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My Lover dScouraging it is really uite well written and readable A really interesting and smart ethnography of black and white male thuggangsta rap listeners Jeffriesoes the guilty bit about how his research oesn t cover everyone near the end "calling for Similar Productions Concerning Female Non American GLTB productions concerning female non American GLTB younger listeners to which sure He finds "for similar productions concerning female non American GLTB and younger listeners to which sure He finds really interesting things out including that these listeners ivide along racial lines in thinking about who created rap black listeners see it as related to and speaking about their collective identity and struggle whites on t "but not about things like authenticity which seems "not about things like authenticity which seems their minds to have much to o with commercialism bad femininity bad and talking too much about money bad if it s not authentic which makes Jay Z OK They re also Amics affect our understanding of contemporary hip hop especially when the music perpetuates stereotypes of black men Do black listeners interpret hip hop Aspects of South African Literature differently from white fansThese uestions haveogged hip hop for The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused decades but unlike most pundits Michael P Jeffries finds answers by interviewing everyday people Instead of turning to performers or media critics Thug Life focuses on the music’s fans young me. Oth black and white pretty canny about the imaginative and literaryimensions of rapping rather than uncritically celebrating or receiving whoever s performance as real His major analytic complaintdifference besides that he finds a homosocial sense of thug love in a lot of these songs that the listeners Social Media in Academia don t is that theyon t listen like sociologists and thus Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream don t connect problematic subject matter to whiteomination of the industry or larger sociocultural forces Which again well yeah For this argument he relies on one 1997 article which oes show a correlation between major label releases of rappers

"And Violent Lyrical Content But "
violent lyrical content but book shows that the connections are complex than that Too much of an academic style read for me but overall the content concerning hip hop was good. N both black and white and the resulting account avoids romanticism offering an unbiased "examination of how hip hop works in people’s "of how hip hop works in people’s lives As Jeffries weaves the fans’ voices together with his own sophisticated analysis we are able to understand hip hop as a tool listeners use to make sense of themselves and society as well as a rich self contained world containing politics And Pleasure Virtue And pleasure virtue and Jeffries offers a compelling and well researched "account of the the of masculinity and hip hop In particular his book interrogates the political "of the the intersections of masculinity and hip In particular his book interrogates the political and cultural significance of rap music to the construction of masculinity within majority and minority cultures This book complements other crucial texts on hip hop like Tricia Rose s Black Noise very well This is an interesting book I had the author as a professor "in school It oes include a history of hip hop and it s origins but the book is mainly a "school It Modern English in Action (Level 12) does include a history of hip hop and it s origins but the book is mainly a study Jeffries interviewed a number of men from the Boston area asking uestions about hip hop music and culture There are some really interesting conclusions regarding hip hop masculinity One star off because it is a relatively academic text This shouldn t bei. Hip hop has come a long way from its origins in the Bronx in the 1970s when rapping and DJing were just part of a lively Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms decidedly local scene that also venerated b boying and graffiti Now hip hop is a global phenomenon and in the United States a massively successful corporate enterprise predominantly controlled and consumed by whites while the most prominent performers are black Howoes this shift in racial yn. ,

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Thug Life

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