Touching Darkness Midnighters #2 (E–book/E–pub) Û Scott Westerfeld

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Touching Darkness Midnighters #2

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This was just okay to me I don t know maybe asking this to follow Middlemarch was just to set it up for failure It was just okay The writing is fine the plot moves along well there are several tense situations and last minute No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History rescues and the antagonists are creepy Ieally like Scott Westerfeld so I definitely think it s just me If you like YA an interesting premise or Scott Westerfeld don t let me hold you back Go *on ead enjoy Changing this one to a four because I *read enjoy Changing this one to a four because I t think it was as great as other books I ve given five stars however it was a solid second installment to the Midnighters series and did leave me eagerly awaiting the next oneOne thing I emember about this book was its superb characterization While the first book laid out the framework of the characters personalities Touching Darkness took their interpersonal Berlayar di Pamor Badik relationships above and beyond Bravo Westerfeld This book was a little better than the first for me Now that it seems like most of the explanations are out of the way we were able toeally dive into the meat of the story and learn new thingsWith the arrival of Jessica in Bixby the Midnighters now pretty much have a full set Especially once they figured out what Jessica s power was Armed with this knowledge and the knowledge that the darklings are terrified of Jessica it almost seems like the Midnighters can get their blue time back for themselves That is until Jessica and Jonathan spy someone taking pictures outside of her window at exactly midnight Someone else seems to know their secret and that person is not a midnighter This leads to mysteries and unravels a past that was hidden up until nowI liked getting to know about each of the characters here We got to take time and delve into each of their brains While I still don t eally like Melissa I do feel like she has the worst end of the powers and th. Bixby Oklahoma is full of secrets Some come out at midnight Some should stay hiddenAs the Midnighters search for the truth about the secret hour. Erefore I do feel sorry for her But her attitude still needs adjusting My favorite is still Jonathan I just love the way he views everything like a kid at Christmas He s into the fun aspect and living life to the fullest not so much lore and hidden destinies And I feel like as kids with powers this was believable This *ended on a pretty big whammy and I
going to jump ight into final book just to *on a pretty big whammy and I m going to jump Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality right into the final book just to what happens Again this was an interesting world from Westerfeld and I applaud the originality Westerfield brings the grey area in this second book in the Midnighters series Weeks have passed since the culminating events of Book 1 and our heroes are divided and not getting along particularly well I like that Westerfield does not feel compelled to make all his characters chummy or likable Theye thrust together by circumstances not friendship and it shows as it should But I did start to eally dislike mindcaster Melissa and I wasn t all that fond of seer Rex either This is the strongest book of the series however and I definitely enjoyed it Westerfield ups the stakes with this one and eally expands on the mystical world of the blue time and the beings who occupy it All may not be as Jessica the blue time and the beings who occupy it All may not be as Jessica her fellow midnighters have been led to believe and something huge may be lurking on the horizon Book 2 is darker and dangerous than Book 1 and may not be appropriate for younger The Pink Pearl readersThe only things that bugged me about this book were a few inconsistencies which are pronounced than in Book 1 and Ieally just can t stand Melissa or the Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe relationship she and Rex are building which just frankly skeezes me out Main annoyances Why does everyone treat Melissa like crap They call her a bitch behind her back and act like she s so high and mighty I didn teally see that I mean sure she s not the easiest person to get along with she s a li. They uncover terrifying mysteries woven into the very fabric of Bixby’s history and a conspiracy that touches the world of daylightThis time Je. ,
Ttle standoffish and she can be snarky She s not a fan of touching anyone ever But why Because she hears the thoughts of not just *HERSELF BUT EVERYONE IF SHE TOUCHES *but everyone If she touches it s intimate and invasive For Both Of Them Because She Is Privy To All both of them because she is privy to all thoughts and their mind gets slightly suiggled But ultimately she gets the worst part She has to live with that her entire life with every single person she happens to touch accidentally or otherwise Whoever she touches shares in a fraction of her pain and misery for a couple seconds and suddenly they deserve to be treated like oyalty Oh but she s a bitch That makes no sense I Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela really wish they wouldectify thatAlso everyone acts like Melissa is crazier than a bag full of cats Again I never saw that She s not crazy Why was Rex JEALOUS when somebody touched Melissa Maybe he s trying to protect her since he s Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction really the only one she can call a friend But then why is he jealous Wouldn t he just be angry at the others But I suppose that the jealously stems from him wanting to be the only one with whom Melissa shared such an intimate thingThe language was vamped up in this one so than the last Not sure why I found some of the usages to beather distastefulNot sure how I feel about Rex and his story Where is that going Will he be all Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception right Is he the same person mostlyThings I liked Ieally started to like Melissa Everyone treats her like dirt She s misunderstood and in many ways alone She has Rex whom I disliked to understand and be there for her thoughI am Octavio's Journey really liking the fact that since view spoiler Madeleine is also a mindcaster and knows all the secrets for that ability and otherwise and since she taught them to Melissa Melissa is now coming to control her ability and it doesn t bother her as much and she can touch some people now without uite the same conseuences hide spoiler. Ssica Day is not the only Midnighter in mortal danger and if the group can’t find a way to come together they could lose one of their own forev.