Undercurrents (NEW)

Mpacts almost everything; The middle of the Journey To Social Change Is Becoming Surprisingly to social change is becoming surprisingly as we focus on adapting innovation for widespread impact at scaleThe book’s lessons are supported throughout by stories experiences ata and observations from across the globe Undercurrents is perfect for activists and leaders of all kinds who aim to increase their impact on their organizations and the world at large as well as the intellectually curious Who Hope To Increase hope to increase understanding of the changing world around them. ,

Steve Davis ´ 6 CHARACTERS

UndercurrentsImprove your knowledge of the
global shape activism with this volume that Will Supercharge Your Impact On supercharge your impact on organizations Undercurrents Channeling Outrage to Spark Practical Activism brings the perspective of experienced global social innovation leader scholar and speaker Steve Davis to bear on some of the most powerful and helpful macrotrends rippling through society todayThe book teaches readers how to harness their outrage and capitalize on global trends to instigate and encourage change. Across the world The author identifies five global undercurrents with outsized importance that are shaping world five global undercurrents outsized importance that are shaping our world economies are moving away from the old pyramid model a iamond bringing powerful new possibilities for human well being; Communities are becoming the – rather than passive beneficiaries as social change is increasingly led by local voices and activists; Euity is leveling and reshaping the field of social change and activism; Digital isruption through the power of Orality in Igbo (African) Literature data andigital tools

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