E–book [The Surprise Triplets Safe Harbor Medical #14] Á Jacqueline Diamond

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Crazy Love eIt wasn t boring Safe Harbor Medical is a series obsessed with babies children surrogates in vitro multiple births and parenthood As long as youxpect that going in you ll be fine Everyone is Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society either pregnant obsessed with becoming pregnantvery single female character has multiple children or is pregnant with multiple children it s kind of nuts But the story wasn t boring I think it helped I d read some of the previous books HOW S THE SEX CARMENThe romance and the sex are a failure here I did NOT believe the characters were attracted to ach other at all Sexually or romantically I was having a hard time ven buying them as platonic friendsThe sex is perfunctory Edmond isn t interested in foreplay he just sticks his penis in her Then I have to hear her raving about how good he is in bed rolls yes He s NOT good in bed the poor woman just doesn t know any better There s no sexual or romantic chemistryTL DR Surprisingly I wasn t bored The book provides plenty of drama

Especially At The End However 
at the nd However warned that in this book as well as all Safe Harbor Medical books children are THE BE ALL END ALL OF EXISTENCE A person cannot be happy fulfilled or whole if they are not the legal guardian of a child Having and raising children is the Black Heart, Red Ruby entire point ofxisting on arthDoes this attitude grate on you It does on me I don t agree with it While I love children and think they are amazing I think that being childless is perfectly fine and a valid choice and does not make you an incomplete person with a meaningless life Only read these books if you can tolerate the viewpoint that children are the "Meaning Of ExistenceDiamond Is Enad "of xistenceDiamond is New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood enad cold distant arrogant and dismissive men who are often robotic and deeplymotionally stunted I don t find this type of man to be attractive Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey even in the least bit I like warm loving kind men YMMV Be prepared that any novel by Diamond that you pick up is going to feature this type of male I don t know whether she thinks all men are like this or SHOULD be like this or that this type of men isxceptionally sexy or what but they all fall into this categoryBaby and pregnancy dramas That s what you can xpect from these booksROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceSecond Chance RomanceNon Virgin RomancePregnant HeroineLawyer RomanceHe s a Family Law Attorney She s an In RomanceNon Virgin RomancePregnant HeroineLawyer RomanceHe s a Family Law Attorney She s an In Fertilization and Egg Donor CoordinatorTakes Place in California USA Orange County LA Santa Ana NorwalkNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerMelissa f 5 8 nn Lissa nn Mel Beverly f nn Bev arly 40s ovarian cancer survivorMick m building contractor Edmond m nn Eddie 33 5 10 Caroline fMark mKaren f 42Anya fJack mGeoff mTony mZack mLucky mZora fRose fViolet fNell fVernon mDawn f 7Paula fTiffany fAmber fBarbara f nn Barb 24Isabel f 63Rod mSimon mCole mVince m Vincent Mort mJoseph mAndrew mBetsy fPortia fJan fKimmie fBerry fFranca fJamie mMary fLisa fMarie fFred mNancy fHarper fPeter mJennifer fMia fPo cat Jacob mJason mGinny fRachel Lenore fHelen fIlsa fLily fSimone fJamie f hide spoiler. To Melissa the warmest kindest person he knows for help They begin to rediscover the love they once shared but the betrayals of the past trouble them both Can they find the forgiveness they both need to come together as a famil. The hero starts out selfish and self centered his discovery of who he really is makes this an ЯED emotional joyful story RT Book Reviews4 stars Miniseries Safe Harbor Medical I hesitated writing this review only because the book was not what I was anticipating Jacueline Diamond did a great job introducing the characters and reinforcing their story lines Thank you to theditor for doing your job It drives me nuts when I read a book with typos syntax Errors Unfinished Or Nonsence Statements unfinished or nonsence statements really believe my problem is that I m a NICU nurse and I was anticipating of the medical side of things I received this book for free in xchange for an honest review I believe it is an xcellent read for anyone looking into fertility the pros and cons however I don t recommend it if you are looking for something medicalMelissa Everhart is a fertility councelor who had previously decided that her and her now x husband Edmond would always be a couple neither of them wanting children Little did Melissa know how she would react when her biological clock began clicking nor did Edmond realize the implications of a hasty decision of a life altering surgical procedure he opted to receive Once the wheels began to turn and Edmond and Melissa rekindle their friendship precious life lessons are learned from many xtended family and characters There are many surprise circumstances from long held family secrets to unexpected demands which keep the story line interesting In my heart I felt I knew the outcome of the story and I was not disappointed I won this book in a good books giveaway and I am happy I did This book taught me a lot about the various ways you can bring a child into you family It shows that a family can be made from many angles I really loved Edmond Melissa and Dawn and found myself caring what would happen to Moreno each of them as the story progressed I read Harleuin books forscape and to remove my mind from the Monsieur Pain everydayvents and this one had me wrapped up in the world of Safe Harbor in no time I would like to Losing you cut me off from so many things Even aspects of myself His voice grew hoarse Melissa what we had should have been A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author enough Why d you have to throw it awayHer happy moodvaporated I m not the one who threw it away Eddie pg 120Edmond and Melissa were married for five years Then they got divorced When they ntered into the relationship both agreed not to have children But after five years of marriage melissa changed her mind and decided she wanted changed her mind and decided she wanted Edmond was aghast and ran out to have a vasectomy immediately So Melissa filed for divorceNow it is three years after their divorce Edmond has come to work at the clinichospital Melissa works at He is shocked to see she is pregnant with triplets He s upset to think she met another man but it turns out that she was implanted with three mbryos from another couple Edmond also despite his strong aversion to fatherhood gains custody of his 8 year old niece when his sister is sent to prisonANALYSISTHE HEROEdmo. Triple The TroubleWhen fertility counselor Melissa Everhart decided to have a baby on her own she didn't anticipate tripletsor her x husband's return to Safe Harbor Three years ago Edmond's reluctance to have children tore them.

