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Unstable swiftly alling victim to the orceful personalities around HER AS SHE SEEKS TO EMBRACE AT ANY COST as she seeks to embrace at any cost she believes is the ghost of a lost child Sophie and the sinister Marchant reveal their unfeeling recklessness as these stronger women pursue their own impulses at the wounded Julia s obvious expenseFor those who enjoy period ghost stories that generate a sustained atmosphere or mood The uickening is a east The contrast between Fairweather s sober rational worldview and that of the irrational people with whom he must deal is illuminating Julia s plight is saddening While the ending is not completely unexpected the novel builds towards it with an inexorable sense of oreboding and despair Based on the posted reviews I was expecting to love this book Although the skill of the author came through easily the story itself left a lot to be desiredFirst things irst Mari Biella s writing style is TOP NOTCH HER CHOICE OF WORDS HER PHRASING HER notch Her choice of words her phrasing her of the scenery truly do make you Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech feel as if you are observing the story rather than just reading it It s very easy toormulate the mental image as you read alongHowever despite her obvious talents the story itself A coerência textual fallslat I m not sure why so many people have categorized this novel as horror as there is nothing remotely scary or disturbing in it It may or may not have a ghost but I never Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller felt anyear or the safety of the protagonist Although even if I had I don t think I would have cared The story is told rom the POV of Lawrence and I didn t First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There find him particularly sympathetic His depictions of his wife and child make them come across as annoying than loved I m still asking myself if I disliked the characters because Mari Biella was so effective in describing Lawrence srustration and scorn of them or if it S Just Because They Re The Type just because they re the type people I consider irritatingAs or the horror itself the big reveal a third into the novel shouldn t come as a surprise to anyone who has read or watched a recent novel or book where young married couple with a single child takes a holiday to try to escape their recent tragedy is the main plot In addition view spoiler about halfway through the novel Lawrence suffers detoxing April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers from being an apparent alcoholic despite little if any prior mention of his drinking And then aew pages later starts boozing it up again with no apparent effect on the story I had trouble reconciling this hide spoiler. ' explores the contrast between perception and truth aith and reason and history and modernity and leaves you wondering What is reali. Of Charles Williams In short The uickening rests comfortably among the works of some of the English language s most entertaining writersLawrence Fairweather a comfortably among the works of some of the English language s most entertaining writersLawrence Fairweather a gentleman of the late 19th century narrates the yarn and Biella does an excellent job of catching the ormal and slightly Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome florid prose style of the times Like so many characters in traditional English novels Fairweather does not seem to have a job and is inact an unambitious gentleman botanist of leisureBeneath the skilfully maintained mood this is also a psychological novel We see the thoughts and eelings of the rather conventional Fairweather as he narrates the story and watch through his steadfastly rational eyes #AS A STRANGE PRESENCE IN THE #a strange presence in the country house erodes his wife Julia s sanity The home s sole servant a superstitious #conspiratorial housekeeper only worsens the dreary situation i #housekeeper only worsens the dreary situation I aith in impressions ma am There s often something in them though I don t know why or how Mr Fairweather would think us as superstitious as savages if he could hear us And all the while little Hazel the couple s disturbed and increasingly neglected child suffers in earful silenceThe interplay among the characters is both interesting and revealing The stolidly sensible Fairweather who rationalizes every uncanny incident contrasts with the slightly eccentric Dr Devonald who although he professes to be a man of reason admits I m afraid that we men of science are not always as rational as we d have the world believe He is as good as his word naively and irresponsibly allowing Julia an excess of drugs As or your wife well the chloral is of a benefit than a peril I assure you She s been taking it Space Kid for months with no ill effects she told me so herself She has taken laudanum in the past at my direction Yet even he mocks theoolish romanticism of his sister Sophie telling Fairweather that She has a taste Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for the old and the ruinous and is adamant that the electric light will drive every last ounce of romancerom the world Sophie brings her riend the exotic spiritualist Adelaide Marchant onto the scene and the already raught situation begins to unravel We have the Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water fateful s ance Mrs Marchant dropped into her chair and spread her hands over the table in the manner of a stage conjurer Her eyes swept across our assembledaces and her Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus features lost their cast of slight amusement and became sombre Julia Fairweather is weak and visibly. Entistinds his scepticism being challenged by inexplicable eventsA psychological ghost story set in the Victorian Age 'The uickening. This book was a irst Troubled Waters for me in many ways Theirst book I ve read published independently by the authoran author I met here at Goodreads I was tempted to say my The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping first ghost story Not sure about the pacing but other than that I thought the writing style was phenomenalIt was something that combined paranormal and psychological ideas and blurred the lines in between The ghostsestered over time through intense grief and loss really tore a hole through my heart and gave me chillsMysterious and enthralling I was extremely impressed with this bookLet me just say irst of all that I looooove horror However I read very little horror because I ve ound there are so ew books out there that are done really well I ve ripped through everything by Stephen King Anne Rice Clive Barker Lovecraft and other classic authors so I usually either know exactly how a plot is going to play out or the story just isn t scary to meThis book completely surprised me AND it scared the hell out of me Hence me being extremely impressedThe story takes place in the late 19th century I think 1890 is the year specified and opens with a rational minded man his tortured wife and their silent daughter returning to their home in the rural English countryside after months spent in Europe We soon ind out that they spent so much time abroad in an attempt to run away rom the horrible things that have awaited them at this isolated in an attempt to run away rom the horrible things that have awaited them at this isolated they call home The uickening is above all a novel of mood It has a pleasing uality of intriguing Owls: Birds of the Night familiarity that brings other writers and their works to mind while at the same time setting out its own uniue ambiance As an oldashioned atmospheric ghost story the author s style suggests that of a young Wilkie Collins or a less ornate Edgar Allan Poe The eel and theme of the story inevitably bring to mind Henry James classic The Turn of the Screw The isolated house and lat marshy landscape of the setting remind one of William Hope Hodgson s The House on the Borderland although Biella s story is pure horror without the science iction elements introduced to such tales by Hodgson The intelligent cosy conversations between Fairweather and the local medic Doctor Devonald echo similar talks between those in charge in the upper class adventure novels of John Buchan The creepy spiritualist Mrs Marchant with her dramatic s ance one of the novel s most powerful scenes recalls the supernatural thrillers. A strange orce awakens in an abandoned house A young girl is struck mute A grieving woman is haunted by a spectral presence and a sci. ,

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