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Acked down zombie outbreaks and contained them She joins up with Amanda and Jake helps then steal some useful stuff before going into Iowa Jake makes a gamer friend Reggie is African American and has a place where he plays video games and hangs out is African American and has a place where he plays video games and hangs out s got a bit of an alter ego too He *and Jake become friends and they get stoned with Jake s pot It s weird guy bonding I recommend *Jake become friends and they get stoned with Jake s pot It s weird guy bonding I recommend book to people who enjoy anything zombie especially funny zombie movies like Zombieland Warm Bodies and Shawn of the Dead Cover Art Review The title is made with food and on what looks like the hood of a Silver Car Really Creative And car Really creative and The perfect cover for this funny zombie story Haley GMy blog Funny interestingbut the endingmhm it could ve been better Its very nice though uite sad and tragic around the end Why you should read it I loved the first book Eat Brains Love This one is all right for me with some awesome parts Jake has some awesome one liners I was laughing a lot and the humor had me reading it uickly and in one sitting I also feel like the third book will be really good since there was a lot of setting up and building up for an epic battle I will say that you will either love or hate this love triangle Cass and Amanda are so different and Jake sometimes regresses in his character evolution but I m interested to see where the third book goesHead over to the HEA Blog to see awesome recs Engaging teen zombie book that meshed well with the original This is story continues where book 1 ended Honestly I m not really sure why there was a second book and why it was 400 pages I love funny spoofs on zombies This book had a lot of laugh out loud moment but most of the book you could skim and not miss much of the story I was so impressed with the first book but disappointed with this second bookThe way the book ends just left to many things unfinished I thought for sure there would be a third book But a tweet by the author says he isn t intending to write a third one He said I don t intend to but you never now So I hope he realizes that some of his fans aren t too happy with the outcome of the book and writes another oneJust not happy about being left hanging on so many different things in the bookI try to be nice when I write reviews but this book though I just couldn t help complainingI gave it a 2 starup until the ending it was okAfter I finished this book I read some of the other reviews for this book Seemed like the majority also didn t like how it ends either But by all means please read it for yourself Maybe you ll be fine with how it ends Some people were ok with how it ended To each his own lolAs far as I now this series is the author s only books I liked his writing style just not how he left stuff unfinished Please Mr Hart have a heart and continue this series. Re if it even exists before the whole state of Iowa goes up in flames With its heartwarming blend of guts romance and spot on teen humor this road trip–ready paperback original is perfect for fans of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies and AMC’s The Walking Dead Readers will devour Jeff Hart's fresh funny and irreverent take on love and life well unlife in an eat or be eaten world.

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Handles the undead and that of another popular book called Warm Bodies but despite the similarities it still worked for meThe last thing I really enjoyed about Undead with Benefits was the return of a certain character whose name I won t mention near the end of the story I really thought that character would have ended up Zombie chow after the events of the first book so to see that person alive and still icking made me happyFinal ThoughtsUndead with Benefits might not have been the perfect seuel I was hoping for but I m still happy to have read it I forward to WHATEVER NEXT BOOK MIGHT BRING ESPECIALLY IF IT the next book might bring especially if it Jake and Amanda being Legacy The Balancer Chronicles knocked down a peg or two Seriously that ending was messed up and made even me sueamishWith that being said I ll be rating Undead with Benefits by Jeff Hart Originally reviewed BloodSweat and BooksCopy reviewed provided by Publisher All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any which way for providing them Really needs to be a third one a open ending isn t cool Again a very fun read Took my a little time to get into but once I did I enjoyed it there wasn t as much action and I actually found myself disliking Cass in this book to be honest I felt a little disappointed with her actually Her behaviour was just ridiculous I was still going for Jake and Amanda though The ending was a little sad but whonows something might come from it When I read the first book Eat Brains Love I was not expecting a seuel It seemed like