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This was actually a uite enjoyable book uick breezy several good turns of phrase and a few good zigs just when you think you ve got it figured out where he s going with the whole werewolf thingOf course I initially purchased out of espect for the author Nicholas Pekearo found out from his agent that this book would be published and then three days later he was killed in the line of duty as an NYPD Auxillary cop while pursuing a guy who had just shot up a pizza parlor on Houston Real heroic stuffBut the book indeed stands on its own I do not have positive nor negative eview for this book I found the plot to be interesting and different For a thriller involving a cursed man werewolf the author presents a different perspective of the werewolf s life Like the hulk in end game Marlowe accepts the werewolf that lives within him Like Jack eacher MARLOWE LIVES LIKE A HOMELESS NOMAD MOVING TOWN TO lives like a homeless nomad moving town to At the same time he manages to direct the wolf to not kill innocent blood which is the lesser evil of two choices As I Tigers in Normandy read the book I saw a character who embraced the curse yet used it to se This book came to me from a number of websites that stated that it was one of the best werewolf fictions out there so I decided to grab it I was not let downPekearo has crafted a dynamic story laden with interesting characters haunting situations and horrific crimes There are a lot of elements within this novel that work extremely well so it s going to be hard to nail all of them down here in thiseview so I ll just Touch On The Top on the top characters in The Wolfman are easily one of the most interesting aspects of this novel Each one has a depth to them that most authors don t put into their characters these days The protagonist himself has many different layers and a checkered past that he draws on throughout the story You can tell Pekearo s law enforcement background within this story by the way he handles police officers and criminals Each one draws the Presidential Secrecy and the Law reader in and than once will frustrate you with their actions Even the werewolf which is done in the broadest strokes of them all has a character all its own andemains cloaked in mystery and myth that works extremely well within this story Another element that Pekearo does well is dealing with the werewolf curse itself The laws he sets up for the curse work and work well The protagonist s dealings with his other side are mysterious yet believable enough that not once did I uestion its mythological nature in the story Instead it emains a tool for the story and helps to add to the unknown nature of the Rose Killer From the diner to the old tree Pekearo created a living setting for his tale Each piece of setting is a character unto themselves and he manages to paint a very ealistic world for his characters to inhabit I had no problems imagining what the town was like as the story moved from location to location each one handled with skilled prose and just the Hume on Religion right level of detail I will state however that Pekearo s storyline is fairly formulaic with all theight plot points any true horror or thriller fan will Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 recognize Even the final meeting with the Rose Killer is predictable in its outcome However this does not detract away from the story itself and in fact helps enhance it for theeader as you know what is going to happen and are waiting for it like a avenous wolf In the end I am extremely sad that Pekearo is no longer among us I would have loved to have seen where his writing would have evolved to and the "world is a poorer place at his loss The Wolfman is easily one of the best books I have "is a poorer place at his loss The Wolfman is easily one of the best books I have this year and I would ecommend it to anyone looking for a good werewolf story As the editor tells us in his beginning note Nicholas Pekearo didn t get to do much writing before his death The Wolfman is his debut book and he had envisioned a series of books featuring the Vietnam Veteran Marlowe Higgin. Marlowe Higgins has had a hard life Since being dishonorably discharged after a tour in Vietnam he's been in and out of prison moving from town to town going wherever the wind takes him He can’t stay in one place too long every full moon he kills someoneMarlowe Higgins is a werewolf For years he. S and his dark secret but alas Nicholas was killed in the line of duty working as an unarmed volunteer police officer in New York cityThis is in fact uite sad for many The Widow's Lawman reasons but the main one that touches me and you personally is that he was one hell of a writer This iseally an awesome book never minding that it s his first published one It has crude language hard Characters And Real Funny Moments In Between But Ultimately It and eal funny moments in between but ultimately it a thrillerhorror book so there s a nice amount of gore to
enjoy as welli 
as wellI ecommend this book to any thrillerhorror enthusiasts out there even though we know that there will be no such books from Pekearo Such a shame Early in this novel during the prologue a character driving his car on a lonely oad encounters a creature that we know is a werewolf though he doesn t The beast leaps onto the hood of the car and then the narrator tells us crouched "There Glaring In At The Driver Like He Owed Him "glaring in at the driver like he owed him That line made me laugh out loud That s a eaction I never had from a typical werewolf novel and I ve God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace read a few What makes this debut novel such a funead is that unexpected mashup of wit and dismantlement of the cliche I didn t know that the author was a volunteer auxiliary cop who died heroically in the line of duty just before this novel was published and I didn t buy it for that Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris reason there are a lot of dead authors with great books out there frankly Bad joke I know The point is Nicholas Pekearo managed to invest the typical cliche werewolf tale with an original voice and style and an interesting conceit to boot the eponymous werewolf is a Dexter my phrase not the author s who kills only bad guys And it s a funead The Wolfman is Pekearo s first and only novel published posthumously While definitely having a modern feel this book mostly sticks with the traditional werewolf motif uncontrollable killing machine transforming by the light of the full moon passed down through a family curse awakening the next day with no memory of what he has done Marlowe feels like a The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education realistic character pretty messed up in a lot of ways but trying to deal with his curse Two issues I do have with his version of the werewolf are 1 Even though