E–pub/Kindle The Unforgiving Minute AUTHOR Sarah Granger

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S many who used to grace his teenage walls One than Other However Has Always however has always his idol Perfectly poised in tennis and life Josh Andrews is the wunderkind tennis on his comeback after a torn ACL and several year absence from the circuit Meeting his inordinately beautiful and talented hero in real life well that s a big disappointmentRyan s personal life seems to progress with his success at the game and the time he spends as a part of the famous and elite players the he realizes he deserves to be among them In correlation his confidence in his own performance shines It seems that everyone has undervalued him but that s only because his successful rise is climbing faster than their EXPECTATIONS HE SOON FINDS THAT HE He soon finds that he friends and a place among the top tennis worldRyan is eternally optimistic but with that comes a tenacity and perseverance When he still can t get his mind off of Josh Andrews even when everyone else seems to have a conflicting observation about the man Ryan decides to speak to him himself Soon after their paths continue to cross and the two become friends But what Ryan expected to find in Josh Andrews is rather different than what he finds a conflicted somewhat broken man only held together by the determination to winThe biggest part of what made this book so satisfying was in the creation of Chase MItchell the antagonist Granger is pretty crafty in the trajectory of Mitch s character though I have to tell you that while I couldn t have said just what direction the book ultimately took I didn t warm up to him at all Pardon me while I go off on a tangent you might not understand unless you ve read the book Under the tag view spoilerWhen we first meet him he comes off with just the right amount of cultured charm which probably intentionally slightly rubs the reader He seems like the ind of guy with ulterior motives but he s handsome charming and doesn t really display any ind of negative behavior at least to Ryan It s was also pretty clear to me that he had some secrets by his few mentions of Josh to Ryan and the fact that Ryan is never in the same room as both of them By the time the story is set up to reveal the real Mitch he goes from confidante and friend to Ryan yet coming betwixt the two of them to the absolutely perfect target and one of the reasons to bring Ryan and Josh together for a final time And when you finally hear about all of his past deeds and crimes and realize just how despicable of a man he really is then he s the perfect antagonist and a perfect opportunity for Josh to get his comeback And through Josh Ryan as well hide spoiler This book was a pretty solid 4 stars through out the first 3 uarters A slow start with a decent build up of characters and story I fell for Ryan straight away and can t help but think of him as a taller Jimmy Connors lol Josh I new was than he appeared at first and Mitch caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up from the startThe romance in this was beautifully done no instant love but a slow and steady build from admiration to loveThe drama was a little clich d view spoilerI m afraid I m not happy with characters that make assumptions and run away without talking hide spoiler 35 starsI m inda surprised that I hadn t ever heard of this book It has a 4 rating on Goodreads and a lot of my connections had read it But it remained completely under the radar for meI grew up playing tennis I took lessons played for my school played for a club was ranked as a junior I was obsessed with the sport I had tennis magazines everywhere I dreamed about marrying Mats Wilander don t look him uphe hasn t aged welllet s just substitute childhood fantasies w adult ones and say I dreamed of Roger Federerhubba hubba I did all I could to now everything about the sport and the goings on off the courtSo this book was such a guilty pleasure for me and really took me back to those daysRyan the MC the up and comer in the tennis world is full of energy and life He s admittedly naive but he s also fiercely loyal He has a huge heart and loves the game He also loves Josh Josh was his idol growing up even though they re only 2 years apart He s the star the best Ly to be ignored Crushed he realizes the golden boy of tennis isn't all he seems Only in the team building environment of training for the Davis Cup does Josh open up enough for them to grow closer Their developing relationship is everything Ryan ever wanted and he is blissfully happy But inevitably they have to play against each other and everything changes. I ve given this book 5 stars because I ve been obsessed with tennis since I was a small child and this is the book I ve always wanted to read about it Haha Jokes I ve never watched a single tennis match in my life and the one time i tried to and the one time I tried to tennis I hit myself in the face with the racuet But that second part is still true I enjoyed this book hugely despite often not understanding the tennis stuff It s well written and engaging and I was really rooting for the main couple It tells the story of Ryan Betancourt a pro tennis underdog #Who Makes Good And Ends #makes good and ends getting to PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition know one of his tennis idols rather well Wink wink nudge nudge Anyway what I really liked about it is that it felt authentic but was alsoind of cinematic with a well paced build up to a climactic and satisfying ending no not that Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography kind of climactic I m not sure if it will stand up as well to a reread but I can say that this is the first book I ve read in ages that I didn t delete from myindle after finishing because I really wanna read it again I enjoyed reading about Ryan and Josh These two were cute together I also enjoyed the Tennis Such a sweet read 45This was so good The story focuses around goofy adorable Ryan who after growing into his gangly limbs he s 6 5 has started to become a powerhouse on the tennis world tour and Josh the top tennis seed for men s singles Ryan is all emotion and passion for life and the game and Josh is closed off and regards tennis as very much a business and a job for him since he won his first tournament when he was five years old I could not put this book down It s a really wonderful sports story and the world of professional tennis players was pretty fascinating I liked that we saw it from the perspective of someone new to the circuit and someone who was established it was interesting to see how they both had very different experiences The relationship build between Ryan and Josh was such a treat to read I loved how Ryan lightened up Josh and Josh s work ethic influenced Ryan s playing They were freaking adorable together Great natural dialogue between characters and there was a tense road to Wimbledon which gave us a pretty awesome center court showdown If I had any uibble it would be that Mitch was such a horrible