a standalone until near the end I am really happy that there is a seuel and Undead With Benefits Is A Very Benefits is a very one It continuous this hilarious zombie story and takes us to the state of Iowa It s such a uniue take on zombies The zombies turn normal after they eat flesh and back into zombies when they are hungry It s like werewolves but were zombiesJake Amanda and Cass are on the hunt for the cure to being a zombie They have a lead that it s in Des Moines Once in Iowa things get rough It s pretty much a post apocalyptic environment with all the body parts lying around and ghouls looking for food Jake joked about the Midwest along the way and all that corn He never expected Iowa to be so gruesome I love the twisted humor and the characters Jake is a gamer like my brother except Jake was a pot head He s lazy and nerdy and still sometimes act like his zombie life is a video game He still can t believe that Amanda likes him The books start out with him and Amanda having sex and he calls it Jake Day This book is pretty much a goofy comedy I really wish this was a movie because it would be so fun and hilarious to see Except for all the gory stuff Also I like that the story includes a psychic as a main character Cass can read mind and control people and dream walk She worked for a government agency that tr. Cross the border into Iowa where there’s rud to be a zombie cureArmed with a trunk full of guinea pigs aka zombie snacks they're ready to take on the Midwest’s first undead warlord the psycho psychic out for their blood and their own superawkward love triangle But the virus is spreading faster than you can say zombie apocalypse and Jake Amanda and Cass have to find the cu. Undead with Benefits is the seuel to Eat Brains Love by Jeff Hart The story picks up fairly close to where the first book left off with Jake and Amanda still undead and on the run trying to make a break for Iowa where a rud cure existsWhen I started Undead with Benefits the first thing I noticed was how much Jake and Amanda were turning into an undead version of Bonnie and Clyde In the first book I really rooted for them as a couple Two zombies up against the world and all that but by the middle of the seuel I found myself liking them less and less and by the end that was cemented by the fact they actually turned into murderers vs being driven by undead hunger and thus not in control of their actions Whether or not the intent was pure I can t forgive Jake or Amanda for what they did and I think that is going to make reading the next book very hard unless they truly suffer some conseuences for their actionsAnother thing that really had me struggling with the story was the pacing really had me struggling with the story was the pacing of things I really
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about the first book it was fast paced and to the point teenage Zombies unsure of their undead existence fleeing from a Government that wants them dead but in the seuel every movement and decision they made was dragged out unnecessarily and covered in a layer of petty drama between Cass and Amanda In all honestly I felt that the characters were stuck in a rut the entire time they were fleeing to Iowa move a couple miles then argue lather rinse repeat and had they reached the destination sooner maybe I would ve liked the overall arch than I didLastly my biggest issue with Undead with Benefits was the fact that the whole journey seemed pointless Sure I guess I can see the bigger picture and how the Author is setting up an us vs them scenario for the next book but it seemed like the cure and all its potential was lost in the need to eep Jake and Amanda being an undead couple on the runNow although I did have plenty of issues with Undead with Benefits the story did get a few things rightFirst off this time around I really enjoyed the character Cass Yes she s stubborn and a bit naive but that s what makes her enjoyable Unlike Amanda whose comfortable being the center of attention and is a very take charge type woman Cass is reserved and uiet She thinks with her head and not just her heart or stomach in Amanda s case Cass can see the bigger picture and if that means doing something she doesn t like to achieve her goal of stopping the undead virus than so be itSecondly I did like seeing so many undead gathered together once the trio reached Iowa It was interesting to see how those who are still in control of themselves like Amanda and Jake differ from the ghouls who ve lost all trace of their humanity Yes I d be blind not to see the parallels between how this series. The living dead are living it up in this hilarious and surprisingly romantic seuel to Eat Brains Love which Kirkus Reviews called “one hell of a road tripfunny gross and scary in eual alternating measuresJake and Amanda are in love on the run and undead They've teamed up with Cass who’s ditched her former job as shady government psychic zombie tracker and they're headed ,
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