[The Simple Science of Flight From Insects to Jumbo Jets] Download Þ Henk Tennekes

N an amtrak train on peanut butter or that Lance Armstrong can sustain a power of 7 wattskg of body weight making him a true freak of nature This book is primarily about things that fly from bees to sparrows to human powered flying machines to jets with ndersized wings like the 737 to jets like the A380 that can t have a wingspan greater than 80 meters because of airport constraints Tennekes ses enough math to make the concepts enjoyable and comprehensible without becoming tedious or overwhelming I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ns forging connections between say the energy efficiency of a peanut butter sandwich and that of the kerosene that fuels a of the kerosene that a jumbo ,

Picked this p because it was in the Science News as a must read Even was in the Science News as a must read Even the explanations are simplistic it the Science News journal as a must read though the explanations are simplistic it t a bad book about one of my favorite subjectsAERODYNAMICS Of course a real college textbook about Another book I read as a warm p to Kerlinger s Flight Strategies of Migrating Hawks I enjoyed the technical comparisons between modern day aircraft and bird and insect flight If you re interested in such things as tables of glide ratios or specific power consumption of birds insects and aircraft this book From the smallest gnat to the largest aircraft all things that fly obey the same aerodynamic principles The Simple Science of Flight. .
The Simple Science of Flight From Insects to Jumbo JetsS for you This book Is Also Good For Anyone also good for anyone would like to learn about how things not just airplanes fly Before reading this book I didn t know that at cruising speed a Boeing 747 burns ten tons of fuel per hour and that as airliners burn fuel they have to climb in order to maintain their speed that hummingbirds hover at maximum power which reuires them to eat their own weight in NECTAR EVERY 18 HOURS THAT AS every 18 hours that as of the most calorie dense foods at 180 calories per ounce it would cost approximately 32 per passenger mile to ru. Offers an introduction to the mechanics of flight and beyond that to the scientific attitude that finds wonder in simple calculatio.

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