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Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations gI really loved this story It started off that the HH could not stand each other While the story moved along and they realized how very right they were together I could really feel the love building I loved the way they stood up for each other against all odd s The love scenes were very well done and plenty of heat through out the book After finishing this book there is only one thing for me to do and that is continue on with the next book in this series Desiring The HighlanderPS thank you Kris for recommending this series to me This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceTo Wed A Highlander is the second book in the McTiernay s series which is a series on a family of seven brothers all highlanders and these are their stories So in this story we have an arranged marriage trope which is AWESOME in a highlander romance because boy these two do NOT like each other at allSo our tale begins when a dying laird of the Dunston clan makes a decree that his daughter will need to marry Colin McTiernay in order to protect the clan They are a lowlander clan and don t exactly have fond thoughts of Colin Colin was married to one of Makenna s older sisters but when she passed away Colin became a wiower and now if Colin wants to be laird and if Makenna wants to do what is best for her clan she will need to marry Colin Makenna has an adventurous spirit she loves to ride hunt and fight with a sword but Colin is a bit overprotective and is always worried she will hurt herself and its just not something women do But Makenna has never felt comfortable being indoors and doing what other women do and she has never fit in to that So even though Makenna hates how strict Colin can be at times she agrees to marry him because she knows its the right thing to do and when he kisses her she feels passion for the first time in her life and wonders what she could have with Colin Makenna also is dealing with uite a few self doubts about herself especially in comparing herself to her sister Now Colin cared for his first wife but he never truly in depth loved her with a passion but he feels with Makenna than he ever did with her sister But there isoing on than just Colin and Makenna Bat Ode getting to know each other and learn one another There is areat danger with a rival clan whose laird is obsessed with Makenna And the clan doesn t trust Colin and so we have some that don t care too much for their new laird and so we see a built up of a plot dealing with some intrigue and betrayals I really felt that this side plot definitely worked for the story and for the romance It really helped bring Colin and Makenna together in the right ways and we see that Makenna may not always like Colin but she trusts him and is loyal to him even in the beginning of their marriage What I found most fascinating with this book was seeing these two o from hating each other to truly loving one another Now I wouldn t say that hate each other exactly but there is definite tension which really builds up that sexual connection they t say that hate each other exactly but there is definite tension which really builds up that sexual connection they oing onI was actually really impressed with the heat level of this story because it was than I normally see in historical s to be honest And I loved that it was steamy than lighter And yeah the chemistry that these two is off the charts and even though there is uite a few sex scenes I feel like it really adds to the story and I felt like Sinclair just makes it work so well We also et to see the couple from book one and I loved seeing them again and made me want to read book one which I read a few years back and I am so thrilled that I can connect with this fun dynamic familyAnother aspect that I truly admired was the authenticity of the culture and the era I honestly loved all the details that this author showed and enough details that I wanted to rab a map of scotland LITERALLY I felt I had fallen into this book and there were so many vivid portrayals of the scenery and seeing the culture and differences between the lowlanders and the highlanders and I felt that Sinclair did a superb job in her research because her style is one of the reasons why I read highlander romances so muchSo seriously if you love a rich detailed highland romance with a sexy Scot as your hero and a strong willed heroineGRAB this series upfoogallery id51550 I will begin by saying that this book has many flaws however because of my vast enjoyment and inability to put the book down I am still choosing to ive it 5 stars I M Still Thinking About still thinking about and Colin and can t wait to revisit them in other booksThe story opens with Makenna Dunstan and Colin McTiernay entering an arranged marriage in order to save the Dunstan clan and make Colin an outsider from the Highlands laird of the *LOWLAND DUNSTAN CLAN BOTH ARE RESISTANT TO THE MARRIAGE *Dunstan clan Both are resistant to the marriage on the night before the wedding they unwittingly discover an incendiary attraction to the other After the wedding neither looked back and I LOVED this Some authors make the characters rebel against this situation and draw out the unnecessary angst but Sinclair spared me that for which I am rateful Now let me warn you there is some cheesiness here especially at the beginning What I mean by cheesiness is the Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French grand passion trope that is found mostly in older novels Makenna and Colin have been supposedly at odds with each other for two years but then because of one kiss suddenly understand each other s deepest desires and trust each other The sex scenes also start early in this book there had to be 6 7 of them at first I was rolling my eyes at the drama and corny lines but theyot better after the first one and despite their freuency they didn t detract from my. An Arranged MarriageMakenna Dunstan has never needed a man's protection before But when her father's failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands she has no choice but to marry Colin McTiernay Fearing the emotions Colin awakens within her she finds herself succumbing too easi. ,

To Wed a Highlander

