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Eth T wrote a superb review of this book I want to read it so badly but the bookstore told me this read it so badly but the bookstore told me this translation of The Strange Tale of Panorama Island original story by Edogawa Rompo isn t out yet Freaking HellIf kicking and screaming would Island original story by Edogawa Rompo isn t out yet Freaking HellIf kicking and screaming would me this book I d ave already done thatpoutsUpdate28112013 I ordered the book Hope it ll get through this timeUpdate06022013 45 stars review to comeReview for Strange Tale of Panorama Island novella by Edogawa Rampo let s give you a look of what s in store The story takes place in the 1920s Japan and the manga ka Suehiro Maruo clearly did soak Get Over It Fab Life himself entirely into the 1920s aura of the Japanese society and scenery everything in the manga is stylistically and vividly drawn with great details It s brilliant Thanks to Suehiro Maruo I was being introduced to this excellent painting series by Arnold B cklin Isle of the DeadLINK However I must confess I m not veryappy with No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars how Maruoandled the relationship between the Main Character and the dead man s beautiful widow In the later part of the story the relationship between those two should ave taken the central stage but Maruo skipped too many things about this relationship to a point that a lot of tension and suspense is lost What a pity A masterpiece of graphic art and indeed there are some graphic scenes in this story usually of a sexual nature in case you are offended by such things An odd tale by Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Rampo is turned into an adult manga classic by illustrator Suehiro Maruo If you are looking for something a little mature than most manga on the market these days then you might want to take a chance on this one The book design and English translation are perfect Although the tale is fairly simple and straight forward it won t take you very long to finish reading the artwork and deeper underlying meanings will linger in your mind There is obviously a lot of symbolism ere much of it imported from European cultures which could be analysed to death The ending is a bit abrupt but appropriate in its own way I loved this book Himiko is a failed novelist who decided to abandon An Egg Is Quiet his mediocre life by usurping the place of a rich old friend ofis who could ve been Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) his twin aftere died Taking over Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey his fortune contacts a powere

"realises is dreams "
his dreams building an utopia or food drinks sex and perversion spending all the man s fortune The story is a uick read and the pacing is breakneck but the progression is always clear and well done The art is amazing with great details and ornate vistas framing every scene The book itself is a beautiful ardcover edition which is a joy to look at This manga is pulp at its finest Do yourself a favour and get lost in Panorama Island for an What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained hour or two you will likely come visit again. Ro Maruo was a freuent contributor to the legendary underground manga magazine Garo His manga works include Mr Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show Rose Colored Monsters The Laughing Vampire and many others Maruo enjoys a cult international following around the world andis art as been featured on a number of albums including John Zorn’s Naked City This is Suehiro Maruo’s first work available in English in over a decad. I ave never in my life seen an actual panorama I d love to but I 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales haven t I m sure most people living todayaven t Bloodleaf had the pleasure as panoramas were largely popular in the 19th century and were already well on their way out by 1900 Iave of course seen panoramic photography and the inheritor of the ill fated Cin orama Disneyland s Circle Vision 360 Still not the same thing and I regret that I will likely never ave the opportunity to engage such staging and artistry in person Reading about panoramas whi The wonderful Edogawa Rampo novel turned into Reading about panoramas whi The wonderful Edogawa Rampo novel turned into brilliant manga comic by Suehiro Maruo I reviewed the Rampo book in detail so I am just going to concentrate on Maruo s interpretation of that novel First e follows the narrative very closely and strange enough the Rampo novel is erotic but saying that the original source is like a full watt battery for Ma 200614 reread and reaffirm favoritegraphic this time notice setup very japanese grisly fantastic origincrime and then later murder everything is for art no morals no arguments just art160906 this is the first edogawa rampo i ave read set in 1920s Japan this reminds me not of Poe but of surrealist and decadent authors books lthat involve usage of great wealth to create some garden or landscape cabinet of curiosities i think of raymond roussell s locus solus but set in Japan in which an entire island is transformed into an adult amusement parki like this than written work primarily as the