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Celebrity bios because they are terminally boring This "one was no exception but since i had "was no exception But since I had that Kevin Sorbo had become a Christian I thought this book would be about his journey from typical egotistical star whose life revolves around his personal success to a godly man surrendering his life to Jesus ChristMaybe that came later but this book is all about Sorbo and his list of achievements which is no than what ou can expect from an extremely handsome man who meets the right people and lands a great show to star inIn the late nineties he suffers a stroke and we learn how he recovered and the aftermath of trying to sustain a career while physically recovering from a debilitating condition We read about his frustrations and his anger at GodWe also learn how he met his wife Apparently their first kiss was in front of the camera while they were still strangers That s so romanticI kept waiting for the turning point when Sorbo became the new creature in Christ It did not happen in this book I should have known it wouldn t because from the first couple of pages he uses the filthiest language one can read Dude ReallyIt makes me angry because he s not the first celebrity to profess to be a Christian while acting scarcely different than unbelievers Do they think godly living has a celebrity clause that exempts them from the same morally upright behavior including language that the rest of us nobodies follow Maybe God *should be grateful when a famous person decides to try out the Christian labelVery disappointing A side of Kevin *be grateful when a famous person decides to try out the Christian labelVery disappointing A side of Kevin that few have seen and that fewer still would believeI grew up watching Kevin Sorbo as Hercules If I never watched anything else in a week I made sure I caught his show I have all the seasons on dvd all the movies and hope to one day meet this hero of mine I knew he had taken ill during the show s taping but I didn t know the full story until True StrengthHere Kevin talks openly and cadidly about his life growing up in the Mid West his modeling career that would in time land him his role as TV s most famous strong man and lastly the strokes that brought him low and almost took him outWhen Kevin was about 30 a blood clot from his shoulder traveled up into his brain where he suffered no less than three strokes without realizing it Needless to say it was a long hard road to recovery after that but thankfully he had Sam once his costar and now his wife to help him through the darkest of his daysBut even ears after the strokes Kevin is still in recovery Still learning limitations and boundaries and he has partial blindness in both his eyes from the strokes From what I can tell he has coped with everything life has thrown at him with dignity grace and Poise Than Any Of than any of have ever seen and doubtfully will ever see againI am completely in awe of Kevin Sorbo right now As I said I have been a fan of his for many ear but now I have discovered a newfound respect and admiration for this great ma. Covery that defied medical expectations And how through it all love conspired to save him from missing out on what matters With this refreshingly honest account of celebrity personal tragedy and the power of letting go Sorbo aims to blaze a trail for anyone who may have suffered a serious setback in life and is struggling to find their way forwar. All Ravens, Tome 4: SylveLarme you really have is this moment and the people inour life Spend these moments doing good and meaningful things I have never seen She made a lot of money engraved on a tombstone With the sheer number of books that I ve read since January saying that True Strength My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life was the best book that I ve read this ear is saying a lot book that I ve read this ear is saying a lot haven t been reading a lot of non fiction lately but when I d read a blurb about this book through one of my library newsletters it intrigued meFor many Kevin Sorbo was Hercules This included to a large degree himself When he was struck down at 38 with strokes that affected his thinking his balance and his ability to live the life he had life becomes an uphill battle for Kevin and those that love himI d been expecting this to be a true autobiography telling everything from childhood to present day and the complications from the aneurysm would onl Sometimes Le Tricot Poche Pour les Nuls you thinkou choose a book And sometimes Deliciously Ella entre amis you realize the book choseouOne such book is Kevin Sorbo s True Strength My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life As VO2 max l'preuve du temps you guys know by now I like reading biographies and autobiographies They allow me to see the world through different eyesI preordered this book on a whim not really expecting much Maybe some cool Hollywood stories about Hercules and Andromeda which there are many I figured it would be a fun little break from school readingIt was so much This is a book about life death hopes and dreams dreams that are realized and others that are shattered This book is a fast read but it is *not an easy read You will laughou will tear up *an easy read You will laugh Kanji et Kana : Manuel et lexique des 2141 caractres officiels de