[E–book/E–pub] The St Paul Conspiracy by Roger Stelljes

The St Paul Conspiracy

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Ed out loud when I got to this on page 157 The reading was tedious Yep I hate chapter titles that are excerpted sentences rom chapter Don t 157
"The Reading Was Tedious Yep "
reading was tedious Yep hate chapter titles that are excerpted sentences rom the chapter Don t thatThe plot itself was airly cliche and about as predictable as an atomic clock I don t understand why the novel was constructed so that we knew right away that a Senator was innocent and a black ops group was behind it okay a killer with the code name Viper Really Is this GI Joe or like a book or adults It would have been better to leave that open to have the reader believe what the police believed at irst and allow you know some mystery into a detective novel Also I ind it really hard to believe that homicide detectives wouldn t uestion the act that a victim of a serial killer didn t it the profile of other victims And no one really seemed upset or even curious when a suspect was clearly assassinated while in police custody Assassinated with a sniper rifleI enjoyed the the amiliar setting of St Paul and the restaurants cafes and bars with altered names It was un Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., figuring out what is what Mardi Gras on Grand must be Dixie sand so onAnyway I didinish the book which says something I ll give this guy another chance with the hope that his chops improve with practice I have read serial novels by really good authors that were one off clunkers so maybe. Just anyone With the Daniels brutal murder on top of the latest serial killer attack the political and media pressure on the police department only builds and places Mac in the middle of a dangerous and high stakes murder investigation that will ultimately have national political and security implications. .
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At proceduralMcRyan is a St Paul Detective He and his partner are called in when a local television reporter is ound murdered At the same time his partner are called in when a local television reporter is ound murdered At the same time co workers are looking Everyday life in medieval times for a serial killer The investigations lead to murders one that appears to be a suicide treasonous activities and ultimately the evidence leads to a group oformer espionage agents It is well written and will grab the reader s interest All in all a great procedural Thanks to the Author and Publisher North for an ARCor an honest review This was the debut effort by Stelljes and I could tell I don t know who edited this book before publication but there were several grammar and spelling errors I noticed on casual reading And those errors are like roaches if my unobservant Self Noticed A Few You Just Know noticed a ew you just know there were a million hiding in the walls of that bookMy main issue with the book is the act that Stelljes violates the rule of Show don t tell with constant omniscient descriptions of what characters were thinking Actually Stellje did a lot of both too much showing and too much telling More show and tell in the Dead Giveaway few hours spent reading this book than a whole year of primary school I also hated the introductory background givenor each character as they appeared in the book it really slogged the pace and elt like character as they appeared in the book it really slogged the pace and elt like writing I laugh. Old Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism fourth generation St Paul Homicide Detective Mac McRyan thought his day was going to be less stressful The day would involve paper work coffee and maybe even an early trip to the pub Then his cell phone rings A body has beenound in a high end condominium between Summit and Grand Avenues; and it's not. .