guy I loved the whole frenemy aspect to his character but I almost felt his history with Josh went too far in some regards but I loved what happened to him in the end You don t have to love tennis or even love sports MM to read this book There s a lightness here and sweetness of characters but I never found them saccharine They were professional tennis players and that drive and skill was very evident The author did a great job of showing us a glimpse of this world while giving us a fantastic romance Highly recommended Let me start this review with a couple of disclaimers1 I enjoy watching tennis though haven t gotten the chance to 35I uite enjoyed this one This is really a sport romance where the sport plays a very significant part and is not just used as some random background for a love story There was some drama and the misunderstanding part which was uite entertaining and I liked Ryan a lot Too bad there was no Josh POVWhat I didn t like so much was that often the author told about the events after they Took Place Especially Events place Especially events I would have wanted to read in real time view spoiler I love you Josh had said Ryan had just rolled over to turn off the alarm and switch on the light cursing the fact their flight was so damn early When he d turned back Josh had said it to him hide spoiler 45 stars I really enjoyed this well told story of two gay closeted tennis players finding meaning to life beyond the game in each other Ryan the POV character is delightful talented and in love with his sport thrilled to be finally breaking into the top ranks as his game starts to really come together and young and awkward enough both on court and off to make mistakes of enthusiasm and naivet His POV rang very true to me and I enjoyed him a lot He s gay and closeted only because being out would have some repercussions in his sport and in the locker rooms and he has no strong reason to be otherwise Bu. Ryan Betancourt has got it made he’s reached the top tier of the tennis world thanks to a wild card entry to the US Open Ryan is meeting players he has idolized for years including his teenage crush Josh Andrews But he isn’t ready for the politics and manipulation that come with life at the top Josh Andrews is closeted private and difficult to get to no.

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T he has a major crush on Josh the guy whose poster used to be over his bed and whose perfection of both play and looks have drawn Ryan for years Now suddenly he finds himself playing in the same ranks with the right to finally walk casually past his crush and say well the second time he manages to sueak Hey Josh Josh is the star at the top of his game but isolated by his intense focus and his driven protective entourage of father trainer and coach who manage his life His father in particular is focused on making Josh protective entourage of father trainer and coach who manage his life His father in particular is focused on making Josh success and micromanages every detail of his time and publicity Josh has the combination of looks and talent to make him a huge success but he likes tennis as his work not as the joy of his life and with few good friends or relationships his life is hollow at its core At first he ignores Ryan but the combination of Ryan s enthusiasm his blond looks and coltish not uite grace catch Josh s attention And one night in another tournament hotel saying Hi how are you nice game becomes a issI liked the balance of the romance and the sport in this To me it hit the sweet spot tennis was clearly the center of these guys lives and the tournaments and the individual games were important to the plot But the level of detail was never too long or too technical for a non player like myself to read I enjoyed the conflicts between Ryan s open optimistic enthusiasm and Josh s careful managed been burned approach The secondary characters were very good especially Ryan s best friend Elena I liked that the people around Josh were a good combination of tennis focused and friends for him and even his father became less one dimensional over time There are no deeply emotional moments in this one but there are some ups and downs To The Plot And the plot and relationship It s sweet but a sweetness that is warm and fun not syrupy The ending was not unanticipated but the way it played out was very satisfying with some nice details This goes on my shelf of books to reread 375 stars Solid romance with a very interesting sports setting The romance between newbie Ryan and high ranking player Josh is nice It didn t blow me away but it was still good and Ryan and Josh are uite appealing Particularly the goofy heart on his sleeve crowd favourite Josh They are very different people Josh s father a former pro player who never uite made it to the top is uite controlling and Josh has been groomed for pro tennis since childhood Ryan on the other hand just has a natural talent much to the bemusement of his hippie parents who rarely attend the games So he has a healthier outlook than Josh The two of them are actually very good for each other in this respect I was glad to see that Josh s father was not turned into the villain He is in fact a satisfyingly 3 dimensional character The character causing the conflict is fellow tennis player Mitch I thought his role was foreshadowed too strongly and the outcome was so obvious that this part of the story was lacking in suspense and intrigue What really stood out for me was the authentic backdrop of the Australian Open The Davis Cup and of course the big climax on the centre court at Wimbledon This was well balanced and well thought out I enjoyed who ended up facing each other in the final match I m not a big tennis fan and I don t think you need to be to enjoy this story Review posted at The Armchair Reader45 starsAwwwwwwwwwwwSo that s how I feel now just having finished this In the words of Fake Joy Behar Fred Armison So What Who Cares This might not be the perfectly executed book but it wins on than one account most importantly rating high on the Swoon MeterIt took a late blooming start for Ryan Betancourt to play in the big leagues against his childhood idols and masters of tennis but in the past year something clicked for him His maybe late but now meteoric rise from the Futures and Challengers tournaments won him a wild card place in the US Open and his new confident playing gave him the points the enter the top tier of international men s singles and entrance into the most celebrated top tournaments worldwide Sincerely optimistic without fault Ryan starts the season in awe of the his new contemporarie. W He’s been playing tennis since he could walk won his first tournament at five and was sent to Spain at thirteen to attend a tennis academy Before a nee injury forced him into a year off he was ranked the number one player in the world Now he’s back and intent on winning Josh and Ryan first meet at a tournament in Brisbane Ryan excitedly greets Josh on.
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The Unforgiving Minute