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Still can t believe that this shallow vain self centered ignorant idiot is the president of the USA I was curious about Trump s positions when he rose in popularity over the summer This book has all the details you could want about Trump s plans for America should he become president It includes everything from tax reform to trade deals and foreign policy He has his ducks in a row as everything is cited and footnoted to support his policiesThe book is easy and uick to read since the font is large and the lines are one and a half or double spaced I brought it with me on a camping trip and it was an enjoyable past time I didn t feel bored or overwhelmed with boring details He gets to the point uickly and you can hear his distinctive voice in your head as you readIf you are curious what Trump is all about pick up this book I am biased about Donald Trump he is the dumbest person to win a major party nomination in my lifetimeBut the book is an easy read that gives people a decent idea of what the guy believes or believed a few years ago when it was published lots of shifting has taken place since then Also all books by presidential candidates suck because they are propaganda Trump s fits in well in this genre no better no worseBut let s be clear this guy is not smart The part that stood out to me was how he was showing his problem solving skills by describing how he recognized that the chairs in a room were too big and if smaller chairs were in the room people could fit comfortably in the room WTF And this was Trump s real entrance into the presidential political arena He was able to fit people in a room America will get the leader it deserves and if he becomes my president so be it I will hope that all Americans prosper from his leadership But this book did little to make me feel better about that outcome Beyond all that there is very little new here There are few new ideas in politics any The bulk of the book could have been written by Limbaugh Hannity or any other right wing demagogue In fact they already proposed most of the ideas in this book Whatever If that s your brand of poison you ll love this book If you have an I above 50 and want real policy discussions and don t want ideologues running your lives you ll need to look elsewhere Who read this piece of garbage and gave it than one star I wouldn t even give it one star if there were a way to give it a lower rating Trump needs to learn how to calculate percentages of the national debt how the legal system works and how international tariffs work to name ust a few things There are a couple things very apparent when reading Time To Get Tough Making America 1 Again by Donald Trump One Trump is extremely pro America and two Trump is very against President Obama and the Democratic party With that said if you are a democrat and you like Obama and his policies you will not like this book *If You Are Conservative Don *you are conservative don care FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND OBAMA the democratic party and Obama with the tea party etc you will most likely really enjoy reading Donald Trump slam the President and what he s done these last three years in officeThe book is pretty much what you would expect from Donald Trump if you ve watched any of his televised interviews He is very pro America and very pro Donald Trump I don t mind his bragging because he has worked hard and achieved uite a bit so he has the right to brag a bit I like Trump even before The Apprentice and I enjoy the show I also tend to agree with his political views so I enjoyed reading Time To Get T This is a short book I listened to it in a day while doing yard work and it gives a good overview of A what Trump s opinions are and B what kind of person he is It s a good thing to read if you feel woefully uninformed as I do Note it was written in 2011 right before the last election when Trump was thinking of running for president but decided not to Trump s Opinions a summary of Trump s points my commentary in italicsForeign Policy Regarding OilWe should a force Ira to give us some of their oil this is ust because we spent a lot of money liberating them and if we leave Iran will ust take it all anyway b sue OPEC the coalition of oil producing countries that currently colludes to fix oil prices in violation of all anti trust laws this would reuire passing the NOPEC bill which was passed but vetoed by Bush in 2008 because of fears of retaliatory action c reduce restrictions to promote domestic oil production These three things will gain save America a ton of money to help balance the budget I m skeptical that forcing Ira to give us oil is ustifiable in any way it would be a dangerous policy to say We decided you needed liberation then liberated you so now you pay us and one which could uickly lead to us liberating other oil rich countries OPEC anti trust collusion does sound bad but I need to get info to have an opinionForeign Policy Regarding ChinaChina manipulates currency undervalues the currency so that people want to buy from outsource to China and takes our obs We should tax China s products by 25% until they set a real market value on their currency They re also building their military and hiding it and attacking the US with corporate espionage The point about undervaluing currency seems fairly legit and the 25% tax sounds like a decent idea but I have literally no information about this issue other than what Trump gave so I need to do research on it TaxesA fairly typical A New York Times bestseller2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump has a plan to make America great againPresident Obama has been a disaster for this country He's wrecked our economy saddled our children with debt and gone around the world apologizing for America as if the greatest nation in the world needed to apologize for being the land of opportunity and freedom that we were before Obama became presidentNow