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Not love but to help her father and keep her charity she is willing to sacrifice herself for it When father and keep her charity she is willing to sacrifice herself for it When is kidnapped though she is confused as to why The man Kinley was about to marry is not who she thinks and the man she befriended recently is not who he claimed to be either feeling utterly betrayed Kinley doesn t know who to trustLaw Anders was the man watching Kinley he knew she was the one who he and his brother and best friend have been looking for However Dominic Anthony is focused on revenge for his sisters death and his brother Riley can t believe a woman of Kinley s station can be trusted Both don t expect Kinley to be So Endearing But She Is Dealing With endearing but she is dealing with stupid for not seeing what was going on around her and is worried she is getting played again The three men will have to figure out how to earn her trust and keep her safely by their sideEntertaining read enjoyed Kinley who had uiet a bit of spunk Had some very funny moments with Kinley and the dogs they own Dominic was pure dom Riley was aloof and Law was a sweetheart Another wonderful read from Shayla Black and Lexi Blake Great book I don t usually like books where the heroine is abducted and held captive and abused but this one wasn t like that The sex was hot and the BDSM wasn t over the top I liked the fact that the heroine Kinley is BBW I ve read them out of order it may be because I m a little confused about the characters but I m not sure if I liked this one was much as the others this one was much as the others the series However I gave it 4 stars because I have to say again that the sex scenes were hot Re read for the 2nd timeLast read on 7232015I don t really have anything to add after reading for the 2nd time except that I would love to read of this series that I haven t read before but I m just unwilling to plop down 5 for the book I m hoping maybe I can find it in paperback or ebook at my local library I will reiterate that I ain t built for this kinda shit but Lor. Handle them allFrom Target to TreasureIn the wilds of Alaska the three men try to pry Kinley open only to discover she’s both stronger and innocent than they imagined Her sweet beauty melts their suspicion and steals their hearts Together they awaken her passion and brand her as their own When danger strikes the men realize they must save Kinley or lose the love of their lives foreve.

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In than just the bedroom Overall this book had it moments which is why I m sticking to the four star instead of 3 I would have gone with a 35 if that was an option 4 Stars I "Started Reading This Series At "reading this series at point in 2013 and as ou can see from my ratings I uite enjoyed the books I pu Really good not the best of the series but loved the storyline and even had a few tears for Kinley here there she really got effed over by so many people You gotta read it to find out how My only gripe is that while there is a HEA no cliffhanger and a step up for her BFFs story it felt the ending was sort of abrupt Where was the epilogue Or of a step up of where Annabelle s story will go with the the lawyers like how that last book brought us this book w Kinley s kidnappingWith that it was a good addition to the series I loved the drama and suspense with this story 3 hot guys and a cute little dog 35 sexy though slightly clich d and unoriginal starsThis series has been a guilty pleasure of mine for whenever I need a go to smutty and sexy little read Unfortunately it seems that they have gotten just too predictable lately Ever since book 3 it seems that they are all written on the same formulaTake a 20 something virgin that is also extremely shy with self image issues and a somewhat broken pastAdd three Doms with issues of their own But for variety s sake make one of them be already pretty much in love with the heroine the second one surly and lusting after the heroine but unsure about the relationship and third one Be A Plain Asshole a plain asshole relationship issues who is uestioning pretty much everythingAdd in a few spankings some bondage shake and Climate, Society and Subsurface Politics in Greenland you gotourself a menage COCKtailEntertaining SomewhatSmutty Well duhOriginalNot so muchWill I read the next book if there will be one Probably But I certainly won t be rushing to to purchase itFor reviews visit Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog Kinley Kohl is about to be married to a man she does. Anthony has waited ears to avenge his sister’s murder He knows Greg Jansen is dirty but he needs a witness to help prove his case Jansen’s new bride is the perfect hostage Kinley Kohl will tell him everythingor else But his two business partners aren’t so sure Law and Riley Anders worry that Kinley isn’t as guilty as she seems And Law suspects she might be the one woman who can. Oh my I really really liked this one I mean It s the least fave of this series but love the plus sized heroine DRating 45 Scorching Stars This is the fifth installment in the Masters Of Menage series featuring Dominic Riley and Law This trio was cameoed in the previous installment Their Virgin Princess which ended with a video showing the trio kidnapping Kinley Kohl just prior to her wedding Heck she was in her actual wedding gown Knowing that I was still able to enjoy the antics Knowing that I was still able to enjoy the antics the socialite who of course is a virgin is given the potential to have a fantasy affair with these three Yummy I ll just cut to the chase This installment isn t one of my favs Had potential and I did appreciate the adult content scenes which included menage mf and mfmm action But The plot itself was weak and there are obvious inconsistencies in the storyline which I attribute to the fact that this is a two author collaboration and things weren t caught sorry spoiler potential so i can t get into them along the way On the other hand it could have been that the previous two installments had set the bar and this book fell fall short of my expectations and hopes Things started slowly and I had a hard time getting into it as it dragged along for the first third of this book Happily things started to look up when a very dangerous et cute Moose jump started the action scenes teaser reference and I settled in to hopefully have a change of heart in my feelings Unfortunately things switched to the other extreme and all I can say is sex sex sex The end result is the climatic
ending had a 
had a feeling that was of a wrap up of things than a natural progression of events I really wish payback is a btch and revenge is best served cold attitude would have been infused into this book Sure I love to experience a budding relationship but give me something to anchor it to Actionadventuremysterythrillersuspensefight scenes I want to know the good guy triumphs. One Hostage BrideKinley Kohl agrees to marry wealthy Greg Jansen to save her family Her wedding day should be the happiest of her lifeexcept that she doesn’t love him And she can’t help but wonder if she’s making a mistake Even so she refuses to let her loved ones down Then moments before her nuptials she’s kidnapped and her whole life changesThree Determined MercenariesDominic. ,


Their Virgin Hostage