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S that nagging 3rd person in there relationship slightly keeping them apart They do Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America get their HEA and story moves fast and kept me entertained Michele Sinclair has all the makings for a 5 star author it she learns to apply what appeals and doesn t appeal to most HR readers or any romance readers Don t bring up the ex and compare with the current partner Good book I liked the characters of Colin and Makenna as a couple But maybe I ve read too many Highlander romances and the some of the plots are just sounding the same Highland coupleets married one or both of them don t really want to marry the other the heroine happens to enjoy things that a man would normally do sword fighting riding horses etcher husband initially forbids it the clan doesn t think she will able to be a At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture good lady of the keep the heroine rolls her sleeves up and tries To Wed a Highlander was my second read by Michele Sinclair This historical reminded me of a Harleuin historical but with added length and oomph There sood Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity guys and baduys and relationship problems light drama and really hot sexMakenna is the wild child of the four daughters of the Dunstan Laird She s also her father s favorite so when her father asks her to marry her dead sister s husband she s outraged Colin is overbearing and arrogantand he loved her dear dead sister Deirdre who was the opposite of everything Makenna is Can she really Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism give up all chance at love for the sake of her clanColin doesn tive his promises easily and he won t break them once he does Of course when he promised to marry Makenna at Deirdre s deathbed he never really thought he d actually have to do it Makenna is wild and undisciplined interested in weapons and fightinghow can she I m Boggs: A Comedy of Values giving this two stars because I know that some people like really cheesy romance I love romance but the cliche lines in this one were just too much for me I wanted toag Here s the one that made me laugh and cringe Her mouth finally free Makenna asked Colin what s happening I don t know what s wrong with me My body feels to be on fire and yet I crave Snort Please The dude was also married to her sister first That may be another huge no no for me No boinking of your sibling s husband Gross I don t even have a sister and I know that one I hate to Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago give bad reviews and I hateiving low ratings I usually try to find something I like So I will say this Ms Sinclair seems to at least be knowledgeable about the time period The setting and customs of the people in the story are realistic other than the romantic side of it To Wed a Highlander by Michele SinclairThis was a very different book at least to me The premise is that these two people need to marry to save a Lowland clan This is a common premise that of the forced marriage at least on one person s part what is uncommon to me is the male protagonist was married to the female protagonist s sister before she died Colin loved her very much And it wasn t something that he kept uietly to himself WE did hear a lot about his late wife but you will soon see that these reminiscences are ermane to the storyMakenna is not the normal type of woman of her times She doesn t to the storyMakenna is not the normal type of woman of her times She doesn t how to be a lady or to run a castle She rides she spars and she fights She happens to do all of that better than some soldiers She is taking a lot of opposition from many of her clan members for marrying someone who is not one of them and these dissenters are showing their displeasure Of course she had also sort of promised sort of herself to a neighboring laird who is uite evil Colin is taking his role as the new Laird of the Dunstan clan uite seriously He feels passion for his new wife but not much else Soon he has to defend himself to his new clan he has to investigate just who is doing many cruel things *to his people and he needs to ignite the passion that *his people and he needs to ignite the passion that knows is within his new wifeSoon Colin and Makenna are both trying to please each other and to learn compromise as they battle the enemies both without and within their castles walls This is another relationship driven story but out of all of the books I ve read by this author it is the first one that has action throughout the whole story There is a very interesting and action packed conclusion to this book This is a steamy and interesting read I have found that the author is uite ood at keeping things from us and she waits until the proper time in the story to have the reatest impact on the reader What some may be considering being dues ex machine tactics is simple clever plotting on the author s part I love these books and am hoping that the author will keep writing from this time period This is one of my o to books when I m in writing from this time period This is one of my Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) go to books when I m in certain mood I don t know how to describe the mood but this is the book for it I first read it early in my historical romance reading career and it has all the elements I look for in aood romance1 An interesting intelligent heroine who is stubborn enough to maintain her sense of self but not so stubborn as to border or become petulant or stupid2 A hero with strength of body and sensitivity Colin is wary of loving Makenna because he fears losing those he loves but he uickly overcomes his fear and jumps in Very realistic3 Realistic I prefer a story in which the odds being overcome are realistic and not artificially contrived4 I want to feel the emotions being written If the heroine or hero realizes they are in love I want to realize it also5 Action I like a story that keeps movingThere you have it A five star historical Scottish romance According to me08162016 Good Comfort ReadAugust 2018 Mood over This was so much better than I thought it was oing to be. Determined to save the lowlanders from their enemies even if that means marrying the willful and impetuous Makenna