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Triff mich um Mitternacht Valentine Vendetta #1Books and now that I ve Jurisdiction finished the whole series I apperciate thisirst book as well Venetta is very enjoyble surprisingly Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks fun read that lays out the groundworkor the amazingness that is Inferno and Mafiosa I also really enjoyed all the Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets foreshadowing to the romantic aspect of the overall series in this one I mean I wanted him with Sophie basicallyrom the very beginning when I read Vendetta or the irst time but now I noticed a lot of the Clawback foreshadowing andoreplanning I didn t before My one and only ship in this series was decided basically rom the get go of this book and boy did I LOVE that guy even in the seuels Basically or those who have not read the entire series Or at least book two as well the romance of the overall series is not what it may seem at Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America first and you will not experience all the swooniness nor the clever way it was woven into the whole series if you don t continue past Vendetta Which when it comes to the romantic arc is just a set up and will make so much sense in Inferno The romance in Vendetta is supposed to be Five brothersAn underworld with warringamiliesForbidden love OK YupUpdate Pre order Cooking for Company for Feb 24th complete Finished There are no words So this pretty much sums up myeelings about this bookVendetta combines depth and gritty realness with heart and humour There was romance but no gooeyness It s been a while since I ve read a book where I could properly relate to the characters and actually Empire of Sin feel emotionally tied to their journey The plot is incredibly twisty andast paced so I Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China found it really hard to put down And I may have shed a tear at one point I am not ashamed sniffleNow just have to settle inor the loooong wait My Wife's Affair for book two Nooooooooo My initial reaction afterinishing thisThis was so different to what I was expecting but in a good way It was kind of like the Vampire Diaries meets the Godfather meets the Raven boys It was twisty and darkly romantic and kind of Chicken, Chicken, Duck! funny and damn it was good 475 omerta starsOh hell yeahI didnt expect to like it as muchBUT I DIDPersephone Sophie Gracewell is your usual teen a little bit awkward on the outside but really smart honest and boldand she s spending her summer working at heramily s dinner in the outskirts of Chicago Her bestie Millie a loud mouth perky and open makes a good sidekick to Sophie s personalitySophie s Inspirations family is broken apart cause of the accidental shootout where herather killed a man or whom he thought was breaking into the diner which landed him in jail leaving Sophie and her mother alone with Sophie s uncle coming in and out or a casual look outUntil one day she Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You finds a jar of honey with a black ribbon in the dinnerA mysteriousamily moves into her neighbourhood The Falcones 5 dangerously looking teen boysmen ages span 17 19 one scary man a man with the scarred Slo Mo! facerom the bees s stings and a mother anyone has yet to seeSophie will enter another world she never thought possible one that she can t grasp and it s hard Poor Mrs. Rigsby for her to understand comprehend It s in our bloodFrom the very beginning every memeber of myamily has been born into the Mafia Not inducted Born For us there is no other choice no alternate way to live it will OVERWHELM HER SCARE HER AND IT her scare her and it also reveal the secrets concerning her own amily and when all the missing little pieces all into their palce orming a mosaic webbed with lies secrets and one search War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for revenge to settle a blood debt A VendettaSophie will cope with it all in a surprisingly bold and brave way especially while sheights these new butterfly stirring eelings towards one of all in a surprisingly bold and brave way especially while she ights these new butterfly stirring Frost at Midnight feelings towards one of NicoliNic Falcone entering theorbidden enemy sphereand a strange annoyance coming off Princess Baby, Night-Night from one of the oldest of the Falcone boys the mysterious gloomy Lucaonce the protecting bubble around her bursts Sophie will have to make a decision between choosing heramily no matter the betrayal or choosing to The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post follow the new code of silence or can she juggle with bothExtremely well written thrillersuspensecrime YA dramaI still can believe this is YAshakes her head It s enticing realistic authentic yet still vulnerably palpable with credible character. N ihrer Familie üben will Nic will Sophie schützen doch dabei verstrickt er sich selbst immer mehr in den Fängen seiner machthungrigen Familie Kann ihre Liebe gegen alle Widerstände bestehe. Actual rating 355 Mafiaso Stars I want to study the realness of life not the gloss There is beauty everywhere even in the dark there is light and that is the rarest kind of all Vendetta is soar the Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution first Mafia story I ve ever read about and simply the idea of Mafiaascinated me much thus I had high expectations On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock for the book Well did it meet my standards turning into Le Penseur s aka The Thinker by Rodin modeTo begin with there are different titlesor each chapter which I absolutely love and basically those are exactly the cores of them Honestly I thought those topics wouldn t be sospecific because a part of me still wanted some surprises Therefore when I ound out the pattern of them I was a little bit disappointed just a little bit Besides I personally think the connection between chapter and chapter isn t strong enough to make me eel something It s not that they re all separated rom the previous ones or me it s just that I Nini find it hard to be a part of the story when I can barely put myself in the main characters shoes As a result Ieel like watching some sort of drama as a third person throughout the book as if watching some sort of drama as a third person throughout the book as if happens to the characters is none of my business However as a reader I WANT IT TO BE MY CONCERN The characters problems are MY problems Okay getting I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) furious at the momentThe story is about a seemingly innocent girl named Sophie Gracewell tangled up with a notorious Mafiaamily originated rom Sicily Italy It all started with an unnoticed pot of honey left by someone on the table in her "diner Well it actually meant a declaration of something much deeper than it seemed and you ll ind out in "Well it actually meant a declaration of something much deeper than it seemed and you ll ind out in story later It is an honor to be stung by such noble creatures That they would lay down their lives or a leeting moment of my attention is extraordinary There are 5 Falcones brothers in that amily and she Camp Rex fell