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Turns and I so desperately want a happy ending for Rylee Liam and the rest of the gang I can t wait to #See What Happens Next I #what happens next I Book 1 on November 1st and started Book 6 today Nov 14 It s not that the books are short reads or that I am breezing through them they story line is breezing through them They story line is that good I can t let go of the ride I have not been this taken by a story since The Hollows series by Kim Harrison Or loved a story character so much as Alex with his ever growing colorful vocabulary Yuppy Doody I am looking forward to seeing what happens next and the battle that is to be Yup I m surprised that this series is still interestingThe plot thickens And not in a bad was as I half expected Normally around the 4th book series start to get fillers books whose only purpose is to make the series longer nothing important happens with the actual plot and stuff get boringWell it s not the case here Maybe because the books are pretty short maybe because the characters are so fun that it s hard to get bored of them Or maybe because the author is just that good I don t know and I don t really care as long as Mayer keeps it p What can I say that hasn t already been said I think one of the things I love about this series is that in each book the characters keep gr. Her as war approaches is my number one concern But that means I have to play nice with a vampire who is blackmailing me If I don’t I’m screwed and my family is dead But I don't play nice And I have a backup plan. When I first started this series I always felt that the books were longer Or they felt longerThis book seemed to fly by and just seemed super short but with a lot packed into itI like Rylee as much as I did when I first started the series Shes kick ass and bad ass and actually doesn t seem to be one of those female leads that says I can kick butt but doesn t show she can She actually backs تاريخ جهنم up the description pretty effectively another action packed installment In Tracker Rylee mustse her wits and her swords to prevent the coming disasters After the loss of Dox in the last book She Is Devastated But Swears is devastated but swears Faris is holding her to her oath to him to kill the Child Empress and someone has invented a weapon that works around supernaturals It s a wild ride as she and Alex and Doran scheme to stop both the Child Empress and Faris while Liam and Pamela and Milly try to find out about the new weapons Throw in some Trolls a woman evil to the core a prophecy from Giselle from beyond the veil and it s another t This is book six in the Rylee Adamson series and another fantastic entry Each book in this series continues to amp p the suspense the foreboding and sets me on edge on what will be happening to our heroes next There are so many twists and. My name is Rylee and I our heroes next There are so many twists and. My name is Rylee and I a Tracker When children go missing and the Humans have no leads I'm the one they call I am their Tracker When children go missing and the Humans have no leads I'm the one they call I am their hope in bringing home the lost ones I salvage what they cannot Bringing my allies toget. .
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Owing The character development Is Superb And I superb and I still immersed in Rylee s world Usually I need to take a break when reading s world Usually I need to take a break when reading serial that has 5 or books but not this time Now I simply want to keep going and I can only hope that the end is not really the end Loved it The books just keep getting better and betterI just hope this is not the end of an amazing series As always Mayer and the Rylee series deliver The characters keep growing and learning This book is not the end of the series and it s nclear to me how many will come but all the characters are in place for the finale Mayer has set that p to be bittersweet This book like the others is nonstop action The #writing continues to be crisp and effective easily #continues to be crisp and effective Easily favorite series If you like Singh Neill Frost or Pryce you will like Mayer This one was better over all There was a lot of personal growth across many characters and it felt like the long arc made good headway There also wasn t ite so many tropes that The Winds of Winter usually irritate meI did think we d endp losing one of the characters before the book was over but it was not to be yet Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis book opened with Giselle reading the members of Rylee s team which was such a tease because Shannon Mayer gave fans a Comece por você uick taste of what. Kinda Throw in some new weapons being developed that work around supernaturals and I have problems than I can handle on my own Good thing I have a kick ass team Even if they are on the other side of the world from.

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