graphic work is very effective very surreal there is little reference to the world before our artist protagonist fakes is own death and resurrection as a wealthy aristocrat we know Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance he is impoverished and no one wantsis writing we know Test logiciel en pratique he writes and dreams extravagant fantasies we watchim pretend to be the industrialist even as Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz his motivation is to change an entire island tois ideali call it a favouritegraphic because i really do not see it working except in this format visual fantastic dream than reality no long passages of mechanics by which e uses wealth no real development of characters just images as a book it would not be such spectacle as film it would be a passing series of tableau which would not be always there to return to it would just flash by so the story is not a story the characters flat andor crazed the island and panorama as no rational meaning or purpose the wealth is just a free pass to bringing the world of dreams to life the graphic artwork is representational realistic probably what Japanese readers expect with the dream world as coherent as our version of 1920s Japan VIDEO REVIEW 14820Reviewed this manga on my channel 27720This was really freaking good I yelped when I got to the last few panels lolYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website The Storygrap. Set in 1920s Japan The Strange Tale of Panorama Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist Hitomi learns of the rich man’s sudden death and creates a desperate plan successfully impersonating the now dead son Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist’s life including The Structure of Biblical Authority his companyis fortune and eventually Niebla his wife Theree. ,
H Ero guro is a literary and artistic movement that began somewhere in the thirties in Japan associated with eroticism and the grotesue This adult manga by Suehiro Maruo is faithfully adapted and
"within the ego "
the ego tradition from a strange tale by Rampo Edogawa about a struggling novelist whose nearly identical but now rich boyhood friend dies Said writer decides to exhume is dead friend s Absolute Genius Take The Literary genius Take the literary of Edogawa Ranpo an absolutely dearly beloved favorite and then turn it into manga drawn by the most fucked up eroguro artist alive Maruo Suehiro and you are guaranteed to ave a winner I find myself proud to Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) have this one on my bookshelf Spoiler Alert no wait I guess not it s in the title after all right there front and center Panorama Island specifically the various Panoramas of various World Fairs of a century or so ago and thus the island s great secret is blownno matter Strange Tale is less about secrets waiting to surprise you and about luxuriating in morbid obsessions and a decadent pursuit of pleasure and beauty we follow an eccentric Poe worshipping writer who takes direct inspiration from that author s The Premature Burial and decides to assume the identity ofis recently deceased and fabulously wealthy college chum it s a grim piece of work that bit of graveyard business and once The Eatonville Anthology his new identity is secured realizingis deepest dream becomes possible The TM Techniue An intro Transcendental Meditation Teachings Maharishi Mahesh YOgi Arkana he shall construct a pleasure world on a little island where nature s infinite beauty and all the possible permutations of sexuality are celebrated a decidedly excessive and very adult wonderland a utopia by way of King Ludwig II of Bavariaa teensy bit of murder mystery thrown in at the end to add the sort of spice that Poe would admire specifically the Poe of the death of a beautiful woman is unuestionably the most poetical topic in the world the result is a chillingly beautiful and sick scene that really surprised me this book is an adaptation of a novel by Japanese writer Tar Hirai underis pseudonym Edogawa Rampo the pseudonym itself being an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe Das Glücksbüro how circularbut sharing the stage is the brilliant and very perverted artist Suehiro Maruo who is the entire reason I bought this pricey tome it was well worth the expenseis line work is a model of cleanly clarity which is a striking way to illustrate a series of images that shift suddenly from the morbidly grotesue to the dully prosaic albeit still gorgeous to the eerily ambiguous and then back again and all of that is before we even get to Panorama Island itself where the artist really outdoes imself with spellbinding vista after vista a veritable panorama of beauty and of course creepily decadent excess I wouldn t want to live there but I sure wouldn t mind a short visitS. Redirects the family’s wealth to is own perverse aims On a remote and mysterious island Daughter of Moloka'i he builds forimself a playground of edonistic excess replete with decadent feasts orgies and dark secrets Stunning artwork by master manga artist Suehiro Maruo deftly illustrates this Japanese pulp classic in lush detail Maruo adapted this manga from a novella by Edogawa Rampo the Godfather of Japanese detective fiction Suehi. ,