America looks like Epublican Reagan type opinion lower taxes will stimulate growth and actually raise revenue for the government high taxes on corporations are stupid and incentivize outsourcing to other countries etc Specific tax system proposed 0% corporation tax instead of 39% individual taxes of 1% for 30k a year 5% for 30k 100k 10% for 100k to 1m 15% for 1m eliminate death tax of up to 35% I think the principles are sound but am not educated enough to comment on the specific plan Solving our Debt44% of our budget is MedicareMedicaid and Social Security We should keep these like Ronald Reagan said The first thing to help is to stimulate the economy lower taxes The second is to crack down on fraud and waste private businesses do things way efficiently than the government Actually the first thing to do is to get lots of money with better policies regarding China and OPEC Not much of a specific plan here but I got the sense that Trump would treat the US like a business that needs to be profitable and use foreign relations to maximize profitability MilitaryWe should build up our military China is a real threat We have to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons at all costs We have to allow our soldiers to shoot back when Pakistan shoots at them We have to take the oil demand payment when people want aid from us or military protection from us we re not a charity Hard to comment on this it strikes a heck yeah America chord but also makes it sound like Trump would be fairly likely to start some warsWelfareWelfare needs reform badly It should be a safety net not a hammock Huge amounts of waste occur and the lack of accountability encourages people towards poverty not away from it similar opinion to Ben Carson and most Republicans uotes Reagan as saying Welfare s purpose should be to eliminate as far as possible the need for its own existence but also to FDR who he uotes as saying Continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic a subtle destroyer of the human spirit it is inimical to the dictates of sound policy It is a violation of the traditions of America Trump praises the Welfare Reform act that Clinton signed and proposes of the same specifically drug testing for all welfare recipients Seems pretty reasonableObamacareLots of predictions about what Obamacare would do I guess it was about to go into effect and criticism of the idea of forcing people toward buying a government product the small business suelching it would do etcIllegal ImmigrationCrime caused by illegal immigrants is a huge problem cites lots of statistics Housing non citizens in US prisons is a huge burden on our budget The US s policies regarding legal citizenship are stupid we are one of only two countries that allows citizenship if you are born in the US everyone else bases citizenship on whether you would be a high contributor to the country We should not be taking the undesirables from other countries we should be making ualifications for only the highest contributors to become citizens 5 point *Trump plan 1 secure our borders wall virtual or real guards 2 enforce our current laws *plan 1 secure our borders wall virtual or real guards 2 enforce our current laws deportation etc 3 overturn ICE recommendations for illegal immigrant detention facilities which are resort like luxurious 4 oppose the DREAM act and stop giving in state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants but not to out of state citizens 5 forgot to include it I need to form a better opinion on this Enforcing our laws seems like a good idea supporting non citizen criminals in our prisons seems like a bad idea While I get the set the bar for citizenship high principle I m not sure how it Caveman Alien's Trap Caveman Aliens jives with the Give me your tired your poorYour huddled masses yearning to breathe free The wretched refuse of your teeming shoreSend these the homeless tempest tost to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door principle What kind of person Trump is A big thread seems to be a all s fair in business do it if you can get away with it the endsustify the means attitude When explaining that he is not anti Chinese he says that all the dishonest things China is apparently doing to us manipulating currency corporate espionage etc are understandable and smart and that he would do the same if he could If we could get away with it against them I would strongly encourage us to do so Another thread is arrogance self obsession A huge section of the book an afterword are about all the people that have said bad things about Trump all the TV shows he s been on all the compliments he s received basically an opportunity to demonstrate how popular and talented he is and set the record straight on any points of besmirched honorA final thread is practicality competency Despite the blustering I do get the impression that Trump is a get stuff done sort of guy in both the best and worst sense of the word ie competent but willing to take uestionable steps to accomplish his goals You know I did not care for Donald Trump and never really paid attention to what the media had to say about him in the past but with all the media coverage and pretty much Trump has dominated the news it has awoken in me curiosity to look Deeper Than What The Media Is Reportingbecause than what the media is reportingbecause all know the media only reports limited information And because of this I read his book in two days I ve also listened to his UNCUT speeches And boy I like what he. Broken country stripped of obs stripped of wealth stripped of respect And what does President Obama do about it He plays nice with the very same foreign governments who are eager to watch America burnThis can't go on And if Donald J Trump has anything to say about it it won'tIn his blockbuster book Time to Get Tough Trump has the answers America has been looking for includingHow to finally secure our border and fix our immigration overflowHow. .
