(EBOOK/EPUB) Too Good to Be True The Colossal Book of Urban Legends Paperback

Too Good to Be True The Colossal Book of Urban Legends Paperback

Jan Harold Brunvand È 6 Summary

Although this book is of an intellectual study Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know rather than simply a volume of tall tales Brunvand s compilation still makes for an interestingead These urban legends are tall tales which could have occurred easily within our society Often Brunvand tries to get to the bottom of the story by tracing it to its source although often with little success It s obvious that many of the stories have had their facts changed too many times for the entertainment value and there are some things that you Simply Wouldn T Do For wouldn t do For if it was your birthday would you GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany really abandon youe your car to walk several miles home At the end of the volume Brunvand also fails to The Confederate Privateers reach a conclusion at the end of the volume instead decides to list parodies of some of the urban legends that he s just investigated illustrating how gullible some people can be It just goes to show that the truth does not stand in the way of a good story which makes it too good to be true This was intermittently a funead Some great memories of scary stories told by my oldest sister when she visited from college However there was too much epetition and so much self aggrandizement by the author I wrote about this in my book blah blah blah "I m not eally interested in where you wrote about it before you could save that "m not The Placer really interested in where you wrote about it before you could save that numberedeferences at the end of the book That way I wouldn t have to wade through it to get to interesting content I appreciated the histories of some of the legends but so muc. Have you heard the one about the new computer owner who mistook the CD ROM player for a cup holder Or the woman who thought her brains were oozing out of a gunshot wound when the truth was that when her Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh can exploded striking her on the head with the lid the goo she felt was biscuit dough Jan Harold Brunvand professor emeritus at the University of Utah and author of numerous urban legend collections including The Vanishing Hitchhiker The Choking Doberman Curses Broiled Again and American Folklore An Encyclopedia has been studying urban legends for some 20 years and his new book Too Good to Be True Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism relates than 200 of these indestructible tales There areelatively The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, recent stories based on modern techno. H of this book was unnecessary filler it became a dud of aead This is a best of collection by the master collector of urban legends and I would ecommend it to anyone interested in this subject My introduction to urban legends came early and at the hands of my auntie When I was a kid my brother and I would spend the latter half of the week at our grandparents and while they did their weekly food shop we d be left under the charge of Auntie Lisa we d be left under the charge of Auntie Lisa d soon have us suealing and our hair standing on end as she told us about The Dead Roommate the Maniac on the Car Roof The Call From INSIDE The House and The Licked Hand these are the first I emember hearing along with one about an old woman who comes to the door and you notice she has a missing fingerI can t emember the est of the story but I can emember nearly hitting the ceiling whenever Lisa would get to the end and screech YOU DID IT and lunge for us Got us EveryDamnTime I m now looking forward to my own niece and nephew becoming old enough for me "To Scare The Bejeesus Out "scare the bejeesus out and this book should be a good source for me to mineA compilation of all of the urban legends you ve heard plus many anging from the comic to the horrifying from the old to the new including all those warnings about gang initiations petrol stations and checking the back seat of your car that people are always sharing on Facebook Brunvand s writing style is a little irritating at times especially whenever eferring you to the ten. Logy such as the classic microwaved pet and yarns that have been making the urban legend circuit for decades such as
The Solid Cement Cadillac 
solid cement Cadillac which can be traced back to the 1940s at least involving a cement truck driver who spies a new Cadillac convertible in his driveway and his wife talking to some strange man He dumps his load of concrete on the Cadillac but later discovers the stranger was a car dealer and the car was to be a gift from his wife one she'd spent years saving her pennies for The stories are grouped by subject including Dog Tales and Just Desserts Sexcapades and Losing Face There are baby stories and work stories criminal tales and college anecdotes plus stories of mistaken identity human nature and. Thousand other books he s apparently written on urban legends but not enough to detract from the legends themselves Fun and funny Just what the title and subtitle say Nearly 500 pages of oral tradition about two pages per story Some are uite hysterical people actually BELIEVE THIS STUFF It is what it is We have all heard one in our day but this book is packed to the brim with some outrageous stories Are they true a dream perhaps or just a delusion of a madman Loved eading these and duscovering many new ones A great collection of stories that we all heard happened to a friend of someone we know funny how none of these accounts are ever first hand Multiple topics are covered and I was astonished at how many I had once heard being told as being true for example a teacher once told the vacationer who takes in what she thinks is a stray Chihuahua storyThe only caveat is that Brunvand s writing style can be a little dry at time but still the "compelling source material makes this a fun ead This book was "source material makes this a fun ead This book was Some of the urban legends were interesting and some were eally eerie Others seemed epetitive which I ealize is an indicator that it s an urban legend but nonetheless made it dull at times Loads of urban legends and their origin stories It s like an encyclopedia of urban legends No one can Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris resist picking up this book and flipping through it Unfortunately some sections are inappropriate for MS and under so I won t be adding this to the school library. Technology Brunvand achieves however than a mere compendium of highly entertaining stories He discusses the nature of urban legends those almost believable addictivelyetellable tales that always happened to a friend of a friend FOAF in folklorist parlance and for each individual story Brunvand includes as much of its history as he has been able to trace including newspaper accounts alternative versions and the story's natural cycle that is how many years typically between Letters to Rollins resurfacings Theesult is an exceptionally engaging book and a great Britain, Europe And The Third World resource for debunking that next story as heard from a friend by that unnamed acuaintance of unassailable honesty that sounds just a little too perfect to swallow whole Stephanie Gold.