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By the harsh remoteness of the north and the persistence of the heroes fools who made it their mission to brave the elements as well as push beyond the limits of their bodies and souls following a vision even themselves might not be able to spell out clearly At the end of the day this novel may not be for everyone but surely deserves readers than it has attracted so far This is such a strange book Incredibly clever and thought provoking but also rather sad It "S Definitely A Book "definitely a book needs to be reread to be fully appreciated the structure and Ransmayr s deconstruction

of historical truth 
historical truth particular attention How much of history is truth and how much of history is mythThis complicated and unanswerable uestion Christoph Ransmayr tries to pose in his highly intellectual and dark The Terrors of Ice and DarknessHow much of an explorer s journey is the new discoveries and how much of it is just imaginationAt first it was nothing than a Three linked stories of exploration intertwine here as an unidentified narrator researches the disappearance in 1981 of Josef Mazzini whose obsession with the Austrian explorer Julius Von Payer had brought him to The Settlement Of Longyearbyen settlement of Longyearbyen Spitsbergen island in the Arctic Payer a sub lieutenant in the Austrian army having adventured and explored in the Tyrolean Alps in the 1860s making than 60 ascents including several first ascents led the Austro Hungarian North Pole Expedition in 1872 which was both Manzinni and the narrator s interest This was an attempt at the Pole via the North East Passage along the Norwegian and Siberian coasts and during the journey he discovered Franz Joseph Land Much of the narrative is made up of uotations from the official log of the expedition and the diaries of individual crew members It s only the invented character of Mazzini that makes Ransmayr s book a novel The vivid descriptions of the Arctic and the use of the archives makes this read as a historical document would It s a fascinating tale of Polar exploration that deserves a place with the best and et is surprisingly out of print available at OpenLibrary archiveorg whelp the ending was not bad i still dont know what to think of this actual review gets posted later after we discussed this stuff uni Was supposed to read this in grad school for a German romanticism class and I never did but everyone in the class said how great it was Really interesting concept but I think the execution could have been better maybe stuff related to the 1980s gu. Suing honor glory and other vanities endure two frigid winters when their ship is trapped in ice their beards freeze they are blinded by snow and ill with scurvy but the Bible is read every Sunday A century later men approach the icy expanse with snowmobiles and Walkmen undertaking selfinterested scientific projects This aggressively intelligent narrative transforms the polar regions into unusually fertile ground Publishers Weekly. ,

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Azzini back and forth with the Narrator s comments on his own search for the missing man Surrounded by many maps "but no answers to the mystery the narrator "no answers to the mystery the Narrator considers himself a chronicler without an ending I enjoyed all the adventure in this book much of which really happened the Expedition It felt to me like it was written by a latter day Jack London There were fantastic descriptions some exciting some sad and I liked the interplay among the men This was not dry in the least Payer especially wrote almost literary journal entries I liked how the three narratives Expedition Mazzini search for Mazzini interwove Recommended The northernmost point of Eurasia is located on Franz Josef Land an archipelago deep in the Arctic Ocean rather oddly named after an emperor of Austria Hungary once a country far to the south of those icy rocks Yet it was arguably Austrian and Italian sailors who first set eyes "ON THIS INHOSPITABLE PLACE AND LIBERALLY SPRINKLED REFERENCES TO "this inhospitable place and liberally sprinkled references to home country across a map which had so far only shown white at the location they found themselves at Ransmayr s The Terrors of Ice and Darkness recounts the ambitions which lured those explorers into the frozen wastes of the north 150 ears ago the desire to leave a mark on a map of the world that was rapidly shedding its last white spots the uest for a true challenge when and corners of the globe became easily accessible patriotic glory economic interest a shorter sea route between Europe and Asia seemed a distinct possibility as well as a sober minded search for knowledge Once the expedition is under way the explorers ship enclosed and drifting with the ice wherever it will take them Ransmayr chronicles the hardships the crew suffers in a deadly environment of otherworldly beauty the sailors bonding in the face of cold darkness and despair as well as the tensions flaring up when the prisoners of the ice have to decide how much they are prepared to risk and to what purpose This true story constitutes the main part of the book and Ransmayr peppers his well researched account with uotes from the protagonists own journals it is interwoven with the fictional story of a present day descendant of one of the sailors who retraces his ancestor s voyage to the north profoundly changed by technology and the exploitation of resources his motives for the trip a mystery till the end of his storyThe novel s tone is mostly matter of fact and precise Ransmayr leaves it to his readers to connect the dots and feel awed both. Pping tale A nameless and largely invisible narrator recounts the 1981 disappearance of one Josef Mazzini whose fascination with a 19th century polar expedition has pulled him north to the furthest arctic settlements Accounts of the two journeys intersect and diverge challenging the notion of history as linear seducing the reader with startlingly detailed descriptions of polar exploration Members of the 19th century expedition pur.

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The story of conuest and discovery of a drive within human nature to find what is out there to map to name and to understand whatever that means the emptiness of space as experienced in the 20th century the terrors of ice and darkness have been experienced by explorers a century before in the vastness of the arctic ice the madness to think something would be out there that matters that knowing would make a difference the incredible heroism and the laughable pathos converging in a vanishing point at a horizon of hope and hopelessness these are only some of the topics of this novel which is following the austro hungarian north pole expedition of 1872 1874 during which the last landmass on earth kaiser franz josef land was discovered nothing is there not then or now and still somebody hat to go and see for themselves a chilling pun definitely intended read awesome I really liked this book both the narrative structure and the subject matter I m fascinated by arctic exploration by what it takes to Make A Life Or a life or to survive in such inhospitable climes There was a time when I believed that if ou had to die if it was our time say freezing to death might not be a bad way to go That was before I read this book Brrrr The writing is difficult to get to grips with but otherwise a decent read This novel recounts the real life 1872 74 Imperial Austro Hungarian North Pole Expedition through actual journal and log entries italicized to set them apart They are connected by narration The Expedition discovers and names Franz Josef Land near the North Pole after their emperor The novel describes in excruciating detail all the hardships they undergo being stuck in ice frostbite scurvy running out of food gangrene one seaman falling into a crevasse and his rescue before he freezes to death Payer and Weyprecht the two leaders insist on exploring and naming all the features on Franz Josef Land The weather is warmer than usual the ice breaks up and the intrepid Expedition finally makes its way back to Novaya Zemlya in Russia The Expedition is a success but overshadowed by the polar explorers Amundsen and Peary A century later Josef Mazzini a fictional descendant of one of the men who had been on that expedition is obsessed with retracing the route He "disappears and all that is ever found is his notebook The "and all that is ever found is his notebook The Nail the Inuit name for the North Pole and some sled dog harness The unnamed Narrator wants to find out what happened to him The book alternates from the original Expedition to Novels with explicitly novelistic themes are often bloodless carrying the fatal odor of the sheltered writing workshop; Austrian writer Ransmayr's first novel however is a stunning exception His second book The Last World was published here last ear to critical acclaim The underlying concerns of this work are primarily literary creator vs creation history vs fiction the nature of metaphor etc but here they inform a singularly gri. Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis