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African Literature 9 kThe top at times I usually enjoy multiple points of view but it took me a while to get everyone straightWhile this novel didn t grip me as much as Our House did I still thought it was a decent read with aicker of an ending that "i didn t see comingi look forward to "didn t SEE COMINGI LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT THIS AUTHOR COMES comingI look forward to what this author comes with next I d like to thank Berkley Books for providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own The development of the plot of this book unfolds at the breakneck pace of OJ s Bronco chase on the LA 405 freeway only it s not nearly as entertainingI always eep notes as I m reading a bookuotes pivotal moments etc I only had one note on this book upon completion and that waspage 113that s how long it took for something of the most miniscule bit of interesting to happen in this book and even that something was so cursory I nearly drowned in it s wakeThe best descriptive word that comes to mind for this story is LABORIOUS with a capital L for LAWD LET THIS BOOK END ALREADYI looooved the domestic cray cray of Our House by this author but this book was insipid domestic and about as cray as Cocoa Puffs 2 Stars because I thought the format was cleverly composed I received an ARC from via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Menacing topsy turvy brassyTHOSE PEOPLE by LOUISE CANDLISH is an outlandish eccentric and wacky tale that definitely amused and entertained this reader The fun here is deciphering who Those People are and seeing what lengths they will go to in order to protect their cushy neighborhood from those not so likeable new neighbors Hmmm or maybe it s the not so new residents LOUISE CANDLISH DELIVERS A VIVID ENTERTAINING AND STEADY PACED READ HERE a vivid entertaining and steady paced read here lots of unlikeable characters to either be entertained by or maybe a little disgusted with I chose to be entertained by them and couldn t get enough of their idiosyncrasiesThe mystery unfolds slowly from alternating perspectives as we meet the neighbors There is uite a huge cast of characters to eep track of which I did find a little bit confusing in Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide keeping them all straight and who belonged to whomI didn t really think there were any real surprises here but I did really enjoy the way this story was formatted Which definitely set a menacing and sinister tone here for a fun and entertaining read 35 Stars This was a Traveling Sisters Read and this book produced uite the awesome discussion Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing and to Louise Candlish for gifting me a copy of this bookReview can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog NeighborsAren t they the worst Imagine living next to Those People Younow the ones who break down walls don t follow the rules park where they want play loud music etc They suck right But what about the neighbors who think it is their job to police the neighborhood and make it their mission to make their unruly neighbors fall in line This was slow all the way through for me Yes it looks at behavior and social class First impressions go a long way and the neighbors in this book really failed here I think most readers can relate to one time or another of having a neighbor or neighbors who was annoying or obnoxious in some way In this book readers are presented with their characters perspectives and their versions of what occurred but are they being truthful Try finding a likable character I dare you You may find one or two but in the end even they might let you downAlthough I did not enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed Our House said that I do believe this is a great book for book clubs There is a lot to discuss in this book and whether one enjoys this book or not there is a lot to discuss and stories of bad neighbors to shareThis was a Traveling Sisters Group readI received a copy of this book from Berkley Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own Let it be Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery known that I am absolute trash for Domestic Drama from Louise CandlishShe has such anack for portraying the dark side of an otherwise mundane domestic landscape Additionally I really enjoy how she formats her stories The use of mixed me. Hbors get along and the Conjure In African American Society kids play together on weekendsBut when Darren and Jodie move into the house on the corner they donʼt follow the rules They blast music at all hours begin an unsightly renovation and run a used car busi. Ever had some dreadful neighbors This couple just moved in and have disrupted the happy neighbors on Lowland Way When Darren and Jodie move inall hell breaks lose Can you hear the whispersI couldill him Well of course they didn t mean it literally did theyThe pages are filled with some very unlikable characters and a menacing tone The new neighbors completely put the prior family friendly atmosphere and turned it on it s headThe mystery element was strong and I was super curious to find out The pace is steady but the need to find out made this one a page turner for me I was entertained and thanking my lucky stars for normal neighborsI had fun guessing throughout wondering how far some people would go and surprised by some shockers than onceSign me up for Candlish s next novel please Fans of this author and her uniue style will enjoy this oneThanks to Berkley for my review copyPub date on June 11 2019 Lowland Way is a uiet community minded street in South London Until the Booth s move into number 1 that is Playing loud music at all hours noisy household renovations not to mention the illegal car dealing business they