l'criture japonaise suivi de caractres composs formant un vocabulaire de base de plus de 12 000 mots you will tear upour stomach will be knotted at timesThis book will stretch Un Protecteur Pour Caroline (Forces Trs Spciales t. 1) youThrough a linear story with flash backs we learn that Kevin had an aneurysm and threees three mini strokes during the hiatus of Hercules His strokes appear to have been caused after he visits a chiropractor While there Sorbo hears a voice telling him not to let the doctor crack his neck He hears this voice twice He doesn t listenKevin goes from being a demi god who needed no help on the fast track to all his goals to the shadow of the man he once was as he saw it We live through it with him and his wife Sam his friends family and co workers We live through the deepest valley with Sorbo et even there we see a glimmer of hope a hope that God is still with Kevin even through this personal hellThis is a story of inspiration and hope through the most trying of situations It should be read by everyone so that they can understand even if just a little bit how it feels to live through a stroke or other life altering medical issue and come out on the other side spiritually renewed The main lesson in this story is that even when the unthinkable happens it doesn t not mean our life is overI highly recommend this book it will be well worth our timeFrom Third Option Men I usually steer clear from. Found the real measure of success With tongue in cheek humor and an unfailingly candid voice Sorbo reflects on his childhood in Minnesota his early modeling and acting days and his hard charging charmed life in television He recounts the onset of his stroke symptoms the frightening hospitalizations his battle with depression and fighting for a re. I am grateful that this book was recommended to me Still in the early phase *Of Recovering From A Concussion *recovering from a concussion the time of my life when my career was going well this book helped me get to a new phase of acceptance of my medical situation I highly recommend it to those who want to understand what their loved ones may be experiencing post brain injury as he describes the physical and emotional challenges so very well Very good I had heard about Sorbo s illness before describes the physical and emotional challenges so very well Very good I had heard about Sorbo s illness before never the extent Of course that was the point Not only is the story about him and the medical emotional and career only is the story about him and the medical emotional and career he faced but also about what his family and friends went through along the way A great story of faith love and perseverence With sections written by others it really all comes together very nicely A few pictures would have been fun Kevin Sorbo has been my favorite actor since he first starred in TV s Hercules The Legendary Journeys movies in 1994 which became a Hit TV series for 7 ears Then Kevin moved on to star in Gene Roddenberry s Andromeda and this book tells of the 3 strokes he suffered during the 4th season of Hercules and took him well into the 2nd season Andromeda to get back to as close to normal as possible This is a very inspiring story of the True Strength it took for Kevin Sorbo a wonderful and extremely talented actor to struggle to be back to himself How his wonderful girlfriend and now wife of 13 How To Top Like A Stud: A Penetrating Guide to Gay Sex. (Like A Porn Star) years Sam Jenkins Sorbo was his support and a genuine Angel through it all I think everyone should read this book and not just because Kevin is my very favorite actor I m so glad I picked up True Strength My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life Kevin Sorbo does a masterful job of telling how he lived during the filming of the series Hercules The Legendary Journeys and how he spent long days on set where he did his own stunts devoted his evenings to working out and learning his lines and got by on only four hours of sleepThat I ve been a fan of Hercules The Legendary Journeys since the day the first movie premiered That show and the character of Hercules shaped my impressionable teenears I learned a lot about myself through it somehow I remember when Kevin got sick and was off the show for a bit but of course I really had no idea that the man almost DIED The production team kept it uiet But really no one aside from Kevin his wife and his doctors actually knew the true Like so many other people I was introduced to Kevin Sorbo the actor via his very successful TV series Hercules The Legendary Journey After that there was Gene Roddenberry s Andromeda But for me the role I truly enjoyed him playing was in What If It opened my eyes to the Kevin Sorbo the person I later found out that he battled a serious illness which he won for himself and his familyThis book is about his battle It is raw it is honest and it is humblingLIVE YOUR LIVES I say Do not wait for a better tomorrow because. On television as the star of the popular Hercules The Legendary Journeys Kevin Sorbo portrayed an invincible demi god He relished living the part and physicians could offer few answers Sorbo grew increasingly despondent What happens when our entire identity vanishes True Strength is the story of how one man faced the unimaginable and ultimately. True Strength

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