful story I wish we had another page or two for the reader to make the necessary mythology connections before we get to the climax Mio and Nao have grown up istening to the stories of their grandfather and believe firmly in the existence of guardian spirits that protect Krum the village where they ive When Nao finds a jewel and uses it as an adornment Mio starts to notice that something is wrong with the natural world particularly the river Concerned about their own village they and a band of others set off to find out the cause of these changes As it turns out it has been the selfish actions of another village that caused this disaster as the rivers are drying up They must restore the harmony by A small band of brave adventurers journey to save their village in this stunning debut picture book from papercut artists Hari Deepti Perfect for fans of Aaron Becker's JourneyMio and Nao ive in the valley of Krum above a great river that provides everything they need to survive As children their grandfather told tales of the Sil. The Seekers

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