running from the house taking all the resident s parking spaces the Booths are definitely not welcome "in Lowland WayThe neighbours are up in arms Complaints go unheeded well in fact they just "Lowland WayThe neighbours are up in arms Complaints go unheeded well in fact they just the problem The once well manicured street has turned to a pile of rubble bringing the housing prices down The neighbours unite against the Booths Then a tragedy happensI did enjoy his psychological thriller reading it in a day It s full of unlikeable characters both the Booths and the neighbours though I m sure that s intended The conclusion was somewhat satisfying but honestly I doubt I ll remember this book in a months time My thanks to Simon Schuster Australia for an uncorrected proof to read and review the opinions are entirely my own My reviews can also be seen at StarsHaving had my fair share of horrible neighbors I was looking forward to reading this novel As I m writing this I m pretty sure my upstairs neighbors are all jumping up and down at the same time I used to have a neighbor who complained that we made a lot of noise but the times she said it was noisy we weren t even home On top of that SHE would play the same Sarah Mclachlan song over and over until four AM Also had people that lived next door who wrestled loudly every nightOn to the bookLowland Way is a place with beautiful homes and friendly people They even have Play Out Sunday where everyone moves their cars so the children can play outside freely and safelyThe book opens as police are interviewing everyone because of a recent death in the neighborhoodEight weeks earlierRalph and NAOMI MORGAN LIVE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO RALPH S Morgan live right next door to Ralph s Finn and his wife Tess They ve lived side by side on Lowland Way for the last twelve years Naomi works and Tess is a stay at home mother Therefore Tess often helps out with the children family pets etc Everyone is happy with this situation Or are theyHouse number one on has been empty since the owner passed away a year ago But it s not empty any The new residents Darren and Jodie Booth are not very friendly far from it Darren is blunt and sarcastic and Jodie isn t much betterRight from the start the Booth s loud renovations blaring music and numerous cars parked all over the place cause problems for the rest of their neighborsThe Booth s house is attached to Anthony Ant and Em Kendall s house Their shared wall almost constantly vibrates from either drilling andor loud rock music The noise Womens Political Activism in Palestine keeps their baby and everyone else up until all hoursSissy Watkins lives in number two She lives alone but runs a lovely bed and breakfast Sissy s BB got great ratingsuntil the Booth s moved inThe Booth s have destroyed the comfortable way of life on Lowland Way Everyone is at each other s throats Something has to giveIn the midst of all the craziness someone dies Was it an accident or the result of foul playAnd the madness doesn t stop thereI really enjoyed Louise Candlish s previous novel Our House While I thought the plot for this novel was intriguing I found it a bit over. From the author of the international bestseller Our House a new novel of twisty domestic suspense asks Could you hate your neighbor enough to plot toill him Lowland Way is the suburban dream The houses are beautiful the neig. Dia such as police interviews newspaper articles texts and "Emails I Love ThatThis "I absolutely love thatThis is set on Lowland a uiet residential street in a posh suburban neighborhood The envy of other neighborhoods it seems like the perfect place to live and raise a family Everyone gets along swimmingly As a neighborhood they have organized play out Sunday where the street literally gets blocked off to cars and the Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, kids play in the street all day while the parents relax and socialize Basically a weekly block partyEveryone cooperates Everyone participates It s perfectThat is until Darren and Jodie move into 1 after Darren inherits the property They bring with them loud music inappropriate language and a dodgy renovation project not to mention the numerous cars he actively works on and sells from his drivewayThe icing on the cake being they refuse to follow the rules of play out Sunday and continue driving cars on the street gasp and clutch pearlsAs you can imagine neighbors are not impressed In fact their presence causes so much stress that several people discuss selling and moving on Long term owners on the street refuse to be cowed by the newcomers however and the diabolical scheming beginsY all these neighbors are savageThey take their domestic peace extremely SERIOUSLY I can t say I blame them but damn the stuff they come up with BrutalI had a really great time reading this As with Our House younow from the very beginning that a crime has occurred but you aren t uite sure who the victim is Overtime through interviews and the perspectives of multiple characters the true story is revealed This style for me makes the plot move along very uickly and I love starting a new chapter in order to see someone else s point of viewAt this point I am a fangirl for Candlish and will definitely continue to pick up any Domestic Drama she writes Thank you so much to the publisher Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I truly appreciate it 35One downside of home ownership is the sadness of watching a beloved neighbor pack up and move on Another is the accompanying anxiety of who will be moving in just mere yards from you Cross your fingers As I m writing this I m watching a for sale sign going up across the street and cringingThe residents of Lowland Way neighborhood are in for a big shock when the epitome of all bad neighbors moves in at the end of the block Doi TWO STARSEvidently I m not a good fit for this author She writes with a curious detachment that makes me feel so unsympathetic to the characters and bored with the story I felt this way with her previous novel Our House except there were some elements of that plot I found interestingUgggghhh I can t say I found this plot anything but DULL THOSE PEOPLE moves at a glacial pace and I just can t be bothered to even relate much to you in a review If you are a big Louise Candlish fan then I m sure you will enjoy this one Her writing style is just not my cup of English tea Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read the early galley and offer my honest opinion 35 StarsWhat a great premise for a twisty domestic thriller that explores the darker side of human social interaction in such an entertaining way Things start off a bit slow here as we get to now both sides of those people and soon tempers are flaring and hostilities escalate and the characters are driven to their breaking points At times my head was spinning with those twisty turns the story took and how I felt about the characters shifted as we started to see them conflicted and reacting to each other s behaviourThe end came together so well in such a satisfying way for me I highly recommend for a fun and entertaining readNorma and I read Those People with a few members of the Traveling Sisters Goodreads Group and it lead to uite the entertaining discussion and we talked about these people and shared stories about our neighborhoods from different parts of the world and I think we all can relate to Those People in some wayThank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for our complimentary copiesFor our bloghttpstwosisterslostinacouleecom2. Ness from their yard It doesn't take long for an all out war to start brewingThen early one Saturday a horrific death shocks the street As police search for witnesses accusations start flying and everyone has something to hide. ,
Those People