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Nd is a typical Diamond hero Diamond likes to write cold distant arrogant dismissive men Edmond s defining trait is that he is selfish He can t understand why Melissa ruined their perfect marriage He misses her because he misses getting massages from her having a sex partner having a sounding board and having a helpmeet Not because he misses her as a person and a human being Only as someone who once was giving him lots of love and support and now that love and support has been taken awayHe s also deeply motionally stupid He doesn t understand human The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good emotions or why people get upset He cannot understand why his wife might be upset that he ran out and got a vasectomy without discussing it with her He finds out Melissa is pregnant with triplets and that she s single and makes comments about how having kids without a father is bad and being a single mother is bad It s like he has no common sense He goes through life hurting people but being bewildered as to why they are hurtThis is typical of a Diamond heroSo he spends most of the book whining about why doesn t Melissa love me any Why did she have to leave me and reminiscing about the good old days when she waited on him and was there for him and supportedverything he didTHE HEROINEWhile I liked Melissa A LOT than I liked Edmond she wasn t some perfect angel Although not motionally stunted like Edmond and definitely less hurtful to other people Melissa seems to make the unilateral decision that Edmond is perfect father materialI DO NOT
Believe In Forcing People To 
in forcing people to parents against their will If someone says I don t want a baby then I think they should not have a baby Melissa is one of those people who thinks that as soon as Edmond holds a baby or becomes a father he will magically turn into a wonderful dad and take to parenthood like a duck to water THIS IS FALSE If someone does not like children does not like babies and desperately goes out of their way not to father children maybe you should FUCKING TAKE A HINT that they don t FUCKING WANT ANY CHILDRENSure people are forced into parenthood all the time Plenty of men become fathers unwillingly Plenty of people are badgered into having children that they don t want to have But I m against itMelissa does not respect Edmond s view on the subject She sees his resistance to being a father as immature and childish Which is uite frankly RIDICULOUS It s very weird that she thinks the man who ran out TO GET A VASECTOMY AS SOON AS SHE SAID get a vasectomy as soon as she said word children would be overjoyed to raise her triplets BafflingSo the whole book is spent with Melissa wondering when Edmond is going to wake up and mbrace fatherhood something he not only has no interest in but has actively and destructively gone out of his way to violently avoid She drove me nuts half the time And I am not a fan of Edmond but she drove me nutsENGAGINGWhile I feel like this book failed as a ROMANCE story it wasn t romantic it definitely wasn t sexy it was interesting Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enough and I felt like it kept mengaged. Apart But now that he's been made guardian of his niece Melissa witnesses how tenderly he cares for the little girl Though Edmond doesn't believe he's father material his sudden custody of Dawn leaves him little choice He turns. The Surprise Triplets Safe Harbor Medical #14