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No one with a broad concern for the human condition could remain unmoved and without deep gratitude for the achievement this book represents It offers the very touch and smell of the soil in which Raphael Lemkin s central concept germinated and conveys the calculating insistent unrelenting personal initiative it took for him to keep it aliveBut beyond all that I was struck by the irony that when addressing anything but genocide and The Law Lemkin S Writing Seemed To Take Wing As law Lemkin s writing seemed to take wing as his descriptions of childhood his depictions of nature suggesting to me that he sacrificed a profound literary creativity in order fulfill the mission he set for himself I met Raphael Lemkin in 1958 I was a student of Public Law Government at Columbia Univ Dr Lemkin was an inspiration as a person He had a mission to protect the cultures and peoples of the world from the heinous crime that befell his family and European Jewry during WWII This book reveals his courage his persistence and his positive attitude towards being able to do something important for the. The never before published autobiography of Raphael Lemkin a giant among twentieth century ethical thinkers Among the greatest intellectual heroes modern times Raphael Lemkin lived an extraordinary life of struggle and hardship et altered international law redefined the worlds understanding of group rights He invented the  Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael LemkinWorld in spite of all his struggles and hardships He argued that If killing one person is a crime in most societies what about the crime of murdering a whole people The United Nations in its infancy was the perfect venue for supporting a Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide a term that he had coined I thoroughly recommend this book to any one who is interested to know how one person persisted in changing the world through personal persuasion and the application of law His belief in the law is a much needed reminder that all cultures have developed laws that circumscribe human behavior in order to survive with dignity and order I first heard of Raphael Lemkin from Samantha POWER S BOOK A PROBLEM FROM s book A Problem from Lemkin whose parents perished in the holocaust spent the remainder of his life tirelessly working towards outlawing genocide through the United Nations In fact he s the one who coined the term genocide At the time many argued that it was a violation of State s sovereignty to bring countries to justice for. Oncept and word genocide and propelled the idea into international legal status An uncommonly creative pioneer in Ethical Thought He Was thought he twice was for the Nobel Peace PrizeAlthough Lemkin died alone and in poverty he left behind a for a life of activism a legacy of major contributions to international law andnot leastan. .

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Their transgressions against their own citizens In 1915 the world stood idly by while Turkey slaughtered over a million Armenians an act which had a profound impact on Lemkin State Raphael Lemkin was a regular visitor to my parent s home when I was growing up He was my grand uncle I remember him well and my parents and their friends speaking about him and his work both when he was and wasn t around eually after he died all too oung So I knew well the story of his life and work After his death all of his papers and books etc from his apartment in NYC lay preciously guarded under my train table in the apartment in NYC lay preciously guarded under my train table in the of our family home in Hempstead NY all except one his autobiography was held by a rather unconscionable and greedy Mr Gabriel who wanted to find a buyer for the autobiography which he had custody of Though having seen all of his other papers now in several archives donated by my father Robert Raymond Lemkin DDS when they were in our home for 15 decades I had never seen the manuscript o Lemkin was a Hero We All Humans Should we all humans should Unpublished autobiography Presented here for the first time is his own account of his life from his boyhood on a small farm in Poland with his Jewish parents to his perilous escape from Nazi Europe Through His Arrival In his arrival in United States and rise to influence as an academic thinker and revered lawyer of international criminal law.