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E mother is overbearing and much too patronizing and harsh if we are to believe the patient s version Do not sit wash our hands You should have been a doctor with our insistence on bacteriaHerr K is a man that sends flowers tries to seduce Dora even at the age when she would be considered a child in our timeDora is jealous because her father has an affair with Frau K

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is the or analysis that Freud makesThe conseuent scenario is presented The father offers his daughter to Herr K I am having an affair with Freud makesThe conseuent scenario is presented The father offers his daughter to Herr K I am having an affair with wife hence there s my daughterThe Wolf ManThis case reminds me of Wolf with Jack Nicholson in the lead role Such radiant acting And a terrific rendition of what an animal would feel the smelling hunting and running in the forest sensational superbWhat I do not understand at this second case is how the man can recall what happened at the age of four I can t remember anything from that ageThe Wolf Man is a descendant from a rich aristocratic family who disagreed with his penchant for a girl from a lower class The man has suffered from gonorrhea whereas the father in the previous case had syphilis which he has transmitted to his wifeThe Wolf Man expresses at various stages feelings and desires that are associated with sadistic and masochistic tendenciesThere are incestuous desires for his sistersBut the recurrent theme is that of a grey at other times white wolf that appears in dreams and is present in talesThere is one told by his grandfather with a tailor that cuts the tail of a grey wolf who runs into the wildWalking into the woods the tailor is faced by a pack of wolves and he is forced to seek refuge in a treeThe wolf without a tale is a member of the pack and he wants revengeHe speaks with his mates and explains that if they get on top of each other the last one will reach the level of the manCuriously Freud explains this wolf as representing castration and the Wolf Man is aware that to get affection from his father he would have to face castration for he saw his parents copulating when he was a childI do not see how that works but as afore mentioned I refute Freud and most of his theories and explanations. N Universities 1918'A Child is Being Beaten' A Contribution to the Study of the Origins of Sexual Perversions 1919Introduction to Psycho Analysis and the War Neuroses 1919The 'Uncanny' 1919Preface to Reik's Ritual Psycho Analytic Studies 1919Shorter Writings 191. The notorious dream of 7 wolves in a walnut TREE IN THIS HELLISH DREAM ONE WOLF IS TAILLESS In this hellish dream one wolf is tailless alludes to the primal scene he witnessed where his father s genitals disappeared whilst having coitus with His Mother Freud Concludes That The Eery Calmness Of The mother Freud concludes that the eery calmness of the replaces the cathartic violence of his parents sexual intercourse Eventually becoming a theist Sergei replaces God with the previous relationship he had with his father and considers himself to be Jesus earning to be sexually satisfied at the hands of his father Yet this torrent of information deriving from such a short book is just the tip of the iceberg from such a tormenting book This flummoxing et painfully realistic case paints a portrait of a sadomasochistic and submissive man still suffering at the hands of an infantile neurosis While I think that some of Freud s ideas are really interesting and I very much enjoy discussing them in my theory class this was just plain hard for me to read Several other theorists completely capture my mind while I read them Saussure Barthes Marx but Freud didn t To be far this is theory It isn t meant to entertain but to make ou think and if Niemand houdt mij tegen : een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw you don t understand it thenou haven t thought about it enough So I ll blame this rating on myself not Freud I didn t like reading this and I didn t care to put the effort into it that would allow me to get out of it So my bad I don t really want to try again I have so many uestions Very far fetched Felt v confused through most of it The Case Studies by Sigmund FreudInteresting symptoms desires and detective workThis note refers to an adaptation for the BBC which deals with two cases Dora and the Wolf ManDoraFirst of all I need to state that although important Freud is no longer valid or at least most of his theories have been proven wrong at least from my point of viewHis emphasis on sexuality at a tender age penis envy mother complex and even obsession appear if not altogether false at least exaggeratedDora is a oung patient with suicidal intentions if only proclaimed they still betray some issues and treated by Sigmund Freud I cannot bear my mother she prefers my brotherIndeed th. 1914On Transformations of Instinct as Exemplified in Anal Eroticism 1917A Difficulty in the Path of Psycho Analysis 1917A Childhood Recollection from Dichtung Und Wahrheit 1917Lines of Advance in Psycho Analytic Therapy 1918On the Teachings of Psycho Analysis ,

Very very very odd What good are the passions For sooner or laterTheir sweet sickness ends when reason speaks up And life if surveyed with cold blooded regard Is stupid and empty a joke from Bored and Sad by Mihail Yuryevich Lermontov Very interesting but if ou pick it up be prepared for something on the dense side Great book It shows that all we are now
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the result something we have done or experienced in our childhood The dream interpretation is hilarious if it doesn t fit Freud s theories the dream shows the opposite of what it seems to be saying until it does day in retrospect the ears of struggle until it does One day retrospect the ears of struggle strike ou as the most beautiful Sigmund Freud not from The Wolfman thoughSpoilers ahead sorry You have been warnedIn one of his first psychoanalyses Sigmund Freud examines Sergei Konstantinovitch Pankejeff a Russian aristocrat from Odessa In this evaluation of his patient s inability to have proper bowel movements as well as his sullen attitude Freud incorporates all elements that he is renowned for catharsis unconsciousness sexuality mostly incestual and dream analysis after which the book was titled In his outr method Freud delves into the analysand s past and eventual unconscious to uncover the roots of his physical and emotional state Doing so Freud discerns key stages in his patient s life which would define his future wont idiosyncrasies and physical defects At the age of 18 months Sergei alleges to have experienced a primal scene whereby his parents engaged in sodomy Following this imperative event Sergei conjectured that his mother was sick at the hands of his father which she lamented multifarious times This would be the genesis of his intestinal issuesFollowing this event at the age of about 3 and a half his sister unexpectedly seduces him fondling with his penis informing him his maid had previously done so with the gardener This culminates in his sexual awakening whereupon he approaches his maid whom threatens him with castration This would be Sergei s point of nadir In spite of the warning being declared by the maid Sergei was frightened to be castrated at the hands of his father which resulted in. An Infantile Neurosis and Other Works 1917 1919This collection of twenty four volumes is the first full paperback publication of the standard edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud in EnglishIncludesFrom the History of an Infantile Neurosis. ,

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Aus der Geschichte einer infantilen Neurose

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