the origins of the curse seems to be non Christian the powers of the beast seem to have some sort ofelationship to Christianity in a way that is never made clear 2 After becoming human again the protagonist sometimes acuires bits of his victims traits or knowledges in a way similar to Liv in I Zombie While this an interesting concept in some ways it seems like the author introduced this as a way to feed the The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry reader certain pieces of information to advance the plot I m not strictly AGAINST either of these ideas but they don t seem fully fleshed out I enjoyed the writing style fast paced first person narrative verging on hard boiled His Chandler esue expressions are a mixed bag some decent some overdone Overall I give this a 35 I would have been interested in seeing where Pekearo was planning on taking the seriesEDIT I juste The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism read the GR description of the book and it s got a couple of errors 1 His discharge from the army wasn t dishonorable it was psychological after being found wandering in the jungle naked and covered in blood suffering from amnesia after the destruction of his suad 2 Marlowe never spent time in prison Sometimes jail and hospital wards but never long enough to go to trial since 28 days is about how long anyon The concept was solid but the execution was a wee bit boring for me This should have been a book I loved based off of my taste in books but very early one I just couldn t get into this story Usually when I give a 2 starating there is something wrong with the book to make me dislike it but this book is uniue as there isn t Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution really anything wrong with it I can see many people liking and even loving this book but I just saw the book as uninteresting To me the narration. Struggled with his affliction until he found a way to use this unfortunate curse for good he only killseally bad people Settling at last in the small town of Evelyn Higgins works at a local A Kangaroo's Life restaurant and even has a friend Daniel Pearce one of Evelyn's two police detectivesOne night everythin. Read a bit monotonous and I didn teally care about the main character in the sense that I didn t Georg Buchner: Contemporary Perspectives really care what happened to him after a while My interest throughout this book was a straight line that nevereally changed There were plenty of moments I thought about DNFing this book but I hoped that I would be surprised by a turn in the story I m sad to say that never happened because I Filosofía e inmanencia really wanted to love this book Don t let myating influence those who want to The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life read this book If you find the premise interesting then give it a shot As I said before I can see plenty of people liking and loving this book All I m trying to say with myating and this eview is that the story wasn t bad it just wasn t for me This book presents a bit of a conundrum to me I eally Murder in Gutenthal really wanted to like it The summaryteaser on the dustjacket outlined an excellent plot and Ieally thought the main character sounded very interesting Unfortunately the best word the main character sounded very interesting Unfortunately the best word can come up with to describe the book is either of these cliched or predictable I don t want to be that guy but it was obvious to me about halfway through the book who the serial killer was On the plus side I don t think the author was One of Our Thursdays Is Missing really going for a huge or unexpected twist at the end the hints were laid on pretty thick The focus I think and hope was supposed to be mostly on Marlowe the main character and figure of tragedy and his struggle toetain some form of control over himself and what esides inside him It s a bummer the author died so soon The editor s preface talked about how Pekearo was planning on making a series of stories about Marlo Have you ever had to endure a guy at work or at a party that thinks he "is superbly clever and charming but is eally the most cliche sexist dumbwit in the oom This "superbly clever and charming but is eally the most cliche sexist dumbwit in the The People from the Sea room This is that guy It kept meeading because while the plot points are completely unoriginal and entirely predictable they St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves re new to the werewolf myth AND occasionally this guy has a decent cadence and can actually from time to time write a clever metaphor No matter what he thinks though he s no Raymond Chandler This was an excellent debut for young Nicholas Pekearo The book had a new feelslant to an old story The Wolfman I thought this had the makings of a good series We ll never know To uotePekearo s unusual blend of Bukowskiesue misanthropismLovecraftian horrorand hard boiled existentialism a la Ed McBain make the novel s intimatefirst person narration an unforgettableeadCrime fiction paranormal fantasy and horror fans alike should cherish this outstanding debut Chicago TribuneThis book eceived high praise from Joe R Lansdale and Jack Ketchum among othersThis is not a spoiler alert this is eal lifeAlas Nicholas Pekearo was shot and killed on the night of March 142007 while on duty as an NYPD Auxiliary officer volunteer This information and further details are given by eric aab march 2008in an given by Eric Raab March 2008in an note at the first of the book At the end of The Wolfman story there is an addendum to MrPekearo s posthumously published first novel His life underscored by a piece he did for the Empire State College literary magazine Many Waters in May 2005I m just copying some of what is statedwith utmost espectThe piece Twilight of the Idols recounts the first day Nick joined the NYPD Auxiliary police force The irony of the title is heartbreaking THE WALKING TARGET The first time I put on a police uniformI looked at myself in the mirror hooked to the door of my lockerand Iemember the look on my face being one of pure shock I couldn t believe where I was that I d actually striven to be there I couldn t believe that they d let a nut like me get this far I couldnt believe what I was about to do go out on the streets of New York City in that fucking monkey suit that walking target that uniform and fight the forces of darkness YesThe Wolfman is a very good story But the Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, real story is Nicholas Pekearo A TRUE HERO God Bless. G changes It turns out Marlowe Higgins isn’t the only monster lurking in the area A fiendish serial killer known as the Rose Killer is brutally murdering young girls all around the county Higgins targets the killer as his next victim but on the night of the full moon things go drastically wron.

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