Time to Get Tough

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Has to say As much as I disagree with Trump s statements about MexicansMexico the fact is Donald Trump did not commit a crime to speak his mind In my opinion he exaggerated the majority of illegals are not what Trump described There are good and bad people in every racenationality Call him whatever you want hate him or not but he has constitutional freedom rights ust like any American to speak th First of all I read this book as part of a challenge to read a book written by someone whose political stance you disagree with So I went into it with a hostile attitude I admit that I struggled to get through it all but I didprobably only because the actual book was only 67% of the content according to Kindle The rest was acknowledgments and references and sources Even though many of the cites are from what I would call uestionable sources The book is Do Better just poorly written It reads like a Trump speech full of I m so great he s great at everything he does it sounds like and then full of name calling President Obama The grammar and word flow is terrible I know that since the book was written it s come out that his speech writer actually did most of the writing but I m sure he had to write it such that Trump would approve it The book goes through paragraphs of rhetoric without substantiation and then will cite some sources but often not relevant to what wasust said For example Trump spent pages and pages talking about how Obama s policies gave away everything to the Chinese and then cited a statistic that China s currency manipulation and other unfair trade practices helped China s crude steel production Takdir: Gundala The Official Movie Adaptation jump from 15% of world production in 2002 to aaw dropping 47% in 2008 Does he not realize that Bush was President during those years and that Obama didn t even take office until January of 2009 Was he expecting Obama to clean up Bush s mess immediately The book was published about 25 years after Obama took office Add to this the fact that Trump admits to knowing all about China s way of doing business because I ve done hundreds of deals with themin the same chapter where he calls China our enemyis he not seeing the irony of those statements It was things like that which really diminished the credibility of the book Even when he tried to cite statistics and references they were off kilter and skewed and of course came from heavily pro GOP sources There was nothing here that I didn t expect it was a rehashing of his political speeches points he tried to make at the debates and the like Much of the rhetoric he spewed about Obama had been vindicated now after Obama has had 8 years in office For example We are currently paying 85 a barrel for oil with the right leadership we could get that price down to 40 50barrel On Nov 8 2016 the day of the election a barrel of crude was 4650 Of course Trump didn t mention that during the campaignHe also flopped out some out and out lies saying Obama needs to wake up stop taking so many vacations I ve never seen anything like it and uit messing around In reality Obama took fewer vacation days than most modern Presidents including 3 times LESS than his predecessor GW Bush He could have taken the last 3 months of his Presidency off on vacation and still not had as much vacation time as Bush In shortI struggled to finish the book Aside from being written at a third grade level I m sure so his supporters can read it and poorly written at that the man is ust scary When the man who is now the leader of the free world has said If any country in the Middle East won t sell us their oil at fair market price we have every right to take it it sends chills down my spine I m glad I only borrowed the book from the library I m trying to find out if I can expunge it from my borrowing record Every American Should Read This This book explains so much I ve always wondered why we ve suandered our resources and been taken advantage of by other countries when we were *supposed to be the greatest We ve made a lot of mistakes and Donald Trump highlights the most recent *to be the greatest We ve made a lot of mistakes and Donald Trump highlights the most recent the have put us in debt that is unbearable We ve went from being great to being poor A lot of decisions can be explained very well in dollars and cents and Donald Trump is definitely the man to do such a thing We look stupid he says and I ve thought that my whole life I ve wondered how we could spoil the greatest gift imaginable a free country Donald Trump is presumably upset at what has happened to America It really explains to me his behavior in the presidential race and This Book Explains Exactly Why Not Only book explains exactly why Not only he has solutions too Trump is strong in his positioning and does not waste time getting to the point He is ruthless in his accusations here supplying the Trump style entertainment we have come to expectThe issues he focuses on here are critical to the future of the American government but never addressed in Washington or commentated on for fear of political correctness While most all of the ideas sound outrageous at first it comes off as part of this shock value attention grabbing tactic Once you see the explanation meaning behind the sound bite and plan it makes decent common senseThat said this is far from an endorsement ust appreciation for dragging difficult topics into our periphery explaining them while as well as offering a solution Most people can tell a problem when they see it few can explain it and even less have the confidence to suggest a solution. To create American obs by forcing Communist China into truly fair tradeHow to retire our debt without endangering long established programs like Social Security Medicare and Medicaid that millions of Americans depend onHow to undo the fraud of Obamanomics and the disaster of ObamacareBlunt straightforward and honest it's all trademark Trump setting out a common sense agenda to restore American prosperity and make our nation respected once again. .

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