in love at least she thought she did with one of them The one with beautiful brown almond shaped eyes and pretty hair The one whom she was busy running awayrom when caught spying their mansion near her house And also the one who hurt her uncle even when she told him not to I like the way they met and their romantic development because seriously they were hilarious and I like the way they met and their romantic development because seriously they were hilarious and most of the time He was a lovely guy when no ights or murders was concerned but sadly that wasn t his true self Maybe it was just her imagination because she wanted to be loved and to eel love too badly Why would you pass the ball to me when her Touch of Enchantment face was in the way Nic seethed over me Why would you beeeling her up in the middle of a basketball game When Sophie discovered something mysterious about her uncle Jack and his past with those boys she decided to dig deeper and that was what dragged her down ever since Perhaps she wasn t as innocent as she appeared to be The story building was pretty astonishing and as things turned out complicated it left me wanting Unfornately I think the descriptions and the way it s told are lack of lourish To put it differently the words and phrases the author used in this book are uite simple and easy to grasp the whole idea of them but I truly hope that the story could be well written I mean there are too many ways of speech that I ve seen in other ordianry books several times and I m tired of reading them again and again Moreover since it s all about Mafia s definition of loyalty and love there are many Italian conversations in the storywithout translation Trying not to complain but I d like to understand what those Mafia boys are talking or arguing about while I m reading the book Although I did look up those words in a dictionarytrust me the auto translation on Google is incredibly perfect I admit that I d rather not spend so much time searching them But in the meanwhile I believe it ll be a special reading experience or those Italian readers or anyone who understands Italian In the end of the story there s a HUGE cliffhanger and I really want to continue it Despite the Miles from Kara fact that there are somelaws in the book the entire idea of how the story was plotted still imprinted on me I wouldn t say that I LOVE this book but at least Die 16 jährige Sophie lebt mit ihrer Mutter in Chicago Als der attraktive Nic mit seiner Familie in die Nachbarschaft zieht Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, fühlen sich beide sofort unwiderstehlich voneinander angezogen Doch. LIKE it and that s enoughor me For now All in all it s a uick and humorous read or me so I recommend Vendetta to those who re also interested in how Mafia works out and their circle of riendsfamilylove I hope this book will intrigue you than me D irst read July 3 2015first reread April 15 21 2017OMG this book was antastic This life is so complex that we rarely get to be the people we are truly meant to be Instead we wear masks and put up walls to keep High Heat from dealing with theear of rejection the eeling of regret the very idea that someone may not love us or who we are deep in our core that they might not understand the things that drive us I loved it I loved the characters The storyline The twists turns I loved the use of the Italian language and I loved me some Falcone brothers This was one of those books that I came across and debated or days whether to buy it or notI am so glad I talked myself in to it I loved it It sucked me right in and I didn t want it to end Every time I decided I knew what was going to happen I was wrong It really was great and I am looking orward to whatever happens in the 2nd bookview spoilerIs it bad to say that even though I liked Sophie and NicoliI can t help but hope she gets with Luca in the next book He was kind of an asshole but theres something about him that I really ended up liking hide spoiler Original Review ound at wwwawesomebooknutsblogspotcomI have been waiting to get my hands on this book Once I heard what it was about I wanted it It just sounded so good and so interesting And it was just that awesome I am so excited to see how Catherine Doyle plays this series out I can t wait or book two UGH these seriesI really liked this book because I A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas felt it was a gritty tense thriller of aamily of crime The cast of characters is so dynamic and diverse it was incredible I enjoyed the drama of this dark tale of grudges revenge and obsession I enjoyed the lines that were crossed between good and bad what s right and what s wrong and how ar one will go to stay true to your amily and their beliefs That s YA Mafia Romance Lots of Hearts for you apparentlyIeel like my brain should be washed in bleach after Vendetta but as I m a silly bitch who love rolling her eyes and giggling stupidly apparently I will most definitely read the rest enjoy Luca and stab the puppy smile out of Nic the Creep s ace This book is trash though and does something I hate it uses an attempted rape to serve the plotCONS TSTL heroine Instalove Bad dialogues Unbelievable Predictable NIC The cheese the cheese everywhere these boys are just so beautiful beautiful beautiful BAHAHAHAHA I m losing it Remind me why they care about
sophie oh 
oh yes s so spechul I m drowning in snowflakesPROS girl riendship LUCA I like that he s not trying to be Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss fed as a good guy like cough and I m very curious to see what he hides in him hehe also he does try to tell Sophie to get lost which makes him way decent than Nic The Creep Sometimes Sophie actually thinks and it makes my day it s uite addictive look at me I should have DNFed on page 10 and I m probably going to read the seuel XDTW Attempted rape violence because it s the M A F I A yeah I m laughing don t shoot meOh and VAFFANCULO NICOLI oops This book was so muchun And I Don't Hex with Texas feel kind of strange saying that because it s actually kind of darklet me try to explain Sophie is your average teenager with her one closeriend and her crappy summer job and her beloved dad in jail or something that has made Sophie an outcast in her small to Re read 2017 3755 gripping stars Masks Look what happens when we take them off The irst time I stumbled upon this book by take them off The Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation first time I stumbled upon this book by complete accident the new idea behind this series intrigued me YA contemporarythriller about the mafia inspired by Romeo and Juliet with lots of romance AND just as muchemale Pajama Party friendship which let me tell you is RARE as well as aamily aspect but not many people here have actually read it so my expectations were Bunco Babes Tell All fairly moderate going into it This seriesor sure surprised me in the best posible way And this Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi firt book just just a startThis was my reread of theirst two. Dann erfährt Sophie dass ihr Vater der im Gefängnis sitzt ausgerechnet Nics Vater getötet hat Und dass Nics Familie die zu einem gefährlichen Zweig der sizilianischen Mafia gehört Rache ,