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King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gSad and funny mostly at the same time laugh so you don t cry sort of thing the crushing poverty and scavenging for food not for the narrator who seems to never eat but for herrandson the worthless children the insane mother through it all there is a determination and not really optimism but SOMETHING TRANSCENDING CYNICAL REALISM ON THE PART OF THE transcending cynical realism on the part of the that makes "this an easier read than it has any right to be It took me half the book to realize I "an easier read than it has any right to be It took me half the book to realize I supposed to be laughing but once I did I couldn t help but see the absurd humor in the life detailed There is a Rescuing Gus great deal of detail crammed into this small volume providing a bleakly funny overview of women s lives and struggles in somewhat at the time of publication modern day Russia The Time Night is aritty and sometimes Class of 92: Out of Our League grotesue depiction of an impoverished desperate family in Soviet Russia The filth and sualor literally screams out from the pages as the narrator a middle aged woman who fancies herself a poet strives to sustain her dysfunctional family Sandwicheneration indeed The narrator feels responsibility both for a mother who is insane and for two children a promiscuous daughter who produces one illegitimate baby after another and a petty criminal son The literature of family dysfunction is huge and rowing so rapidly as to confirm Tolstoy s famous statement about unhappy families and the literary implications that statement What I find original in Petrushevskaya s work is the narrator s unusual voice which alternates between harsh judgment and extremely tender expressions of love Families after all are the ultimate frustration because whatever hell they might become the suffering denizens remain bound by inexplicable feelings of love and therefore so often cannot simply walk away Petrushevskaya 1938 is one of Russia s most widely acclaimed novelists While this particular novel did not consistently hold my interest her very rough and sensual portrayal of one woman s life as she struggles to survive poverty and stupidity has its unforgettable Dostoevsky like moments for example There s a howling emptiness in my stomach and in my soul I don t know if it s true for everyone but my soul is located just above my stomach between my ribs p109 But what did nine year old Alyona have to say wise little irl when the door closed for the last time on their father and I stood there with a fixed How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead grin tearless with burning cheeks about to throw myself out the window so I would meet him there for the last time a shapeless carcass on the pavement To punish himMum Alyona said do I love youYes I repliedchokengistitikchokeng 67Bleak Depressing actually Pretty cover thoughFast paced language stream of consciousness very spare punctuation but easy to read and followAnd now at least Iet the Anna Karenina references having. First published in Russia in 1992 The Time Night is a darkly humorous depiction of the Soviet utopia's underbelly by one of the most brilliant stylists in contemporary Rus. Время ночь

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Film but did a much better and subtle read intelligent job of exploring the nature of addiction Without that you re left with heroin junkies in freefall In this novel the only analogue might be a woefully late "and uninspiring stream of consciousness rant which placed earlier in the novel may have played a significant role but at this "uninspiring stream of consciousness rant which placed earlier in the novel may have played a significant role but at this only seems to mitigate the uilt she should feel over the decision she makes during this rambling passageI m not opposed to this type of narrative rather only the content in this particular case Witold Gombrowicz one of my current favorite writers and Magnus Mills whom I don t particularly love can take a weak protagonist victim of a combination of external pressures random circumstance and his own psychology and make an interesting even enjoyable story out of it I love Russian literature than any non Russian I have ever met I can almost always rely on Russian authors of the past two centuries to provide an enjoyable and thoughtful novel Unfortunately this one missed the mark by a couple of miles I would like to read some of her other work to be fair but it s oing to be tough to et the motivation to do so after this travesty of crapulence Chatty stream of conscious sarcastic writing The tone changes and flows by the event Sometimes well thought out and poetic other times frantic and neurotic Very artfully written It s very depressing though Her cynicism is only a thin veneer of a deeply wounded mother A short incredibly candid novel masterfully portraying a Russian humility that teeters between ironic self deprecation and enuine dreadThis had been sitting on my shelf for some time and if I was hesitant to dive into this brief book it due to my own middle class fear the form is alluring even playful the story itself is uite dark What I knew Moonrise going in was that it portrayed a poverty uite uniue to Russia nearing the Soviet Union s end In much of the country this poverty still exists today often becoming the fruit for harmful stereotypes about Russia and Eastern EuropeThis novel however does not lend toeneralizations and rather presents humanity and humor in the face of derelict sualor Petrushevskaya s characters are incredibly agile Their drive and decisions are often beyond the confines of our protagonist s consciousness the narrative Voice Throughout The Book But throughout the book But this absence the reader is challenged to imagine a world where people make the most with the cards they are dealt I m excited to read it in Russian for the full effect Stream of conciseness read Puts the lie to the idea of a happy industrious workers State Same problems with poverty dysfunctional families hunger and all the other problems of the poor The thoughts of our narrator a poet on the day and how she only has the night to write and think uick interesting read. Ssian matriarch Challenging that myth is her headstrong daughter Alyona a woman with appalling judgment and several illegitimate children who both needs Anna and hates her. ,

Just finished that yesterday 35 stars The humor was often lost me because the prose was so tense but I enjoyed the stream of consciousness the prose was so tense but enjoyed the stream of consciousness Anna prepares to retrieve her mother This was just Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi great I loved the lack of chronology and the piecing together you have to do of familial relationships and the past events that led to the way they are It was also interesting how much my attitude towards the narrator Anna changed throughout the book She presents herself initially as a selfless martyr taking care of her belovedrandson and while this view of herself doesn t change you re After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 graduallyiven information and your whole opinion suddenly switches when it becomes apparent that she s a manipulative deeply flawed person who claims to be needed by everyone but who in fact needs them far Just an amazing depiction of life in post Soviet Russia Beautifully written even in translation though I am told by Russian friends that the original is absolutely masterful portrait of one woman s struggle to survive as a poverty stricken poet in post communist Russia while supporting a wayward daughter three randchildren and a recently released ex prisoner son Petrushevskaya is a master at depicting the dreariness hopelessness and despair of post communist life "especially for those left to scrounge for food to beg favors of their friends and to "for those left to scrounge for food to beg favors of their friends and to This book disgusted me in the same way as Naipaul s A House For Mr Biswas a story about a family that for lack of a better term sucks and just ets decrepit over time What s worse is that the narrator is inexcusably powerless in the face of the rest of her family The reader can only watch her kowtow to her children can only trace the impotent rage that seethes beneath her skin can only observe silently her feeble attempts to articulate boundaries attempts which come far too late to make any positive difference despite a thousand unheard voices screaming to the contrary much like the scene at a movie theater where the audience knows the killer is behind the next door but the idiot on the screen opens it but this novel does not provide that cathartic denouement where the knife slashes or un shoots or chainsaw dismembers and the idiot pays the ultimate idiot s priceHere only the reader pays the price forced to endure her whining and weeping How long can you stand to observe petty miserable people and their ridiculous maneuverings against among and around each other Thankfully the novel is very short and readable insofar as the language characters and situations o not a thing about it challenges the mind only one s patience I m not reading with a view towards some unrealistically happy ending those are often the most offensive but the book has nothing to offer It s like watching Reuiem For A Dream without Ellen Burstyn s scenes which not only salvaged the. Sian literature Anna Andrianova is a trite poet and disastrous parent Heading a household dominated by women she can cling to the myth of the all powerful yet suffering Ru.