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Tortoise StewNds may be in over her head as a writer for the Braidwood Tribune when a bomb is left on her desk It seems someone doesn t like the uestions she s been raising over the annexation of land and zoning issues As Kelly dives further into her investigation of Industrial Pines and the politics of the town and neighboring communitiesIt turns out that nothing is as it seems and what seems like a few people involved in a plot nds "up involving way too many people It s up to Kelly fellow "Reporter And Friend Molly "and friend Molly her boss Bart Stanley "involving way too many people It s up to Kelly fellow reporter and friend Molly and her boss Bart Stanley uncover the truth along with several other townspeopleYet just as Kelly seems to be getting close to the truth her past comes back to haunt her in a way that she knows was done on purposeThis is a great mystery and has a large assortment of characters many with their own ghosts Tortoise Stew by PC Zick is a multi faceted and hugely ntertaining book about local politics corruption nvironmentalist and journalism in a small fictitious town in Florida Reporter Kelly Sands receives a bomb threat as she investigates a dubious land development project that is creating a lot of local protest In the middle of this battle between the developers politicians and the newspapers Zick throws in a high profile murder case rivalry between the reporters in professional and personal affairsKelly the protagonist is a great character with many witty lines sometimes a The Deepest Sin emotionally con. Pment of rural Florida show small town politics at its worst Commission meetingsrupt into all out warfare With the murder of one commissioner and the suicide of his wife Kelly begins an investigation that threatens to topple the carefully laid plans of the developers and politicians to bring a movie studio and landing strip within the city limits of the small town When a semi truck fro. Florida residentI live in the Florida Panhandle Sounds familiar Wish I knew the location I am pretty sure it is set close to where I live Good MixThis book is pretty sure it is set close to where I live Good MixThis book is good mix of romance and action There are many threads to the storyline but the many threads to the storyline but the manages to bring them all together ffectively Fighting BackKelly is shocked when she finds a bomb on her cluttered desk She s accustomed to reporting the news not living it Now she s putting not just her life on the line to get the rest of the story If you like Tortoise Stew then you should try Ms Zick s Native Lands She adroitly captures the sights sounds and smells "Of Tribal Living In The 1760s At "tribal living in the 1760s At same time she demonstrates political savvy with her insight into Florida politics Ms Zick also deftly and sensitively addresses social issues including the nvironment and homelessness without ver hopping up on a soapbox and preaching at the readers This was a goodreads giveaway that I njoyed I felt that the beginning of the book was somewhat slow it took me awhile to get into it The story was a good one and it was written well Even though the beginning was slow it was needed to tell the story All in all it was a good read Pretty good book a few typos my only real problem with the book I ve lived my whole life in NE Florida grew up with people who ate Gopher Stew before they were protected and never once heard it called Tortoise Stew Kelly Sa. “The bomb sat in a bag on Kelly Sands’ desk for an hour before she noticed it” And so begins the raucous journey through small town Florida politics in Tortoise Stew Kelly Sands is a reporter covering some of the controversial and contentious issues in the north Florida town of Calloway Dead armadillos and gopher tortoise carcasses left as calling cards to those opposing the develo.

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Fused young woman sometimes a sharp minded Investigative Journalist Other People In The Book journalist Other people in the book very colourful and ntertaining The story is rich in plot and sub plots and cleverly told at a fast and njoyable pace A great read The first sentence captured my interest The bomb sat in a bag on Kelly Sand s desk for an hour before she noticed it Following the winding road of this story was an adventure in small town politics and how a strong determined woman with friends can make a difference Let s not forget the bombTo uote Kelly That ll teach them to leave a bomb on my desk TORTOISE STEW PC ZICKTortoise Stew is a fictional account of the corruption that goes on in any Municipality in the world This story is set in Florida and the characters could be any politician city manager or ven reportersI found the characters to be three dimensional and very lifelike The main protagonist in this story is Kelly She is the City reporter for a small paper and has a few skeletons in her closet With a vote coming up Kelly unravels the skeletons of many of the city s politicians In the process she finds herself at "odds with the people who want to get their own way I njoyed the story as "with the people who want to get their own way I njoyed the story as could be real There is romance humor suspense and all around own way I njoyed the story as could be real There is romance humor suspense and all around storytelling If you like fiction that is based on a little truth Tortoise Stew is an Le valeureux guerrier excellent read I highly recommend this novel and would give it 5 star. M Monster Mart runs over and kills a young girl thenvironmentalists become Snowflakes on the Sea even vocal against the developers' plans All the while Kelly struggles to overcome andscape her past which catches up to her as she follows the antics of the politicians developers and nvironmentalists With the help of her boss Bart and her best friend Molly she uncovers than corruption in small town politics. ,