Taming this fierce tigress will be a challenge that Colin is confident he can meet by seducing Makenna and tantalizing her with a passion that will only leave her begging for. Enjoyment of the story In fact I think Sinclair put them in there on purpose Makenna and Colin both have deep insecurities but from the beginning their attraction to each other prevents them from holding anything back Despite the over the top beginning I could see the slow development of a solid marital foundation through intimacy private time together and physical honesty Tomboyish athletic Makenna is worried that she cannot be like her beautiful serene sister Colin s first wife who dies from poor health and large passionate Colin is afraid to love and lose again These characters have flashes of insight about each other but this insecurity about love threads through the entire book At first it was not clear why these walls existed but as the story progressed we find out with Makenna and Colin that not everything is as it seems and perhaps their marriage can be better than they ever imagined I do not want to say here just in case you read it but I loved how Sinclair reveals how perception can be very different from the truth Here is an example of Colin s insight about his wife that cracked me up Women can be the most sensible and logical beings in the universe but drag them into a discussion when they are not in the mood and watch irrationality explode Haha this is so perfect While Colin has the overbearing attitude of a typical alpha male character he relishes Makenna s fiery spirit and athleticism He is proud of how she can handle a sword and has full faith in her ability to learn anything she needs to know to run a keep and lead He doesn t communicate this belief well and Makenna struggles to find her place of fitting in and at one point draws into herself and tries to become the wife she thinks Colin wants This was a heartbreaking part of the book and it enables Colin to finally understand what he really wants Her newly submissive nature was driving him mad He hated it and he wanted it to stop Never did he realize how much Makenna s spirit made everyone including him come alive He needed her passion and fire he depended upon it And that right there is why I loved this book Colin and Makenna do not uite fit in and struggle with finding their place but when it comes down to it they are perfect just as they are and throughout the course of the story the both figure that out and finally figure out a way to communicate it I think Colin despite his overbearing ways communicates their bond best It is one thing to rely on someone to save your life but it s another to trust someone with the uality of your life The latter takes a far reater leap of faith You ave that to me almost from the very beginning Without it I don t know if I would ever have had the courage to love again This emphasis on trust was a vital part of the book and I liked how this theme threaded throughout It made the entire story feel epic and the love long lastingSince this is a Scottish romance there is of course clan feuds on Sinclair Includes A Surprising includes a surprising of historical detail and dives into specifics about army negotiation between clans and battles I usually find this boring but in this story I found it fascinating It never took over the story and it didn t bother me at all to jump between the heads of the characters and see what activities they were up to when they weren t together Now Colin does not communicate his battle plans to his wife And while I think she would have been able to handle it I do not think that expecting him to share this with Makenna would have been realistic for the time period He shares other PARTS OF HIMSELF AND TRUSTS HER IMPLICITLY THIS WAS of himself and trusts her implicitly This was for me but it may bother other readersAs you can probably tell from my long review I really enjoyed this book It is certainly not perfect for the following reasons Cheesiness the characters have a rand passion from the Bulletproof Feathers geto and some of the early sex scenes are corny and have some purple prose Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store going on Misunderstandings Colin and Makenna have some misunderstandings that could have been solved by simply talking to each other Jumping into many characters heads Sometimes you wouldot into 3 4 different characters heads during the course of a single scene Lots of sex scenes Colin and Makenna have a very physical relationship and we see them together a lot than is probably necessaryOk so now that I have warned you just in case some of these flaws are unforgiveable sins for you let me tell you for me none of the flaws mattered This story was epic consuming and pure fun to read I wanted to see Makenna succeed with being a lady of the keep I wanted to see Colin s Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 grand strategy work I wanted to see the resentful clan finally humbled in a huge way and I wanted Colin to be brought to his knees by soul searing love Anduess what I Chameleon Hours got it all 5 stars LOVE OR LUSTLaird Alexander Dunstan is dying and he needs a strong Highland Warrior to wed his youngest daughter Makenna Colin McTiernay was married 2yrs before to Laird Alexanders other daughter and McKenna older sister Deirdre She died from a weak constitution 9 months past Laird Alexanders Klan is a weak one and Colin has been training them to bereat warriors for the past 2yrs He wants Colin to become Laird when he dies so he marries the younger daughter MaKenna to Colin Herein lies the problem with the story Colin loves his first wife Deirdre the deceased wife is the elephant in the room and she is mentioned way to much The relationship with MacKenna and Colin is compared to much with the relationship with Colin and Deirdre The author does a pretty Chicago Architecture (Architecture Urbanism) good job of developing a relationship between Colin and MaKenna and the sex is Hot but theirs alway. Ly to his lingering kisses and warm caresses Yet she wonders if she can truly trust this highlander who is uickly stealing her heart Ignites An Insatiable Desire A highlander from birth Colin McTiernay knows the Dunstan clan dislikes him especially the laird's youngest daughter But he is.