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Necessary reuel most of the information it contained could have easily been revealed in The River of No Return through dialogue between Alva and Nick Spoilers ahead You ve been warnedThe most important bits of information were that a Hannelore was a sadistic fuck who needed to be stopped b Alva chose the life of the demimonde as a way to lace herself in a Kapriolen Des Schicksals[Roman] position ofower so she could help the Ofan NOT because she was a frivolous harlot with no true ambition and c Bertrand has been harlot with no true ambition and c Bertrand has been double agent for basically his whole life All of that could ve been covered in the novelThe iece that couldn t have been covered Was The Character Of Ignatz the character of Ignatz And this is the true value and enjoyment of this story For it s easy to see now why Alva fell in love with the grumpy old rake and why he fell in love with her They re one of those couples who are just so gratifying for how in sync they are Even if the sexy times described in the book were not articularly compelling And even if his reasons for rescuing her from the Guild house were laughably unclear and contrived It was a decent way to bide the time but nowhere near as compelling well written or suspenseful as The River of No Return And I worry that if the author is spending her time utting out little reuels like this she s not working Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks particularly uickly on the next full length novel Perhaps I need to go reread Neil Gaiman srovocative essay George RR Martin Is Not Your Bitch One of the most wonderful books I read last year was The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway who happens to be one of the most wonderful eople I ve ever met though the universe continues to deny us a chance to share hysical space It is a madcap mashup of everything good that there is in this world so of course I jumped at the chance to read the One Day in December preuel novella The Time Tutor If you loved RoNR and how could you not then Iromise you that you ll love this Our focus swings from Nick and Julia to the firecracker Alva Blomgren the Ofan courtesan that sparkles in every scene of The River of No Return We see her as a member of the Guild an organization considerably sinister than the one we remember and also one that Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts predates the one we read about and we see her using her seductiveowers to manipulate eople I d forgotten what a fun character Alva is so it was nice to spend a whole novella with herOnce again Ridgway shines as she smashes together a bunch of things there are undertones of a conspiracy thriller fun time travel mishaps evocative writing I especially love the scene in which Alva feels all the emotions of one lace over centuries and centuries of time before she time travels and skin tingling romantic Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra prose The tone manages to shift repeatedly but remainitch Out of the Box perfect throughout It s a delight55 The Time Tutor is a novella lengthre. To think Is he a time traveler or a charlatan And does it really matter when he is so devilishly attractiv. ,

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Ahhhhhh man What kills me is the world building in this world and that of The River of No Return is SO damn interesting why it s 3 stars instead of 2 and the characterization just drives me batty Again this has a really interesting idea around time travel fascinating organizations in the Guild and Ofan and what could be a neat lot but my god it s just flat People falling in love at first sight cardboard characterizations feisty women that keep men up at night just THINKING about how witty and firey they are lord have mercy I want I want in this world but I want MORE from this world Actual Rating 25 5 When I saw that NetGalley was offering The Time Tutor by Bee Ridgway I leapt at the chance to read it I adored her debut novel The River of No Return I wanted to learn about the world she created in which some eople wanted to learn about the world she created in which some eople born with the ability to travel up and down the River of Time You will need to have read The River of No Return to fully understand this story Ridgway doesn T Waste Word Count waste word count explaining how the time traveling ability works or who the Guild or the Ofan are This is an incredibly fast read so there s almost no time to ick things up from context either Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration Bee Ridgway s The River of No Return was one of my favourite reads of last year a story of time travel and romance set both in Regency times and modern London To celebrate the aperback release Penguin have ublished this special País íntim preuel novella to the series The Time TutorThe Time Tutor follows the events that unfold as Hannelore the leader and matriarch of the Guild decides to test two of her Favourites Alva and Bertrand It s been uite a while since I read The River of No Return so I didn t remember a lot about these characters but it started to come back as the members of the Guild and the Ofan start to interact Who is the Ofan spy infiltrating the Guild and who if anyone is to be trustedYou don t need to have read The River of No Return before readingreuel Although the of time travel get uite complicated the basics are explained here as well as the difference between the Guild and Ofan factionsThe story itself is short but driven with some rather sexy moments thrown in for good measure The Time Tutor made me want to re read the first book and whetted my appetite for the second whenever that will beThis review was originally Under Lock and Key posted on Tea in the Treetops in February 2014 I read this littlereuel novella because a I d just read The River of No Return and I was disappointed that the seuel wasn t out yet and I wanted to find out about this universe and b I wanted something I could finish in a single lane ride Mission accomplishedWhile I wouldn t say it was an un. When Alva receives an invitation from a man offering his services as a Time Tutor she doesn’t know what. Uel to Bee Ridgway s debut The River of No Return which came out last year The story follows two characters who become involved with the Guild the shadowy organisation at the heart of the time travel intrigue forming the backdrop for both books Because it s been a while since I read River I was worried I d have forgotten what it was all about but The Time Tutor is fast aced immediately interesting and works well as a standalone story Despite it being short I and works well as a standalone story Despite it being short I captivated by the characters and was delighted when the romantic development I was rooting for actually happened Exciting entertaining and sexy this tale reminded me how much I enjoyed the world of River and made me keen to read even as soon as ossible Basically it did its job absolutely Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover perfectly The Time Tutor was advertised as a fastaced Freud and His Followers preuel to The River of No Return but it ended up being very messy and not enough to satisfy any craving for this wonderful world One of the main appeals of The River was the immersive world building the strong characterizations and the slow reveal ofossibilities and mysteries Time Tutor is the Pjesme polar opposite in style and content and it simply does not work for me Thereuel cannot be read as a stand alone readers are thrown directly into the action including a heavy dose of Guild terminology and intrigue This was a disappointment in ways than one as this is robably the only and intrigue This was a disappointment in ways than one as this is robably the only book we will get in this series as far as other comments on social media go the seuel to River has robably been cancelled This review can also be found on leaf and ageI cannot believe I got my greedy little hands on an advanced copy of this thank you so much Penguin and NetgalleyI was a little bit wary at first if only because Alva was easily my least favourite character in the original book This changed that It was absolutely great getting to see things from her erspective and learning a little bit about where she came from and importantly the depth of the relationships that layed out in the history of the original novel but that we never got to see Alva Bertrand and Dar were all fantastic I loved getting a real feel of who they were After all we got so little of them in River of No Return Bertrand was the only one I had felt anything about in the original story but we didn t really know all that much about who he actually was And now he makes so much sense I findI m disappointed it was as short as it was but oh my god was it worth it I m even excited for the seuel now was that A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal possible and I m even attached to some of these charactersThank you Ridgway for making me like the characters I hadn t been sure about before I can t wait for Ugh Thisreuel was a mess of cliches cardboard characters and terrible dialogue I m not sure if I ll give the novel a try or not Very disappointing. E The Time Tutor is a fast Nacht paced romanticreuel to Bee Ridgway’s acclaimed novel The River of No Return. The Time Tutor

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